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September 8, 2017 - Sweet by Design

If your baseball or softball team is looking for that extra edge this season look no farther than TeamBattingGloves.com. They can custom-make gloves with your logo, colors, even to match your uniform jerseys. They are the added touch that will have other teams wondering what else you have up your compression sleeves.

Made with the finest quality leather these gloves are superior to almost any we've ever seen in a retail store. Yet when you order in bulk (minimum orders start at just a dozen), you'll get them for half the price or better than other pro style gloves. Oh, and did we mention, this includes full customization for your team? Many organzations use them as a fundraiser or spirit pack item.

Ask them to send you a digital mock-up so you can see how your gloves will look. Show them to your players and see if they don't start drooling. These are exactly the motiviational item you need to make the next season a hit. And isn't that what great batting gloves are for after all?

Source: Upstart Sports

June 16, 2017 - Change of Pace

Here is one of the things that makes the folks at JUGS Sports so impressive. They all come from sports playing and coaching backgrounds. They're in tune with their customers. They know their market. So even though they had one of the most successful softball pitching machines in the game, used by thousands of teams and institutions, they didn't rest on their laurels. They surveyed coaches to find out how they could make it better. When the heard the overwhelming request for a machine that could throw changeups, they came out with the CHANGEUP Super Softball Pitching Machine.

It throws fastballs up to 70 mph and changeups at speeds as low as 44 mph. Now players can't simply figure out their timing and mechanically hit drive after drive because they know what's coming. This forces players in batting practice to think and react as they will in a real game. 

It's portable and easy to set up and can be stored in the trunk of the car if you're a travel ball coach. It can also swivel 360 degrees and be used for all facets of the game, including ground ball and fly ball practice. 

Those of us who have been around for a while all know that JUGS Sports owns the past of baseball and softball. But, just like the players their products are made for, because of their innovation and relentless pursuit of improvement, they're going to also be stars in the future. 

Source: JUGS Sports

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May 26, 2017 - Power Up

The Power Up Wedge is a personalized training device for baseball and softball that allows the individual player to understand his or her lower half and introduces them to the responsibility of the lower half and the importance it plays in the success of each and every hitter, pitcher, athlete.

The Power Up Wedge is a direct link to better balance, stability, core awareness and strength, presenting today's player with unmatched feel and a keen synchronization of mind and body, allowing the muscle memory to come quick.

Once you fasten the Wedge to either front foot, back foot or both, your lower half is ready to drive you to untapped levels of success by training you to be an athlete and giving you an opportunity to make an immediate impact.

While we haven't tried the product it definitely looks like it has promise. As we've written many times before, balance is a key component to everything, in sports and in life. Anything that promises to provide your athlete more stability, direction, leverage, torque and power while creating muscle memory, strength, bat speed, velocity and consistency gets our vote. 

Source: Power Up Wedge

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April 7, 2017 - Swaggy Sleeve

We already told you about Lefty Swag's terrific training bats, but did you know that they make a heck of a sleeve that not only looks great but feels like a million bucks? Or does it feel great and look like a million? 

Either way, they sent us a few to try out and my baseball-playing sons loved them and argued over who got which one. They are not super-thin like some sleeves that essentially give no warmth or support and make you question their reason for existence, and they're not so thick as to be cumbersome. 

These are perfect for protecting your arms and elbows when sliding, while providing warmth on a cool day yet without being too hot on a warm one. The Dri-Fit fabric is moisture wicking so you won't get sweaty wearing it.

If you're looking for a great sleeve that's going to last a long time and stand up to the elements, this is a terrific choice. Hey, and if it makes you look like a winner too, you know you'll take that.

Source: Lefty Swag Bats

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March 3, 2017 - That's a Wrap

So you spent hundreds of dollars on that new glove and meticulously broke it in the way you like it. But then you just throw it in your bag along with your bats and cleats and other junk that can crush it, lay on top of it and bend it out of shape? Shame on you. 

"What am I supposed to do", you ask, "Keep my glove on my hand at all times?" Well what if there was an easy solution, an insurance policy of sorts, that would maintain your glove's perfect shape forever? And what if that insurance policy cost less than six bucks? 

We've been telling you for years that the folks at Unique Sports specialize in innovative products that provide every day sports solutions at incredibly affordable prices. Their Hot Glove Glove Wrap fits the mold. While protecting the shape you've molded your glove into to. Simply place a ball in the glove's pocket, wrap with the elastic Glove Wrap and tighten the velcro strap just right. Your glove will maintain its shape no matter what else besides balls you throw at it. 

Everyone loves simplicity. And everyone wants a bargain. Treat your glove with the respect it deserves. And it will repay you every time you take the field. 

Source: Unique Sports

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