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August 20, 2016 - Think Inside the Box

Two things happened simultaneously this week that turned out to be related. My son set up our pop-up net in the backyard to hit off the tee, and we were notified of a new product we might be interested in checking out called the CrocBox. Maybe it's because its been a long week but it took us a few minutes to make the connection.

I have been working on filling in some areas in my lawn and I told my son I'd rather him put the net somewhere else because it wasn't good for my new grass. So, after going to the trouble of setting the net up, he had to then break it down and put it back in it's carry bag. Kind of a pain.

With three boys who play baseball, for years we've had nets in our backyard in varying states of permanence. There have been months that nets were just a fixture back there, causing consternation for my wife who viewed them as eyesores. Over the months the sprinklers, dew and occasional rain would deteriorate the vinyl material and eventually we'd have to throw it away. 

But I wasn't thinking about this when I first looked at the CrocBox website. I was just told it was a net that began as a golf trainer, but could also be used for baseball, soccer, lacrosse and other sports. So we figured we'd be looking at another version of something we'd already seen many of.

Then I realized that this product had to be installed by digging a rather large hole in the backyard. My first thought was, "Who is going to get a shovel and a bag of gravel and go to this effort for a practice net?" Then the memories of all of those years and other nets came back to me and I said, "I would!"

It makes perfect sense. The install is not that difficult and once it's done you have an invisible net ready whenever you need it. Simply lift the lid of the box, pull out the net, practice, and then it folds back up neatly and out of the way. No more struggling with poles and stakes. No more weather rotting away your investment. No more staring at a monstrosity in your backyard 24/7. Their motto is that you will practice more and there is no doubt that they're right about that becaue it is so much more convenient. And, the"Smart Net" technology means that each ball you hit bounces right back to you so that you don't need a bucket, but only one ball. Another huge advantage.

We haven't actually tried the device but a quick look a the videos on the site is all you'll need to be sold and understand the value. If you're a golfer who wants his own backyard practice range that disappears when you're done using it, of if your kids need something to hit, throw, shoot or kick into but you're tired of setting it up and taking it down, Croc Box is a dream come true. Go get your shovel. It's time to practice.

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December 31, 2015 - 2015 Products of the Year

Another year over? A new one just beginning. 2015 saw us review a substantially greater number of products than last year, which makes the five that made this year's Products of the Year cut that much more special. We give a tip of the cap and a toast of the glass to Cordskinz, JUGS Sports Triple Play, Old Hickory Bats, The Eye Coach and Golf Swing Right Now.

Thanks to all of the great products and companies that reached out to us this year and we look forward to bringing you many more new and innovative products in 2016. Happy New Year!

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November 20, 2015 - Here and Now

How can a non-golfer get excited about a golf product? Not sure, but that's what happened here. The folks from Golf Swing Right Now asked if they could send their product to us to review. We said sure, having no idea what to expect. We still didn't really understand the principle when we unwrapped it from the package either. So we did what anyone who was handed one would naturally do. We took it into an open area in the office and swung it. And fell in love.


Again, golf isn't really our thing so we're not going to pontificate on how it improved our game, lowered our handicap, etc. But what we are going to tell you is that from our experience in various other sports, there is no doubt using this training tool will absolutely make you a better golfer.


At first glance, it is unassuming, even bland. There is a grip, a shaft and a metal tip at the bottom that looks like something we made on the lathe in middle school shop class. Then you swing it – they recommend 75% the first few times – and it feels exactly like you're swinging a real club. The shaft flexes and the weighted bottom brings the device through the zone at the identical speed and resistance of any club in your bag, (we have golfed, we're just not good at it). You can't stop. You can't put it down.


Why is this so fantastic? Well when's the last time you worked on your swing indoors? In your office or family room? This opens up a whole new dimension to practicing. Three months of winter coming on? No problem. Buried at work from sunup to sundown? Still plenty of time to take five-minutes and work out the kinks. Because of the way the Golf Swing Right Now is weighted you can easily determine if your swing was what you wanted. We could tell we'd have hooked the first ten we took. But, surprisingly, the next ten seemed a little better. And before long every swing had the proper path and timing. You can now take as many swings as you want, whenever you want, until you get it right. We usually don't mention price in our articles, but for what they are charging this is a phenomenal bargain and the best golf investment you'll ever make.


We've reviewed some fantastic products this in 2015 but we'd be surprised if this wasn't on our annual “Best of the Year” list coming out in a few weeks. We'd also be surprised if the GSRN doesn't start popping up everywhere you look. Stuck sitting in an office reading this? Take a quick break. Get up and Swing Right Now.


Source: Golf Swing Right Now

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August 13, 2015 - They've Got You Covered

What do these guys at CoverSports do? What don't they do is the better question. If it has to do with baseball, football, tennis, track, soccer, golf or virtually any other sport and it needs to be covered up, look no farther.

They do personalized outfield and stadium wall covers. You know the ones with the cool illustrations, logos and ads? That's them. They do rain tarps, sideline covers, special events,  and on and on.

They are especially proud of they GymGuard gymnasium protector. They stock them in virtually any weight and color to suit your budget and application. Since they are the actual manufacturer, they have an advantage over others who subcontract or simply re-sell.

Since new gym floors cost tens of thousands of dollars it makes sense to bring in a GymGuard to protect your investment. Constructed of ultra durable and vinyl reinforced fabric. They are water-resistent, slip resistent and fire-resistent. You can also add letters or logos. They can be quickly unrolled and laid out to protect that valuable floor.

So from NFL stadiums to MLB field tarps to your local high school gym floor, there's no one better to blanket you in top of the line quality.

Source: CoverSports

June 16, 2015 - Get With the Program

So you're a high school or college coach. Or, worse for you, you're a parent of a high school or college athlete and you've been conscribed to head up the team's fundraising efforts. Your baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer (etc.) team needs to raise money for travel, equipment, coaches stipends...the list goes on and on. Unless you're one of the top 100 D1 schools in the nation, that budget from the school doesn't go very far.

So what are your choices? You can hold events, try to sell items, beg for donations, or sell expensive spirit wear. Some of these options may have worked in the past but here is an idea whose time has come. There's a way for you to raise money without going out and selling things and collecting money, without doing any of the unpleasant and/or time-consuming activities mentioned above.

Eteamprograms is a revolutionary fundraising idea you need to try. They create programs (think roster, photos, schedule and more) that are attractive souvenirs parents, players and family will treasure. What's so unique about a program book you may ask? Well, as the name implies, these program books are electronic which provides two key advantages. One, there is no risk to you to have them make a program for your team. If they were going to physically print your programs there would be minimum orders and inventory for you to try to unload, all of which means there's a chance you could actually lose money. But since eteamprograms are electronic, there is no set number to buy...in fact you don't buy anything at all...they do the program for free. The other advantage is that an eteamprogram can be accessed on a computer or mobile device which means parents in the stands who want to know who number 23 is can easily access the information any time.

How does it turn into a fundraiser, you ask? This is the best part. Eteamprograms will provide you with a forum to have your team's parents, grandparents, local businesses, anyone really, go onto to a custom page they build for you and order shout-out or business ads at a reasonable cost. Eteamprogram keeps a small portion of the funds they collect to cover their costs and sends the rest to you. You don't have to do anything except promote the progam.

When you're planning your next season, plan to make a little money the easy way. You're too busy to be trying to dig up money. Eteamprograms doesn't mind doing it for you.


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