May 16, 2018 - Forward Thinking

What does Nietorp, the company that makes a great, disposable protein drink pouch stand for? Well, if you haven't figured it out, we'll tell you. It's "protein" spelled backwards. But that's the only thing backwards about Nietorp, or, NTRP. 

Their patent pending "GO Mix Technology", developed the first  On-The-Go Performance Protein for athletes. Nietorp makes it effortless to travel with, and consume high quality protein whenever, and wherever you need it most. 

Just add water to the handy, light-weight pouch, shake, and you have 20 grams of clean, 100% American Whey protein blend and 4g Branch Chain Amino Acids delivered organic and GMO-Free with only 100 calories in a delicious drink.

My son, who is a professional baseball player, always has his shaker bottle around the house during the offseason. He says that the portability of NTRP, combined with the premeasured protein, makes it extremely convenient. No need to look for the fill line like you do on the shaker bottle, just fill the pouch without any measurement. He liked that you don't have to worry about losing a shaker ball, because there's one built in. It tasted great and you feel full once you finish unlike other proteins he's tried. He said he could feel it feeding his muscles. This is perfect for the athlete on the go because it isn't bulky like a traditional bottle. 

If you're a serious athlete in training and you want to evolve to the next level of nutrition supplement, NTRP is worth taking a look at. There is little queston they're poised to shake up the market.


April 20, 2018 - SAFE Baseball and Softball

No pithy headline for this one, simply because this is a product we feel so strongly about. The SAFE Baseball - Softball online safety course is a must for all baseball and softball youth leagues and travel teams. 

Most youth leagues do some sort of safety clinic. In many cases there is cursory discussion about helmets and bats, then first-aid kids are handed out and they're done. Some may do some concussion training with the recent, heightened awareness.

The SAFE Baseball course is better than any clinic a league can put on for three major reasons. One, because they combed through countless hours of video, the course contains numerous actual examples of dangerous situations, close calls, and actual occurence of injury which paint the most vivid picture possible for the average coach.

Two, unlike a clinic, usually held on aluminum bleachers in baking sun or freezing cold, students will actually enjoy this learning environment. They can take the course at their leisure, a few minutes here a few minutes there, watching interesting videos and gaining a new perspective from the course instructor. And, finally, because each section culminates with a brief quiz, students will have to grasp the material and not be able to tune it out while waiting for it to end.

Each year, thousands of young boys and girls wake up excited to put on their uniform and go to the park and play ball with their friends, only to experience painful and sometimes serious injuries. And while some of these injuries cannot be avoided, many could be if coaches and other adults were properly trained. The SAFE Baseball course ensures that everyone who takes it will be thinking safety first from the moment they arrive on the field. When it comes to keeping baseball and softball players safe, SAFE Baseball- Softball has all the bases covered. 

Source: SAFE Baseball - Softball

March 2, 2018 - Light Headed

The 290 gram Heading Trainer Soccer Ball is another example of one of our favorite companies living up to their name. Soccer Innovations does one thing and does it the best. They create incredible soccer products that you, by and large, won't find at your local sporting goods store. It seems like every day they come out with something new that makes you say, "I wish I had thought of that," designed to make soccer players better.

What makes the Heading Trainer so special? It's about half the weight of an ordinary ball, made to teach kids the proper heading technique without the fear of impact from a regulation ball. If you've ever headed, or been hit in the head by, a normal soccer ball you know it's not always the most pleasant feeling. This leads young players to shy away during heading drills, which means often they don't use the proper technique. 

We've reviewed dozens of Soccer Innovations products over the years and we'll probably review hundreds more. The need for innovative soccer products is never-ending and their constant flow of new ideas meets the demand.

Source: Soccer Innovations

February 27, 2018 - Hitting Home

Those of you who have been reading us for years know we have a soft spot for JUGS Sports and the many great products they produce. Here is one I wish they had 15 years ago when my sons were in their Little League days. 

JUGS' Hit at Home batting cages are Nirvana for any aspiring baseball player and baseball parent. My kids were lucky in that we usually had access somewhere to a field or batting cage and I was usually able to find the time to throw to them. And I enjoyed doing it. But even so, had this thing been in our backyard all my boys would have gotten thousands more swings on their own. And how knows what that might have meant to their careers. 

The Hit at Home comes with everything you need to set up immediately, poles, clasps and netting all included. It sets up in under an hour and can be taken down whenever you'd like so there is no permanent construction required. Those of you who don't already know this will be happy to hear that JUGS nets are the industry standard. No one makes them better. You can order the cage alone for soft-toss and tee work, or make it a package with a state-of-the-art JUGS pitching machine and L-screen. 

JUGS continues to be the industry leader in everything baseball and softball. If you want your players to have all the advantages, to give them the head start they deserve, their own batting cage in the backyard is a privilege you can now afford.

Source: JUGS Sports


February 9, 2018 - Live Comfortably

That's the motto of the folks at The Comfort Sock and we can see why. They sent us several of their new line of comfort socks to try and, well, they hit the mark with their catch phrase.

The Comfort Sock offers a variety of unisex styles such as Compression OTC with energizing compression, Anti-Fatigue crew low cut with energizing compression and left/right anatomical fit, Anti-Fatigue low cut with energizing compression and left/right anatomical fit, Arikool quarter with moisture wicking hydrophobic fibers and breathable mesh, Sport low cut, quarter and crew, Dress and casual crew and Lifestyle knee high, liner and crew. 

Boasting an anti-fatigue reinforced heel and toe, energizing compression and moisture control, The Comfort Sock is engineered to offer more support, more cushion. From the deep heel pocket to the toe seam to the left/right anatomical fit, every effort was made to make sure these socks fit like a glove. And they look great. 

But talk is cheap. Feeling is believing. We put these on and our toes did a happy dance. They are perfect for any activities, but especially running, walking and hiking. Or, just watching sports with your cozy feet up on the couch. If you don't think socks can make a difference, check them out. Your old socks might end up permanently at the bottom of the hamper.

Source: The Comfort Sock


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