September 24, 2014 - Don't Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

If you've watched or played much basketball, you've seen someone do something that, anywhere else, would be looked at with disgust. But for some reason, on the hardwood, players do it all the time and no one bats an eye. I'm talking about the practice of spitting on or licking one's hands, then wiping the spit on the soles of the shoes to improve traction. We don't have to go into the sanitary problems this causes or just the “ick” factor alone. And fortunately, enlightened basketball players with an extra $15 won't have to do it any more either. Thanks to Mission Athlete Care.


Their Court Grip traction enhancer is cleaner and more effective than – OK we'll say it again – spit. It comes in an ergonomic bottle with a convenient applicator that slides the Court Grip formula onto the bottom of the shoe quickly and easily. The solution utilizes nanotechnology. What is that, you ask? The traction-enhancing additive is absorbed by microbeads which secrete the formula on a time-released basis to deliver better grip on dusty and dirty floor surfaces for up to fifteen minutes of play. This leads to better, more explosive moves and fewer injuries due to slippage.


That explanation may seem like a mouthful. But the bottom line is it works better and isn't nasty. And it sure does beat trying to come up with a different mouthful every time you walk out onto the court.


Source: Mission Athlete Care

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September 18, 2014 - Positively a Game-Changer

None of us think of ourselves as the worst sports parent, or even a bad one. “That” terrible sports parent is the one foaming at the mouth, screaming at the officials, berating the volunteer coaches and pulling his kid off the team in anger. None of us are like that guy.

But have you ever considered that poor sports parenting might be more subtle? There may be little things you're doing without even realizing them that are undermining your child's confidence and eroding his desire to play. The evidence is clear: Seventy percent of kids drop out of athletics by age 13. Most of us with children in sports have the best intentions, but we don't always have the best tools to react to the stress that goes along with our kids' participation.

Fortunately, John O'Sullivan has written what can best be described as an owners manual for parents of young athletes. In, Changing the Game, The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High-Performing Athletes and Giving Youth Sports Back to Our Kids, he discusses how the single greatest factor affecting a youngster's performance is their state of mind and what you can do to avoid damaging their delicate equilibrium.

Read the chapters on the Seven C's, (Common Sense, Conditions, Communication, Control, Competence, Confidence and Caring), and see if you don't come away with a better understanding of how to empower your children. And anyone with kids, even if they don't play sports, should take the section on Gratitude to heart.

O'Sullivan has a very clear mission. To take youth sports back from the obsessive, win-at-all-costs, private lessons every off-day, thousands-of-dollars-in-equipment-and-travel-to-get-ahead mentality gripping so many of us today, and bring back fun, healthy competition and enjoyment. He doesn't preach – but he will teach you how to take a more positive approach. And those of us who feel we have nothing to learn, quite possibly are “that” parent.

Source: Changing the Game

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September 12, 2014 - Is There a Doctor in the Gym?

Nothing's worse than picking up a new ball and going to bounce or kick it, only to find it's semi-flat. If we discover that a leak is the cause of the problem our spriits instantly match the state of the spheroid, that is to say, deflated.

But quicker than saying, "Take two of these and call me in the morning," you can be back at play with a carefree heart and bouncing ball, thanks to the folks at Unique Sports and the Ball Doctor. Simply pump the syringe's magic medicine inside and bounce it a few times to get it distributed. You'll be amazed to find the leak is sealed and the expense of a replacement averted.

We've used the Ball Doctor many times on flattened basketballs, soccer balls and footballs and it's never let us down. It is super affordable and effective, just like all products offered by Unique Sports. Check them out for all of your needs in tennis, baseball, basketball, fooball, golf and more. You'll probably find something there that's just what the doctor ordered.

Source: Unique Sports

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September 3, 2014 - Headed in the Right Direction

By Dovber Chaiton

As the football season gets into official swing, there is one question that is going to perturb people that follow the game avidly. Is enough being done to protect players from concussion? This is not only a question for professionals, but across the board.

Concussion Mitigation Technologies is a company that has invested much time and effort to produce a helmet that reacts with intelligence to prevent concussions. It is arguably the safest football helmet on the planet.

The Smart Helmet is essentially a helmet with mini air bags. The air bags are operated by computer technologies. The technology is patented and will revolutionize the industry in terms of preventing concussions. While the prime target market is football, this helmet is revolutionary across the board.

The research and data collection that has gone into collecting the base for which the technology this helmet is built on is extraordinary. There is no product like it.

The beauty of the product is that it is scientifically driven and provides a real time solution to a very obvious problem.

Each helmet has a micro computer that essentially distributes cushioning for impact when necessary. These helmets may be slightly higher priced but it is a tiny price to pay when you consider the problem they fix.

The Smart Helmet is a product of Concussion Mitigation Technologies and may be the standard bearer for all future helmets, whether for military combat or regular Sunday football.

Source: Concussion Mitigation Technologies

August 26, 2014 - Dribbling Arches

As we're so fond of pointing out, sometimes the most effective ideas are also the simplest. Now, reinforces this point by developing a basketball aid that has the potential to be the best dribbling skills tool since the dribbling goggles. Dribble Mac is a device that will help players master the cross-over dribble and many other dribbling and passing skills.


Most basketball coaches use cones to teach different dribbling drills such as the cross-over. They'll tell players to get low, speed dribble and do not cross-over before they get to the cone. The Dribble Mac more simulates real game situations as players must dribble under something, causing them to approach, get low, and speed dribble all in one rep. This creates a more intense, focused dribbling exercise which can be used in most camps and as a tool at home to improve skills.


The Dribble Mac is reasonably priced and there is nothing else we've seen out there quite like it. For solo or team training, don't be surprised if these arches start popping up on basketball courts everywhere. They may not be golden in color, but they have big (Mac) potential.


Dribble Mac


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