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October 27, 2016 - What's theScore?

Are you looking for a free app that satisfies your most fanatical sports craving? One that keeps you up-to-date in real time and delivers all the excitement of actually being at the game, even if you're at work?

theScore (AndroidiOS) delivers game updates and statistics as they happen, as well as breaking sports news. It's terrific event calendar helps you search for upcoming games, stats, and, of coursem the latest scores and most important plays.

You'll get detailed breakdowns of stats that go deeper than anyone in their right minds would need and a realistic play-by-play description. Follow players, teams and leagues, and enjoy updates of plays and breaking news as they happen. You'll be able to share using the social feature so that your friends are in on the fun too.

All we know is that if you're addicted to sports, theScore is your cure. Or is it only really fueling your addition? Who cares? Just tell me the score.

Source: theScore 

October 21, 2017 - Catching Cold

You're a high school baseball coach. You have a pitcher who has thrown close to 100 pitches in the fourth inning and it's time to take him out. He tips his cap to the appreciative crowd as he strides into the dugout, his day over. Now it's time for him to ice that shoulder and elbow to facilitate healing and prevent soreness and injury.

Except, wait. There's no ice. The field is so far away from the school no one thinks to bring a cooler full of ice to the diamond. Now, your pitcher must wait another few innings, maybe more if the game goes extras, and he has to stay around after the game to help rake the mound and do other field maintenance. By the time he gets home and ices his arm, (if he even does at all), its hours since he threw his first pitch.

But if you had the Pro Ice Shoulder/Elbow Cold Wrap in the dugout, he'd have the benefit of immediate icing, with no cooler, no water, no hassle.

Pro Ice is a proven, non-toxic pain reliver for acute injuries, It also is a great preventative for people who have overused their arms – like pitchers.

Simply place this reusable cold pack around the shoulder and elbow. The windowpane format will conform to the body and the compression straps will boost the benefits of the cold therapy unit. The single ice insert will maintain a consistent temperature for an hour. Coaches can keep it and other wraps in a convenient, freezer-friendly neoprene cooler and simply store it in their freezer at home or at the school, then grab it along on the way to the field before the game. The wrap stays cold, out of the way, and easy to access and wear.

Every coach, high school and college, baseball, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey and nearly any others you can think of, needs Pro Ice. You'll use no water, no plastic wrap, you won't have to lug a cooler anywhere and, most importantly, you'll be sure to have ice available if there is an injury or any muscle stress. This is one cold, you'll want to catch.

Source: Upstart Sports


July 15, 2016 - Up and Running

The first thing you notice is the bullet-shaped protective case. This thing looks and feels like it could be dropped from the top floor of a tall building and an egg inside wouldn't crack. That's just the beginning. What's inside is even more impressive.

AMO, (Advanced Multi-sport Optics) contacted us and asked if we'd like to try out a pair of their top-of-the line sports sunglasses. AMO is an up-and-coming brand but with a global following that provides high quality sports sunglasses and is fighting hard against the mega sports brands. It is niche, small but very interesting.

The pair they sent us was their Ironcatcher model, which looked very similar in style to another well-known name. However, digging in, one finds that these are not simply knock-offs, (though they do cost less), but that the AMO brand is out to beat the competition in quality and, from what we can see, they've succeeded.

The AMO frames are made from Grilamid TR90 – the best of the best. It is lightweight, resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue and stands up well against UV exposure and extreme temperatures.

The polycarbonite NXT lenses are vented for optimal performance when going fast, (think running, cycling). NXT lenses hands-down beat other lenses on the market. They're optically clearer, UV resistant, with hydrophobic and anti-scratch coatings. They are also interchangeable and easily clipped in and out of the frames.

Maybe the greatest benefit to the athlete is the way these glasses fit. With an adjustable nose piece and adjustable temple arms, you can actually contour your AMO's to fit your face, the way you like. This customization option means it is almost like ordering from the factory to meet your individual specifications. I can tell you that I've never worn a pair that fits better than these. We also liked the cool style feature of being able to switch out the black temple arms with an included set of yellow that give the glasses a hot two-tone look.

They market their products for action sports like cycling, running and triathlon. Being a baseball dad and having to wince at the cost of the most popular baseball sunglasses out there, I could totally see these for hardball players too. But whatever your sport, we'd be surprised if you didn't find them to be superior in quality to those big boys. And you'll be surprised that once you put them on, you won't want to take them off.

Source: AMO

June 29, 2016 - Zipped Up Tights

When the folks from bZipt Clothing, Inc contacted us and asked if we'd like to try out their new, innovative zippered leggings, we instantly recognized a good idea.

My wife is an avid hiker who is always wearing leggings and my daughter is a soccer player who is going to play in college at a place that has dramatic temperature swings. Having leggings that can zip up the leg to give relief from the heat, or that allow easy removal to strip down to shorts is something that will definitely come in handy.

They are stylish and functional. The original concept was developed by a busy mom with active kids who struggled with getting conventional leggings on and off when in a hurry. She realized that by simply adding a zipper along the legs the tights became more like the warmups you've seen basketball players wear who get called into the game at a moment's notice. The product caught on and was expanded for teens and adults. These are perfect for quick changes before or after dance, gymnastics, ice-skating or other sport activities like soccer.

Like conventional leggings, they can add an extra layer of warmth under skirts or dresses. Anything you can do with ordinary leggings you can do with these, but much more. Taking them off over shoes or skates is no longer a tug-of-war.

The bZipt line is new and, one of those up-and-coming companies we love to spotlight. They may be small now but just like their product offerings, we know they'll by growing by zips and bounds.

Source: bZipt

June 22, 2016 - Tennis, (Elbow) Anyone?

While out of town on a trip, I inquired at the front desk about a fitness center. They did not have one in the hotel they told me but, even better, they provided passes to the local health club. I took them up on it. It was a vast center and the weight room was full of new (to me) machines and an abundance of free weights. 

I'm not a gym guy. I do mostly body-weight exercises at home to stay fit. So going into a gym is a treat and I enjoy trying new exercises. That's where I got into trouble. Because I picked up a dumbbell and, like a dumbbell, sort of invented a lift I thought I'd seen others do before which was laying stomach-down on a bench and lifting the weights up over my ear. 

Everything was fine for a week or so. Then, my left elbow began to ache. I didn't think anything of it for a few days but it wasn't getting better. Finally I connected it to the time in the gym. Still, I thought it would pass. It didn't. After more than a month of it aching nearly constantly every day, I finally went to see the doctor. She put her finger on a specifc spot on my arm, asked if that's where it hurt, (it was), and proclaimed I had tennis elbow. She prescribe physical therapy. 

I went to physical therapy and was told, basically that it might never fully go away. She gave me some stretches to do, which seemed to help. I was also given a ProCare Brace to wear above the elbow during the day and while sleeping. I was pretty skeptical that it would help, but figured I'd give it a try. 

The brace, while neither attractive or particularly comfortable, was effective. When it was on the elbow pain substantially diminished. When it was off, the discomfort was strong. I don't know what exactly it did to help, but help it did.

After a month or so I weaned myself off of it and haven't had to put it on again since. It's now been a year and, while I can still tell there's something there, it rarely bothers me and weeks go by without me thinking about the elbow. I can't be sure I can fully attribute the improvement to the brace, but it sure didn't hurt. But I guess that's the point of it, isn't it?

Source: ProCare

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