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April 21, 2017 - On the Rebound

There are some people who never would think of new products and just assume that what's out and available must be the sum of all the good ideas. Then there are others who imagine things that would be useful, but never go beyond the idea stage. 

Then there are people like Soccer Innovations who have built a terrific business by envisioning new and innovative (thus the name) products, and then actually bringing them to market. 

The Handheld Soccer Rebounder is a good example. I've seen many goalie coaches working with keepers on quick reaction drills. The keeper or another player throws the ball out to the coach who then tries to quickly volley it back. The idea is that often a goalie in a real game will deflect a shot, only to have it instantly driven back to the goal. Being able to practice defending these rebounds is invaluable. 

But it is not always easy to connect foot to ball and often the rebound isn't on target, this leads to lots of wasted time and energy from both the coach, and players. The Handheld Rebounder eliminates this issue. It's wide surface and two handles make it not only easy to send the ball back towards where it came, but easily control it's direction allowing the coach to determine the degree of difficulty.

The Rebounder can be used in many different ways. Ironically, when I first saw it I had essentially the opposite application in mind. My daughter is a Division One soccer player and when she and I go down to the field I will let her shoot on me in goal. When it's coming right at me, it's scary. You might  think it would be no problem to just knock it down but with the velocity and movement her balls have, if you don't get it just right you can end up with a jammed finger or sprained wrist. This rebounder would not only be a great line of self-defense, but could also teach her to follow her shots and finish balls the goalie deflects. 

Everything you'll find at Soccer Innovations is tremendous quality and value. If you've ever wondered, "what if" about anything soccer, check them out. They've probably already dreamed it, tested, and perfected it.

Source: Soccer Innovations

February 20, 2017 - Get Shelter

If you want an inexpensive and portalbe shelter solution for your kids soccer, field hockey or lacrosse teams you need to check out the Club Shelter from Upstart Sports. It's an amazing product for the price and can be customized in your team's colors and logo. 

Because it is lightweight and compact it can easily be set up and broken down before and after games. It is designed to cover a "six-seater" bench and keep players out of the elements. This is a great investment for any club travel team. 

There are four “webbing loops” on each corner of the shelter where you can stake down or place weight bags to secure the shelter to the ground. It comes in a carrying bag with instructions and four 9” steel spikes. You can easily fit it in the trunk of the car along with the kids' soccer gear. It's also great for excursions to the beach or lake.

Even if the weather won't cooperate, your kids don't have to be drenched by the rain or baked in the sun while they wait for their chance to play. Pop up the Club Shelter and in no time at all they'll be cool and dry. The other team will wonder why your team is always fresh and energetic.

Source: Upstart Sports

. There are four “Webbing Loops” on each corner of the shelter were you can stake down or place weight bags to secure the shelter to the ground.

January 14, 2017 - Into a Corner

One of our specialties at Sports Product Review is training aids. We love devices that help young athletes improve their games and our favorites are those that are the most simple. 

The folks at Bison Sports would probably agree that training aids are not their bread and butter. They make things like soccer goals, football goal posts, basketball stanchions and much more. They are who you want to turn to as an athletic director, field superintendent, youth sports director and club president. But when they dabble in training aids, they hit a home run....or more appropriately, scored a goal.

The ScoreMore Corner Kick system is a set of four bright orange targets that easiily velcro onto the existing goals and are designed to be placed at the upper and lower corners where most goals are scored. If you watch youth and even advanced player practice shooting, they often send their shots straight to the center of the net. Fine when there is no goalie. But a wasted shot in a real game. The ScoreMore targets teach the brain to always aim for those spots where no goalie can defend and, in this way, help develop muscle memory in the best way. 

Bison Sports is a tremendous resource for large items that will improve your facility. But they when it comes to a small device that can lead to some big shots, they are right on target.

Source: Bison Sports

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November 27, 2016 - Odor De-Feeters

We love spotlighting the entrepreneurial spirit here on Sports Product Review. While some of the products we showcase are from big companies with hundreds of employees, most are from companies started by people just like you and me. People who had an idea for a great product they thought would help solve a problem, a product that might just become popular and sell a little bit...maybe a lot. 

The shin guard deodorizing bag made by XerosGear is such a product. It isn't as well-known in the soccer world today as it will be in the future, but we're here to say that it's here to stay.

For those who do not play soccer, understand that shin guards get nasty. They go directly on the shin and are covered by socks. So after a long, hot game or practice you can imagine how pleasant they are when peeled off of sweaty legs. That was the problem. This is the solution. 

It is simple, yet it works. The deodorizing bag owes it's effectiveness to the moso bamboo charcoal. insert. Moso bamboo charcoal is well knows for it's odor eliminating and drying properties. Just slip the bag containing the charcoal into the center pouch of the bag, and place both the musty shin guards on either side. Forget about them until the next time you need them and realize that they're no longer damp and stinky, but dry and fresh. This isn't only aesthetic purposes either. It means no bacteria on the skin, longer life for the guards and a host of other benefits. And when the bamboo charcoal is finally used up it can be simply recycled as a garden supplement making this one of the most eco-friendlly products we've reviewed. 

My daughter is a college soccer player and when XersoGear sent a pair for us to try, I figured we'd pass them to her for the ultimate test. She couldn't have given it a higher rating and plans on using the bag the rest of her career. She said it did exactly what it was meant to do -- made her shin guards dry and smell good.

Designing and taking a product like this to market takes a ton of innovation, and just as much courage. But it mostly takes conviction. Knowing that this is something needed by millions. Now, all we can do is hope that those millions find out about XerosGear. The soccer world will be a much better-smelling place for it. 

Source: XerosGear


November 4, 2016 - Go Ahead. Make My Day

One of the things we don't do often enough is say thanks. Thanks to loved-ones, friends, and even complete strangers. And for those of us with kids who play sports, one of the most important "thank-you's" is reserved for those who coach our youngsters. 

And even if you do, as you should, take a moment at the end of the season to shake their and thank them for their efforts, how cool would it be to send them a card to let them know you really appreciate what they do? 

We know. Sounds like a hassle. And what kind of sappy card will you find at the store anyway. And you'll look like a putz sending it, right? Well not if you use Greeting Card Universe. Check out these cards for basketball coaches. They are classy, elegant, topical, appropriate and would make the day of any volunteer or professional coach. Amazingly, Greeting Card Universe will let you customize the inside of the card and mail it for you all for around five bucks - total. You can go online choose your card, order through their secure site and in less than two minutes you go on about your day knowing you're about to make someone else's. 

They have cards for soccer, football, baseball, cheerleading and 24 other sports...in other words, whichever sport your child plays. So there is no excuse, now that you know, to not show you care. It may seem like a small thing, but in today's world of texts and emails, getting a real card in the mail is all the more special. You can make it seem like you put in a lot of effort, without lifting more than a couple fingers. And for those coaches who really did put out a ton of effort, isn't that the least we can do?

Source: Greeting Card Universe