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January 21, 2015 - Sport Coat

If your kids are like mine, their idea of being well-dressed is wearing a pullover sweatshirt with a team logo on the front.  They don't feel comfortable in a nice sweater and will only wear one if we force them for some kind of special occasion.

We were approached by Soccerloco and asked if we'd like to try out one of their Nike performance soccer hoodies and they sent us the Flash Flood Full-Zip Hoody. We weren't expecting what we received.

The quality was immediately apparent. As was the styling. This garment is better described as “apparel” than “sportswear.” However, as classy as it looks, it still maintains an athletic appearance and feel. My son, a twenty-three year-old athlete now has a girlfriend and they go out occasionally. I doubt he ever had any self-awareness about his Tampa Rays pullover sweatshirt he wore everywhere. But maybe she teased him about still looking like a little kid in it, because he loves the Flash Flood and now wears it every time they have a date. And he looks good in it.

The French terry fabric is durable – thick enough to provide warmth when it's chilly, but with enough flexibility to move around freely and not feel bundled up. In really inclement weather you can zip up the chin region region. Maybe best of all, the jacket holds its shape. this is perfect for my son as I doubt he has hung it on a hanger once, but it never appears wrinkled or worn. It looks great with a pair of jeans and wouldn't be out of place on the sideline over sweat pants.

This is the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any coach or player who wants to dress sharp but athletic, regardless of their sport. There are a couple of pro football coaches you've seen on television famous for their pullover sweatshirts. Do you want to look like that? We dare you to slip into this one and see if you ever want to take it off.

Source: Soccerloco

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January 14, 2015 - Take Your Seat

With four children who are all involved in sports, my wife and I attend a lot, and I mean a lot of games. And, until my kids make it far enough that they're playing in sold-out arenas with comfortable stadium chairs, we're mostly sitting on wood or aluminum bleachers. I can remember being at one night game recently when it was so cold that I shivered uncontrollably all nine innings and had to continually get up and walk around because the metal stands were causing numbing pain in the posterior.

Sports Unlimited asked us if we'd like to try their patented, wide stadium chair. We replied in the affirmative pretty quickly. If you haven't gotten a stadium chair yet, you need to do so immediately. And if you do have one already, you'll like this one better.

The fact that it is extra wide means that it works for any type of body. But even smaller folks will appreciate the roominess it offers. It is designed to fit virtually any type of bleacher - wood or metal, new or old and is made of a Cordova canvas that resists mildew and that cleans easily. The bungees on the bottom offer terrific support and keep the seat elevated and provide a cushiony feel. It comes in a variety of colors and is sturdy and durable. And the chair is lightweight, easy to fold up, store and carry. Sports Unlimited will even customize your seat. Adding a school name, logo, team or player's name or number make it a special gift that any parent or grandparent fan will treasure.

We keep ours permanently in the trunk of the car so that we're never stuck sitting on those uncomfortable wood or metal planks. Few things in life are as enjoyable as watching your kids or grand kids playing the games they love. But if you're uncomfortable, some of that enjoyment is lost. Thanks to Sports Unlimited, now you can be sitting in the bleachers while your rear end thinks it is in the owner's luxury suite.

Source: Sports Unlimited

January 7, 2015 - Start the New Year Off On the Right Foot

For many of us, getting into shape is a common New Year's resolution. But isn't it funny how when we go to work out, we walk into the gym on our feet, but then end up exercising nearly every part of our bodies except them? Why wouldn't we also be just as concerned with the proper care and maintenance of our calves, ankles, toes and feet when we know that if they aren't working properly, none of the rest really matters?


There are ways to stretch and strengthen the lower extremities, but nothing is as all-encompassing, easy to use and plain inviting as the Foot Gym. It combines six stretches along with a heated or chilled massage feature, to allow you to speed up your recovery from injury or surgery, or help prevent either from happening in the first place.


Combining an angled foot pad with resistance band tubing, one can employ the device for toe curls and toe extensions, dorsiflexion stretches, Plantar Fascia stretch and effective calf stretches. Or, fill the removable roller ball with either cold or hot water and pamper yourself with a luxurious foot massage.


My soccer-playing daughter uses it to stretch her calves and improve her ankle strength, which has always been an issue. I recommend simply putting it under your desk at work, kicking off your shoes and letting your feet do their thing on it throughout the day. You'll be amazed at how much better your feet, toes and ankles feel in a short period of time because they've been “working out,” and getting massaged instead of just sitting there.


Whether you've had foot injuries or just want to prevent them, or even if you like the idea of rewarding your hard-working tooties with a roll over a massage ball while you work, you won't go wrong with this innovative product. For the New Year, it's time you let those feet have their own gym membership. Because if you take care of them, they're going to take care of you.


Source: Foot Gym

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December 30, 2014 - Sports Product Review 2014 Products of the Year

Another great year at SPR is coming to a close and the votes are in! We've sifted through the many great products we've reviewed throughout 2014 and have chosen our five favorites. The are, (in no particular order) Bangerz Floats sunglasses, Mogo Flavored Mouthguards, Pro Ice Ankle, Three Piece Tee and Tanner Tee.

Thank you to all of the fantastic companies that allowed us to try out and review their products and, of course, big thanks to all of our loyal readers. Keep the product submissions coming, and have a safe, happy and prosperous 2015!

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December 23, 2014 - Who will it be this year?

Our annual picks for our favorite product of 2014 will be released next week. We have reviewed more great products this year than in any year in recent memory so the "chosen ones" promise to be absolute winners! Follow us on Facebook and you'll never miss a review, including next week's bests!

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