November 20, 2014 - Best Buds

So I don't know, maybe I have weird ears. Or maybe I just can't figure out things like ear buds. Ever since headphones went from ear muff, over the ear style to the tiny, unobtrusive in-ear version, I've struggled. Whenever I put them in straight, they fall out, as if my ear canal is too small. So I resort to turning them on their sides, which looks silly and distorts the sound. My kids and my wife, who apparently either have bigger ears or know how they are supposed to properly wedge these things in, shake their head in disappointment whenever they see me struggling with ear buds. And even if I can get them to stay put any length of time, its not long before they cause so much pain I've got to take them out. anyway I've resorted to just wearing an old pair of over-the-ear headphones I've had since college.

Thank goodness SOL REPUBLIC makes RELAYS, an award-winning ear bud style head phone that is designed with patented FreeFlex technology. This seamless, adaptable fit makes them easy to put in, and unlikely to fall out. They sent us a pair to try and as soon as we opened the package we knew they were special. They come with four different sized ear tips to fit in any size ear comfortably and snugly. I tried a couple different sizes and found the ones that were perfect, and cranked it up. The sound is amazing and, maybe even more incredibly, I could walk around, exercise – do whatever and never once did I feel so much as a slip. You may never want to take them out, but if you ever do they come with a handy carrying pouch for easy transportation and storage.

My oldest son is in the gym 3-4 days a week and he burns through ear bud style head phones like they're made out of styrofoam. RELAYS are water and sweat-resistant so you can wear them even during the most intense workout. He needs a pair more than I do.

Even if you aren't “ear bud challenged”, as I am, I would be surprised if you didn't find these to be tremendously superior in comfort and in performance to anything else you've worn. Whether you use them for work, play, relaxation, or an active lifestyle, one thing is for sure. Once you try them, you and your ears will always be plugged in.


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November 15, 2014 - Bat Out of Heaven

By Dovber Chaiton

The new year is around the corner which means cricket bat manufacturers are all out and about touting their new ranges of cricket bats. As always the big manufacturers have made some great additions and improvements to their ranges but there is one cricket bat that really sticks out as a novel and new product and that is the GM Sigma Cricket Bat for 2015.

GM always comes out with top of the line cricket bats. Every one of their cricket bats comes with the backing of DXM technology. DXM technology is the expert research that goes into creating perfectly weighted cricket bats that perform at the optimum.

What makes the GM sigma different is the unique milling into the profile of the cricket bat. The Sigma is the first cricket bat to have Computer Aided Drawing and Computer Aided Manufacturing to optimize the weight distribution of the cricket bat.

This has aided GM in developing a cricket bat that excels in 3 key areas:

Namely, the pick up of the cricket bat is as well balanced or perhaps even more balanced than any other cricket bat on the market. The bat has an extended sweet spot meaning that the prime hitting zone is virtually the entire profile of the willow. The power distribution throughout the cricket bat is at its smoothest, this makes it a real winner.

For good measure GM has milled a highly classy logo into the back of the bat, perhaps signifying just how special the GM Sigma really is.

Source: Gunn & Moore

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November 7, 2014 - Jog Your Memory

Each morning I take an exercise break and walk the dog around the neighborhood. As I pass by the grade school on certain days, there is an armada of young moms with baby joggers who meet for an exercise class that culminates with a jog around the community streets .No doubt many are running behind joggers made by Allen Sports.


Allen Sports is dedicated to making simple products that are well designed, easy to use and affordable. They design and manufacture the finest bicycle carrying, parking, and storage racks available. Ever since Dick Allen started making rear mounted bicycle carriers in his garage in Lincoln, Massachusetts in 1967, the company has been committed to producing the highest quality, easiest to use racks, joggers and accessories on the market.


At every price point, Allen offers better quality and value than just about anything else available. Their various baby joggers are a great mix of comfort and safety for the infant, and practicality for mom. The lightweight aluminum frame is easy to get in and out of a vehicle and maneuver. It quickly converts to a swivel wheel jogger, or use the lockout feature to fix front wheel in place. The rear suspension smooths bumps and the raised rear axle and 20” inflated tires mean a minimum of exertion is require to move it along. And, Junior will be content behind the three-seasons zipper cover.


Remember your mother's baby stroller? This isn't it. If only Allen Sports had been around then, you might have had a lot more fun on those days in the park.


Source: Allen Sports

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October 30, 2014 - Well, That Didn't Work

Its shaping up to be the worst year possible that College Football could have initiated their new playoff system designed to “ensure” that a “true” National Champion is crowned.

For years people have been clamoring for a playoff in College Football and the powers that be, (Read: NCAA and university presidents) have been dragging their feet, defending the flawed BCS system like an attorney for a plainly guilty client.

There have been those proposing a 16-team playoff. In this publication, we've been begging for an 8-team tournament. In previous years, that many teams would have been overkill. The truth is, in recent memory, there have rarely been more than one or two teams left out of the BCS National Championship game who legitimately deserved a shot. But still, the fact that there were always a couple teams on the outside was enough to demand reform. So, finally, a four-team playoff will solve all of the problems, right? Surely, if you're ranked as low as 5th, you have no beef with not getting in.

Not this year. There may be as many as ten teams, when it is all said and done, that will be able to make a case for why they are deserving. Just look at the initial rankings that have come out. Compare the schedules, look at the wins and losses. A dozen or more teams can stake a legitimate claim. Yes, there will be many more ranked teams lose, if for no other reason, then that they still have to play one another. But this year even some two-loss teams will be certain to feel they should be slotted higher than others one loss. And it looks like there are going to be way more than four schools finish the season with only one loss.

So, once again the NCAA tried to get it right and fumbled the snap. Once again it all comes down to subjective opinions. Our prediction? There will not be an undisputed National Champion crowned in January. But, when the final whistle blows, our guess is that if you looked back at the “elite” eight in the country based on rankings, and had played them off on January 1st, in the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Fiesta Bowls, and then had the four winners play in the semi-final, you'd have a lot less argument as to who should be wearing the crown. And it very may well have been one of the teams ranked 5-8 that would have come out on top. But we'll never know. Is it better than before? Sure. Is it as good as it could and should be? Not by a long shot.

Source: NCAA

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October 24, 2014 - Party Ride

Thinking of heading out to the lake this weekend? See if you can get a tow on one of these watercraft from CRAZYSHARK Water Sports. It is the most fun you'll have on the water this year. Old school is water skiing where everyone in the boat has to wait their turn while one lucky person tries to get up, falls, waits for the boat to circle back around, and the cycle is repeated. It takes hours for everyone to get a chance and by then, usually no one wants to go a second time.


Not so with the fun hydro vehicles from CRAZYSHARK. Multiple riders can get on, making it more fun than solo skiing or tubing. You can have the entire party together getting huge air as you catapult over the waves. The product is heavy-duty bottom and cover and offers foam soft-grip handles with neoprene knuckle guards to make the experience thrilling, but painless. You can sit or kneel six to eight riders depending on which model you're lucky enough to be on.


So get on, hold on, and tell the driver to go fast. After your first time on this bucking bronco you'll want to do your second, third and fourth rodeos.



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