April 23, 2015 - Mighty Handy

When innovation meets quality, you have a true winner. That's the best description for the Kendis Folding Mighty Goal, which will make the competition sit up and take notice.

The Folding Mighty Goal is costructed from the highest-quality powder-coated steel and aluminum, making it durable and lightweight. The reason the durable part is so important is obvious -- you want it to last. But the reason you don't want this to be heavy and clunky is the best part. The Mighty Goal is portable. After initial assembly it quickly folds down completely flat and can be easily transported and stored. This is a must-have for any indoor facility.

What we love is that, unlike many goals that can be disassembled, this one doesn't require removing the net. It's usually a big pain to string the net back on and take it off, but Kendis figured out a way to avoid that hassle. So when you're ready to play, so is your goal. And that's a goal worth shooting for, or on.

Source: Kendis

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April 20, 2015 - Un De Feet-ed

Great ideas come across our inbox all the time. This is one of the coolest we've seen in a while. Sock Junkie has decided that there was room for one more player in the sports uniform market. Where did they see their opportunity? On players' feet.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before. Sure, there are colored socks to match team uniforms, but why not customize those socks and have them really stand out? Sock Junkie not only matches your team colors, but ads logos, numbers, cool designs and does it in a well-fitting and comfortable sock. Their socks are custom-knit, odor resistant with advanced cooling features and are heel and toe reinforced.

Imagine your team stolling out on the field and sporting the ultimate uniform accompanyment. Whether it be for football, baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball or any sport where you where socks that show and want to look good, you'll have the sharpest-looking team in town.

Source: Sock Junkie

April 14, 2015 - What's Your Secret?

How's your Little League team doing this season? If your squad is in need of a quick tune-up...or a complete overhaul, get your hands on a copy of Winning Secrets. Inside this terrific read you'll find all of the pointers you need to run a great practice and manage a game for the win. There are probably dozens of "little things" you could be doing to get the edge on the competition, if only you knew what they were. Well, they're waiting for you inside this book.

Here's an example: The other team has runners on first and third. You know they're going to steal their runner at first. Did you know that there are six different plays you can call on defense, all of which will at least keep the other team off guard and will, at best, get you an out and a huge momentum swing.

When you're on defense and the other team has a runner on third with less than two out, does the opposing coach know what you're having your fielders do with a ground ball? Why give him that advantage? Learn how to ensure your players are ready in every situation and that the other team isn't! Winning Secrets will not only help your players be the best they can be, but will make sure you're at your best as well.

Winning Secrets isn't just for baseball coaches either. Nearly all of the principles and strategies will apply to coaching youth softball as well.

So if you're going to put in your time and effort to coach the team, shouldn't you and the kids get the most out of it? Winning isn't everything, but if had the choice between winning and losing, which one would you, your players, and your players' parents choose? The choice is clear. And its no secret.

Source: Winning Secrets

April 9, 2015 - Make No Bones About It

Top-grade leather. Heavy-duty leather palm. Tight fit. Those are the descriptive phrases that will get you to try the Bones Batting Gloves from Vinci Baseball. However, what will keep you coming back are the value: They are inexpensively priced, but also durable. Everything we've tried from Vinci has been top-notch. And also best-in-class? Their customer service. You see they're a small, family-run business that takes care of its customers. So whether it be their intimidating-looking Bones Batting Gloves or their highest-standard fielding gloves you'll always feel like you're properly equipped, and part of the family.

Source Vinci Baseball

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April 7, 2015 - Required Taste

If you're involved with a youth football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse or other sports league where there can be contact to a player's mouth there are two things you know are requirements for the coming season. A) Every player will need a mouthguard, probably multiple mouthguards during the season and, B) The league will need to do some fundraising. How about combining them both in a tasty way with Mogo Flavored Mouthguards.

The delicious, long-lasting flavors, (Bubble Gum, Orange, Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry) are truly amazing. Kids will be eager to pop their protection into their mouths, making it less likely they'll try to play without it, risking dental damage. And they come in great colors: red, black, blue, green, orange, pink and yellow, so that any team or club can match up. You can choose to order with or without a tether. Most importantly, $1600.00 in dental insurance means you know your kids will be injury-free.

So where does the fundraising angle come in? Leagues buy these in bulk and sell throughout the year at the snack bar or concession stand, or just have them available for purchase at the fields. We all know how frequently kids chew up mouthguard and need new ones, so why not make it convenient for parents to buy another one while raising money for the organization?

The Mogo Mouthguard can serve two important purposes: Preventing dental injury and helping your league raise money. Sounds like something to chew on.

Source: Upstart Sports


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