June 22, 2016 - Tennis, (Elbow) Anyone?

While out of town on a trip, I inquired at the front desk about a fitness center. They did not have one in the hotel they told me but, even better, they provided passes to the local health club. I took them up on it. It was a vast center and the weight room was full of new (to me) machines and an abundance of free weights. 

I'm not a gym guy. I do mostly body-weight exercises at home to stay fit. So going into a gym is a treat and I enjoy trying new exercises. That's where I got into trouble. Because I picked up a dumbbell and, like a dumbbell, sort of invented a lift I thought I'd seen others do before which was laying stomach-down on a bench and lifting the weights up over my ear. 

Everything was fine for a week or so. Then, my left elbow began to ache. I didn't think anything of it for a few days but it wasn't getting better. Finally I connected it to the time in the gym. Still, I thought it would pass. It didn't. After more than a month of it aching nearly constantly every day, I finally went to see the doctor. She put her finger on a specifc spot on my arm, asked if that's where it hurt, (it was), and proclaimed I had tennis elbow. She prescribe physical therapy. 

I went to physical therapy and was told, basically that it might never fully go away. She gave me some stretches to do, which seemed to help. I was also given a ProCare Brace to wear above the elbow during the day and while sleeping. I was pretty skeptical that it would help, but figured I'd give it a try. 

The brace, while neither attractive or particularly comfortable, was effective. When it was on the elbow pain substantially diminished. When it was off, the discomfort was strong. I don't know what exactly it did to help, but help it did.

After a month or so I weaned myself off of it and haven't had to put it on again since. It's now been a year and, while I can still tell there's something there, it rarely bothers me and weeks go by without me thinking about the elbow. I can't be sure I can fully attribute the improvement to the brace, but it sure didn't hurt. But I guess that's the point of it, isn't it?

Source: ProCare

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June 11, 2016 - A Lasting Legacy

Want to hear about the biggest win-win-win we've ever found for you at SPR. It's the Upstart Sports Bleacher Seat program. This is a way for high schools and colleges to raise money while honoring current and former players and improving the quality and comfort of their facilities at the same time.

All a school has to do is send out an email, provided by Upstart Sports, to all current players and alumni as far back as they'd like, asking if the player (or player's parents) would like to purchase a beautiful stadium seat for the school's bleachers. The seats are made of a comfortable polypropylene material that will install on any surface easily. They are especially perfect as an upgrade to the typical aluminum bleachers you see at most high school and small college fields.

On each seat will be embossed the current or former player's name, years they played, and uniform number. A super cool tribute and way to honor a legacy for years to come. The best news of all? Through Upstart Sports' online platform this can all be done without anyone at the school having to collect money and keep track of sales. Orders come in and the seats go out, they come in school colors, are installed in a matter of minutes and turn an ordinary facility into a real stadium. Fans love the comfort they bring to the game-watching experience. Schools actually raise money as they profit from each seat sold, meaning the stadium upgrade is not only free...its a fundraiser. And opposing teams immediately know they're playing at a place where they take their athletics seriously, lending a terrific home field advantage.

We can't figure out why any school wouldn't take advantage of this opportunity, it's such a no-brainer. In fact, with as many benefits Upstart Sports Bleacher Seat program brings, its a win-win-win-win-win.

Source: Upstart Sports

June 3, 2016 - Glove at First Sight

If you read through our nine years of reviews you'll find two common themes that we embrace. First, we love training aids. Specifically, we love training aids that can be used solo. We love the idea of youth players in the garage, on the street, at the park or in the backyard working on their game on their own time with no coaches or parents present.

The second thing we love is when we find that magical mix of great quality but tremendous value. Usually this has been a case of an up-and-coming company that either doesn't know how good their product is or is willingly under-charging so as to try to gain market share. In either, since we're kind of tightwads here, top-of-the-line products at a bargain price make us very happy.

Well, we're very happy about this product and since you can see that it is not a training aid, you can guess which category it fits into. The new Upstart Sports Batting Gloves are a fantastic glove that players from Little League to the Pros will love, at a price that parents tired of overpaying for their kids baseball and softball gear will appreciate.

They sent us a few pairs to try out. One of my sons who plays in college got them in the mail the other day and described them as "sweet!" He was going to head down to the field the minute he put them on to go and take batting practice. I wonder if he drove with them on. And if you need more convincing, let me explain this kid: He asked for a photo of them first before he'd let me ship them because the way they look is very important to him. And if something doesn't feel just right, he won't wear it because his career is too important to him. So for him to give them a rousing endorsement means there's a better than 99% chance your player will (g)love them too. And the price? Just go to the site and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Upstart Sports plans to release more branded items soon. We can't wait to bring them to you. In the meantime, get their first offering before they wise up and realize they could sell them for twice the price.

Source: Upstart Sports

May 27, 2016 - Waxy Buildup

It looks like an ice-scraper, but the people using this are not anywhere near weather that could glaze windsheilds. No, this is the surfboard Power Scraper from the folks at Tools Surf Products, (TLS)

The Power Scraper is the most durable wax scraper available. With a padded ergonomic handle, which ensures maximum grip, you won't be frustrated while that set comes in...you'll be scraping wax like a demon. The bevelled, three-dimensional blade edges enable smooth, fast removal and quick entry into the water.

Maybe more interesting is the origin of TLS as a company. TLS creator, Satoshi Sekino, of Sekino Racing Sports, a former pro surfer himself and respected entrepreneur. He is also renowned for building a crazy wave pool in Japan. Satoshi oversees all product development and design with his team riders which has resulted in premium quality. functional surf hardware.

There are lots more products to check out at TLS. But don't spend too much time online or getting rid of that dirty wax -- surf's up!

Source: TLS

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May 20, 2016 - American Style

This is our second review of products from Dux Sports and our mantra is the same. If you want great quality, great prices, great selection and overall terrific value, they're tough to beat.

They sent us one of these red, white and blue camo sleeves. I have a college ball playing son who is very into his sleeves. And he's patriotic. This was perfect for him. Each Sunday their team did a "military appreciation" day and wore their camoflague jersies. Even though the jersies were green camo, he claimed his sleeve didn't clash. When I chided him about it he said with mock-seriousness, "Don't tell me what looks good." Safe to say he loved his sleeve.

And besides just good looks, the sleeves are great in cold weather but also contain odor-fighting properties, wick away moisture, are extremely resistent to tearing and can keep skin cool in hot weather. After an entire season of diving back into bases, laying out for ground balls and machine washing, it still looks like it just came out of the package. And did we mention that as of this writing they're under $10.00? You might want to hurry and order yours now before everyone catches on and they realize what a bargain they're giving everyone.

Source: Dux Sports

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