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December 1, 2017 - Brain Cramp

We've all heard of electrolytes and most of us vaguely know that they are meant to replace things the body loses during strenuous excercise. But instead of just trusting the latest product you've seen on television to take care of you, maybe you'd rather rely on real science. 

The Pickle Juice Company has a funny name but a serious solution to the cramping athletes often endure when active. Since we didn't do the research, we'll tell you the story in their words:

The Pckle Juice Company is a leading sports beverage company that has transformed the way muscle cramping is treated by creating the first natural, purpose-built isotonic sports beverage on the market, which features revolutionary neural inhibitor qualities in the formula. The beverage is called Pickle Juice® which is original and made with all natural ingredients. While it is widely believed that muscle cramps result from an electrolyte imbalance, the phenomenon is proven to be neurological, not physical. TPJC’s 100% natural formula engages the same neurological receptors in the brain that causes cramps, prevents those neurons from firing and combats muscle cramps faster than anything else currently available. This scientific and multi-factor approach prevents muscle cramps in as fast as 60 seconds, quicker than anything else on the market today.

Translation? It works better than other sports drinks. Any then why not just drink the leftover liquid from your Vlasic Pickle jar? Because this  differs significantly from pickle brine (the stuff in the jar) in that it’s designed specifically to combat muscle cramps at the neurological source and contains added electrolytes and vitamins. Each product formula contains dual filtered water, vinegar, salt, natural dill flavor, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E – without any sugar, gluten, caffeine, or artificial color or flavor.

They sent us some to try and while it doesn't taste like those sugary sports drinks you think of, what good to you think all that sugar does? That's right, none...for you anyway. But it's great for the companies that use it to hook consumers on their sugary beverage. My son had a tight hamstring and drank a bottle of Pickle Juice before going to take batting practice. By the time he got to the cage the leg felt 100%.

There's a reason many MLB, NBA and other pro teams use the stuff. It works. Even if you're not a fan of pickles, we know you like muscle cramps even less. 

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October 20, 2017 - Smell it to Believe It

Do you believe in magic? The folks at PowerOE do and you may soon too. They call their odor eliminating sprays and cleanser "magic" and for good reason. 

First, no harsh chemicals. Their secret ingredient is thymol, nature’s defender and an environmentally safe alternative to bleach. Their sprays don't hide smells with strong perfumes and fragrances, rather they work like a magnet capturing and neutralizing the odor molecules, leaving the air and surfaces clean and clear.

Next, oh those wonderful scents. They scent, um, sent us a sample of Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender, Pine, Lemongrass Tea-Tree to try out and it was like Christmas morning for the olfactory senses. They work on anything you can think of that smells bad, but if you're like us, you'll like them so much you may just go around spraying them places that don't stink.

So what's the sports application? Smelly gear and bags, of course. My daughter, the soccer player, now has the best smelling bag and locker on the team. Only problem is she is going to need a refill soon because all of her teammates are borrowing it. She says the locker room doesn't smell like sweaty girls anymore. 

The cleanser can be used in lieu of any ordinary household cleanser. It does as good a job but leaves behind a sweet aroma instead of something caustic and offensive. 

So is PowerOE magic? We don't know. We only know it works. But don't take our word for it. Smelling is believing. 

Source: PowerOE 

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July 21, 2017 - Hat-itude

If you're someone who loves wearing caps, (and who doesn't), you might have never considered anything but the standard sports team cap you can buy at the mall. What kind of sweet lid would you have if you could create your own? From scratch? 

The folks at OC Sports let you do just that. But it gets better. This isn't a case where you maybe email them some colors and a style, maybe a logo. They have the coolest online mock-up generator you've ever seen. Animated, in 3-D, the tool lets you choose everything from the crown to the to the embroidery, the seam tape, piping, even down to the buttons and eyelets! Throw in contrast stitching if you want. If these are for a team you can have individual player numbers embroidered on the back. And there are dozens of different styles to choose from.

This online generator is addicting. You'll want to play with it for hours until you have your own artistic masterpiece. If it's a traditional MLB cap you want, they can do that for you too. But why go the safe route when you can be bold. After what you come up with heads will turn when they see what you've got on your head. 

Source: OC Sports

July 14, 2017 - Spray, Mister!

Are the dog days of summer getting you down? If you need some relief, the Pump Bottle Mister from The Chilling Spot is your wet and wild answer. It's a handy little bottle you fill with water and ice that allows you to pump air pressure that, when released, creates anything from a fine, cooling mist to a shooting spray. If you're going outside under the beating sun, it's like having a personal air conditioner with you. 

There are other misters out there, but none compare in quality, durability and versatility. The only one that lets you drop in full ice cubes, it's a perfect cool-down for hikers, boaters, people playing sports or beachgoers. However, it has a multitude of uses such as general household chores and watering plants, among many more. 

Sports league nationwide use the Pump Bottle Mister for a terrific fundraiser. Choose to add a "Chill Sleeve" and keep the water inside colder longer while adding an attractive wrap. And kids love how they can use it as a water gun for backyard fun. 

The Pump Bottle Mister is built to last and provides endless hours of fun and cooling relief. When you have one of these, the hotter it gets outside the more new friends you're going to make. 

Source: The Chilling Spot

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May 5, 2015 - Want to Have Some Fun?

Then you (and your kids) and going to dig Diggin Active. Their mission is to  create awesome products that get kids active and having fun! All of their products are safe, enjoyable and guaranteed to put a smile on any kid's face. 

Check out DodgeTag, a two to ? player dodge ball game. Each player dons an air vest with a velcro bullseye on the chest. It comes with six soft balls that will stick to the bullseye on contact, letting everyone know when there has been a direct it. Every kid loves playing dodgeball, but not everyone loves being pelted by the hard, rubber balls most well known in the sport. This allows kids to play the game indoors or outdoors with no worry about injury.

Our suggestion would be to buy several sets because the playing the more fun it would be. We'd like to see Diggin make it a two-sided vest so that back shots could be added to the mix. But with multiple vests, one could just set them up on front and back for the same effect. 

What are the rules of the game? That's probably what's best of all. There are no rules. The kids make them up. They can be creative and invent whatever structure they want and have a blast while learning. 

There are so many cool products they offer that we predict your kids will want them all. What we want for all kids is that they get active. You'll be "Diggin" it when they do.

Source: Diggin Active

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