October 13, 2017 - Pole Position

The folks at Bison want you to play. Play soccer, basketball, volleyball...a host of sports. But they also want you to be safe. One of the products they offer that keep us out of harm's way is their Outdoor Safe Stuff Pole Padding. It's one of those things you don't see around that much, but once you know it exists you can't understand why they aren't everywhere. 

When I coached rec basketball we ran our practices outdoors at the typical school playground courts. I can't tell you how many times I cringed and held my breath as a kid drove to the lane, found contact with another player, and both hurtled toward the metal pole holding up the goal. Luckily I don't remember anyone ever really going hard into it. But how many times has it likely happened over the years? 

This soft, padded pole protector would definitely cushion that blow. Add to the fact that they'll make them up in your school colors and emboss a nickname or other verbiage and they elevate themselves to give the playground a "cool" factor that fosters school spirit. Concerned that you don't have a way to secure your playground at night? No problem. They easily install and uninstall with velcro so at the end of the school day it would take only a few minutes to remove them and store for the next morning. 

Aside from the potential liability issues these could head off, isn't it worth a few dollars and minutes each day to make sure that kids aren't injured while trying to have fun? Think about it. Because just like with all their products, Bison already has. 

Source: Bison

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October 6, 2017 - What's in the Cards?

You'll find out soon enough if you order a CoachDeck. Their handy, deck-of-card set of 52 color-coded drills come in five different sports: Baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and football and are perfect for volunteer coaches who either lack experience or time to prepare to run great practices. Below is some of the feedback from their Amazon reviews:

Excellent product. I have used many of the drills with my 9-10yo with great results. 

Great cards, very useful 

Started using these for my u8 soccer team on wensday and I love them. 

Great items, able to pull some cards our and keep in pocket throughout practice to reference if needed. 

This really helped with having new drills to keep the kids engaged. They really like when I let them pick from the deck. They feel like they are coaching themselves. 

I have played basketball my entire life but I am only on my second year coaching for my son and daughter's basketball team and these cards are very useful. Great ideas on drills to run to improve overall skills while keeping it fun. 

I use these cards all the time to come up with different drills for practices for both of my co-ed recreational soccer teams. They love the varying practices. 

Great holiday gift for my co-coach. He enjoyed using it to help arrange our practices. 

A perfect practice is in the cards with CoachDeck!

Source: CoachDeck

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September 29, 2017 - Hot Dog!

I have a neighbor with an 80-lb Bulldog. Sweetest dog you'll ever meet. But he's getting big. And by big I mean heavy. His owner feels like she can't take him on long walks that he sorely needs because he'll get too hot and lay down, leaving her stranded. 

I need to fill her in on the Canine Chillers by The Chilling Spot. Fill this handy product with cold water and it will reduce overheating without restricting your pooch in any way. It is light weight, reusable, hand-washable, fits easily with Velcro and come with a zippered pouch for easy storage. Dogs not only don't mind wearing it...they love it!

We don't want to be hokey and say that The Chilling Spot offers lots of other "cool" products, but they do. Their entire line is geared to allowing folks to get outside in the sunshine, even on the hottest days. They make it easy for you to get active and have fun in the sun. And now your best friend can come along too.

Source: The Chilling Spot

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September 8, 2017 - Sweet by Design

If your baseball or softball team is looking for that extra edge this season look no farther than TeamBattingGloves.com. They can custom-make gloves with your logo, colors, even to match your uniform jerseys. They are the added touch that will have other teams wondering what else you have up your compression sleeves.

Made with the finest quality leather these gloves are superior to almost any we've ever seen in a retail store. Yet when you order in bulk (minimum orders start at just a dozen), you'll get them for half the price or better than other pro style gloves. Oh, and did we mention, this includes full customization for your team? Many organzations use them as a fundraiser or spirit pack item.

Ask them to send you a digital mock-up so you can see how your gloves will look. Show them to your players and see if they don't start drooling. These are exactly the motiviational item you need to make the next season a hit. And isn't that what great batting gloves are for after all?

Source: Upstart Sports

August 25, 2017 - Behind the Back

Fisher Athletic makes a ton of tremendous products that institutions like high schools and colleges use for their sports facilities. Here's another great one that every athletic director should see. The Fisher Vinyl Chair Backs will spruce up your gym on game night and give it that "something extra" that most of your opponents don't have. 

The concept and the process are simple: The vinyl seat covers can be custom made with your school colors and logo, or you can get a corporate sponsor to buy in. Either way it's a fantastic addition to your basketball and volleyball programs. Having these seat covers turns an ordinary-looking gym into a high class auditormium. Getting a corporate sponsor would mean the extra benefit of bringing in much-needed revenue for the school.

Once you see the sideline festooned with these seat covers you'll think ordinary folding chairs along the edge of the gym floor look bush league. Elevate your team's status and maybe raise a little money along the way? That's a slam dunk.

Source: Fisher Athletic

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