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August 25, 2017 - Behind the Back

Fisher Athletic makes a ton of tremendous products that institutions like high schools and colleges use for their sports facilities. Here's another great one that every athletic director should see. The Fisher Vinyl Chair Backs will spruce up your gym on game night and give it that "something extra" that most of your opponents don't have. 

The concept and the process are simple: The vinyl seat covers can be custom made with your school colors and logo, or you can get a corporate sponsor to buy in. Either way it's a fantastic addition to your basketball and volleyball programs. Having these seat covers turns an ordinary-looking gym into a high class auditormium. Getting a corporate sponsor would mean the extra benefit of bringing in much-needed revenue for the school.

Once you see the sideline festooned with these seat covers you'll think ordinary folding chairs along the edge of the gym floor look bush league. Elevate your team's status and maybe raise a little money along the way? That's a slam dunk.

Source: Fisher Athletic

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May 12, 2017 - No Palm Ball

The folks at Unique Sports love to find solutions for common, everyday sports problems. The Ball Control training device is a simple, yet excitingly easy-to-use device that will quickly transform your little hoops player into a ball-handling and scoring machine. 

If you've watched novice youngsters play basketball they all have one thing in common: When they try to dribble or shoot the ball, they tend to use their palms. They think they that need to slap at the ball to make it bounce and there is no shooting touch, it is more like a shooting hoist. 

The Ball Control is a soft leather strap that fits on any hand which, via the knob built into the palm, helps create the good habits of dribbling and shooting with the fingers, not the hand. The knob forces the ball out away from the palm and onto the fingertips where it belongs. 

This is just one of many products we've written about from Unique Sports and there will likely be many more to come. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Or, in the case of a little one's mechanics, if it is broken, now you can fix it.

Source: Unique Sports

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March 31, 2017 - TCU Going to the Big Dance

We wish. Not because we're TCU basketball fans necessarily. But here's why: We've saying this for years and years around this time....wait. Before we get to that...

Did you know what happened in TCU basketball last night? We'd be surprised if you did. You'd either be a hard-core TCU basketball fan, a incredibly well-informed sports fan, or just happened to read the sport page from front to back, including the fine print. Last night, TCU won the National Invitation Tournament, (NIT). This used to be the most prestigious tournament in college basketball. Now it's an afterthought. In fact that's a generous description. 

And we have an idea for making it more interesting, making it relevant. The winner of the NIT automatically qualifies for a berth in next year's NCAA Tournament. If that was the case, many more people would have watched last night's game. The drama, (well, it was a blowout, but regardless) would be much more significant, or...existent. Teams snubbed by the tournament selection committee would have a reason to compete in the NIT with a vengeance. It all makes sense...unless to those who matter apparently. 

So, congratulations, TCU. We don't want to take anything away and hope you are proud of your accomplishment. You should be. We just wish there was a little bigger reward for your achievement.

Souce: NIT

March 26, 2017 - Slide and Shoot

Short on space but would like to add a basket for the kids to shoot on? Maybe you're a shool that has limited resources and a permanent goal wouldn't fit the budget or would be in the way of other activites. The folks at Bison have a terrific solution. 

You'll love their Removable Practice Basketball Goal Package. The bracket mounts easily on any flat surface. Then simply slid in the rim and, viola! instant hoops! This and many other great sporting goods ideas can be found on their website

Bison is committed to creating great products and developing the best facilities money can buy. Whether you have limited funds or an NCAA D1 powerhouse budget, they have what you need to get the games going.

Source: Bison

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November 18, 2016 - Sturdy as She Goes

You want something built to last? Something safe and reliable? Then when you're planning the school or city's new basketball gymnasium, make your first call be to the folks at Bison. They've been doing basketbal equipment since 1985 and have become the standard of the industry. 

Their products and innovation mean everything you get, from backboards, to goals, multi-colored padding, you name it, is on the cutting-edge of technology. They'll gladly provide you with a fast, professional quote and you can be sure that the price will be significantly less than the value you receive. 

Everything you can imagine basketball is in their catalog. And they do a variety of other sports as well. When you're building your "Gym of Dreams" you want it done right. And the right way is the Bison way.

Source: Bison


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