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June 11, 2016 - A Lasting Legacy

Want to hear about the biggest win-win-win we've ever found for you at SPR. It's the Upstart Sports Bleacher Seat program. This is a way for high schools and colleges to raise money while honoring current and former players and improving the quality and comfort of their facilities at the same time.

All a school has to do is send out an email, provided by Upstart Sports, to all current players and alumni as far back as they'd like, asking if the player (or player's parents) would like to purchase a beautiful stadium seat for the school's bleachers. The seats are made of a comfortable polypropylene material that will install on any surface easily. They are especially perfect as an upgrade to the typical aluminum bleachers you see at most high school and small college fields.

On each seat will be embossed the current or former player's name, years they played, and uniform number. A super cool tribute and way to honor a legacy for years to come. The best news of all? Through Upstart Sports' online platform this can all be done without anyone at the school having to collect money and keep track of sales. Orders come in and the seats go out, they come in school colors, are installed in a matter of minutes and turn an ordinary facility into a real stadium. Fans love the comfort they bring to the game-watching experience. Schools actually raise money as they profit from each seat sold, meaning the stadium upgrade is not only free...its a fundraiser. And opposing teams immediately know they're playing at a place where they take their athletics seriously, lending a terrific home field advantage.

We can't figure out why any school wouldn't take advantage of this opportunity, it's such a no-brainer. In fact, with as many benefits Upstart Sports Bleacher Seat program brings, its a win-win-win-win-win.

Source: Upstart Sports

March 12, 2016 - Just Me and My PK

Coaches, players and parents take note: There is a new way to practice your PK's and all you need is a ball and the PK Pro from Upstart Sports.

It is a detachable net that essentially fits on a standard goal in such a way that the only opportunity for the ball to score is if it is hit somewhere an actual goalie would not be able to reach. So if the ball goes in the net, you've made your penalty kick. But if the ball bounces off the PK Pro, you can assume the goalie would have stopped it.

Coaches can use this device as a non-supervised station to keep players busy during practice, without the need of a goalie. Parents will love how easily it stores and can bring it down to the field for weekend practice with their star player.

Practicing PK's into an empty net would be like practicing free-throws on a basket with a circumference of a manhole cover. Yes you're going throuh the same motion, but it wouldn't help you when it comes gametime. The PK Pro is designed to create the muscle memory needed so that when your team is counting on you, you'll deliver every time...into the back of the net.

Source: Upstart Sports

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February 26, 2016 - Goal To Go To

For everything soccer there is only one source you need online and that is GoalNation.com. Formerly SoccerNation.com, GoalNation is the recognized place to go for whatever information you crave about the beautiful game.

GoalNation is geared toward the elite levels, from youth club to college to the pros. However, they are also in the midst of branching out into the youth recreational levels ensuring they leave no stone unturned. Offering product reviews, informative interviews with soccer legends, tournament news and training tips, there will always be something for everyone. Club officials, players, coaches, parents and even referees can enjoy a seemingly endless amount of valuable, fresh and constantly-updated content.

No matter who you are, at what level or where you play, GoalNation is the first and last stop you need to make to get your soccer fix. Be careful, you might find yourself passing hours on end lost in the site. But then again, maybe that's your goal.

Source: GoalNation

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October 12, 2015 - Roll the Goal

You may not have heard of Bison but athletic directors, coaches, facility administrators, and equipment managers have for over thirty years. And you or somone you know has likely played on a Bison soccer, football or basketball product without even knowing. Bison provides safe, durable, innovative and on-time products to fit unique sports equipment needs.

Their ShootOut No-Tip Portable soccer goals help are state-of-the-art safe. No-Tip Goals meet all ASTM F2056 standards for safety and performance without those loose ballast bags or undependable ground stakes that are often forgotten or improperly installed. With extra backstay depth, radii on all square post corners and net attachment that has no hardware you can feel secure when Bison is on your fields.

And while they won't tip when you don't want them to, they will tip when you do. Portable goals are meant to be just that. All Bison portable goals feature a unique torque tested backstay attachment design and rear backstay spreader bar. This means durability and an industry-leading warranty.


Bison's popular QwikTrack net attachment system allows net clips to stay connected securely to the net when when you need remove the net from goal. You'll have no loose fasteners, Velcro straps, welded hooks or screw-on net clips to contend with. An extra thick textured white powder coat finish and galvanized backstay adds a final, quality touch. But for even more saftey, Bison offers a post padding width compensating feature. This allows you to provide padded goal posts yet still maintain proper width between the posts.


Its easy to see why so many institutions choose Bison for their sports needs. Quality, durability, safety and mobility...if there's anything else you could ask for, we can't think of it.


Source: Bison

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September 30, 2015 - Shelter from the Storm

Back in March we reviewed the Sideline Shelter offered by Upstart Sports. Its a must-have for all high school, club and college soccer, lacrosse and field hockey programs. But since then there have been two dramatic and exciting changes to mention.

The Sideline Shelter now comes with a panel of wind screens that stretch the entirety of the back side. The windows also sport vinyl straps that can be tethered up and out of the way, down tight to cover, or can be allowed to flap unsecured so that they protect from rain but still allow wind in.

What is the benefit to these new windows? Well, aside from the aesthetics, (they look great), there are the advantages of safety and comfort. Without the windows, a strong gust of wind can potentially pick up and move the shelter if not properly staked or weighted down. This could mean it flips over and damages the frame. The windows substantially reduce the risk of this happening. From a comfort standpoint the windows mean there is airflow and ventilation so that heat isn't trapped inside the concave shape.

But we said there were two exciting developments. Aside from the new windows, the best thing we've found in a long time, is that Upstart Sports has a program where organizations can own one of these great shelters for little or no cost. They've built an online platform that allows parents and businesses to purchase "shout-outs" on the back of the unit. Or, if you prefer, they'll even simply sell large backside ads to a local sponsor or sponsors to cover the cost. Since the average shelter will last ten years, this is a tremendous advertising opportunity for a minor investment. Who wouldn't want to do that?

In some parts of the country the predictions for extreme weather mean the potential for players and coaches to be exposed to harsh elements these next several months. If you want to keep everyone warm and dry and give your teams a graet homefield advantage, now you can do it and let someone else write the check!

Source: Upstart Sports