January 14, 2017 - Into a Corner

One of our specialties at Sports Product Review is training aids. We love devices that help young athletes improve their games and our favorites are those that are the most simple. 

The folks at Bison Sports would probably agree that training aids are not their bread and butter. They make things like soccer goals, football goal posts, basketball stanchions and much more. They are who you want to turn to as an athletic director, field superintendent, youth sports director and club president. But when they dabble in training aids, they hit a home run....or more appropriately, scored a goal.

The ScoreMore Corner Kick system is a set of four bright orange targets that easiily velcro onto the existing goals and are designed to be placed at the upper and lower corners where most goals are scored. If you watch youth and even advanced player practice shooting, they often send their shots straight to the center of the net. Fine when there is no goalie. But a wasted shot in a real game. The ScoreMore targets teach the brain to always aim for those spots where no goalie can defend and, in this way, help develop muscle memory in the best way. 

Bison Sports is a tremendous resource for large items that will improve your facility. But they when it comes to a small device that can lead to some big shots, they are right on target.

Source: Bison Sports

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January 8, 2017 - Ten Years Down

Its an age-old question: "Where does the time go?" And its one we're asking ourselves as we look back and realize we're beginning our eleventh year writing reviews of new and exciting sports products from around the globe. We've made a lot of friends and had a ton of fun along they way, discovering items we'd have never known existed and, hopefully, bringing attention to some terrific up-and-coming enterprises. Many companies we reviewed were newly-launched, with only one employee, and are now on their way to becoming million dollar businesses. 

We're excited to go into 2017 ready to uncover more "hidden gems" in the sports world. As we look ahead with optimism, we take a moment to reflect, maybe a little wisfully, about our humble beginnings and those innocent first few months when we began. Thank you for all your support. We hope you've enjoyed our write-ups and will continue to do as we forge ahead.

Source: Sports Product Review

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December 30, 2016 - 2016 Sports Products of the Year

We're excited to bring you another year...in review! Pun intended. This year we went around the world to find more new and innovative products that solved needs and made athletes better. And while all the products we reviewed were top-notch, these five stood out enough to be included in our 2016 Sports Product Review Products of the Year. In no particular order, congratulaltions to AMO, (Advanced Multi-sport Optics) Sunglasses (Read our review here), JUGS Sports newest tee, (Read the review), The Bench Coach (Read the review), Xeros Gear, (Review), and The Strike Plate (Review).

Each of these products "wowwed" us with their innovation, creativity and quality. And all of them have bright futures. 

As we approach our tenth year of doing reviews, we look back and realize we've come a long way. And so has the sporting goods industry. The way products are made, the way they are marketed and the way they are purchased is radically different from back when we did our first review. But one thing will never change, and that is the spirit of the sports-minded entrepreneur who sees solutions to problems, ways to improve old processes, and exhibits the creativity and drive to bring ideas to life. We're proud of the decade we've spent showcases these up-and-coming companies and hope you've enjoyed reading about them. 

Now...to 2017 and the next decade. Happy New Year!

Source: Sports Product Review


December 16, 2016 - Who Will it Be This Year?

It is that time of year! You know, sleighbells, presents, snow, mistletoe, fruitcakes, friends, family carols....and the Sports Product Review Top Ten Products of the Year will be revealed! We will be taking next week off to tirelessly pore over all of the 2016 reviews, argue over who is in and who is out, and drink some egg nog. But after that, check back for the big reveal! Have a joyus holiday season and Happy New Year from Sports Product Review!

Source: Sports Product Review

December 12, 2016 - Custom Team Batting Gloves

We did a review of this company a few months ago, but we've got more information now that makes it worth another. If you're a high school baseball or softball coach, if you run a travel organization, if you run a youth league, you know its all about the team. You want your players to wear the same uniforms, and the same helmets. If you could you'd give them all the same number and the only name on the uniform would be the name of the team. But, of course, there are some items that don't match like cleats, fileding gloves, batting gloves. Wait. Strike that last one. Now, everyone on the team can wear the same batting gloves and show their team pride. 

We're not just talking about making them in team colors like some other manufacturers do. These gloves are done up to your specifications with your logo, team nickname -- anything you want. The gloves are unquestionably the top quality. Two of my son's play pro baseball. They've worn pretty much every other brand known to mankind, and these are far and away the must comfortable and durable they've had.

But here's the kicker. We all know most top-of-the-line batting gloves cost forty or fifty bucks a pair. At TeamBattingGloves.com they can make them for your program for around $15.00. Even less if you have lots of players. You can't get cheap department store gloves for that. At those prices many organizations use them as a fundraiser that players love.

So if your school, team or organization wants to look and feel its best, while getting top-of-the-line quality and value, try TeamBattingGloves on for size. They're sure to be a hit with everyone.

Source: TeamBattingGloves.com

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