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June 16, 2015 - Get With the Program

So you're a high school or college coach. Or, worse for you, you're a parent of a high school or college athlete and you've been conscribed to head up the team's fundraising efforts. Your baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer (etc.) team needs to raise money for travel, equipment, coaches stipends...the list goes on and on. Unless you're one of the top 100 D1 schools in the nation, that budget from the school doesn't go very far.

So what are your choices? You can hold events, try to sell items, beg for donations, or sell expensive spirit wear. Some of these options may have worked in the past but here is an idea whose time has come. There's a way for you to raise money without going out and selling things and collecting money, without doing any of the unpleasant and/or time-consuming activities mentioned above.

Eteamprograms is a revolutionary fundraising idea you need to try. They create programs (think roster, photos, schedule and more) that are attractive souvenirs parents, players and family will treasure. What's so unique about a program book you may ask? Well, as the name implies, these program books are electronic which provides two key advantages. One, there is no risk to you to have them make a program for your team. If they were going to physically print your programs there would be minimum orders and inventory for you to try to unload, all of which means there's a chance you could actually lose money. But since eteamprograms are electronic, there is no set number to buy...in fact you don't buy anything at all...they do the program for free. The other advantage is that an eteamprogram can be accessed on a computer or mobile device which means parents in the stands who want to know who number 23 is can easily access the information any time.

How does it turn into a fundraiser, you ask? This is the best part. Eteamprograms will provide you with a forum to have your team's parents, grandparents, local businesses, anyone really, go onto to a custom page they build for you and order shout-out or business ads at a reasonable cost. Eteamprogram keeps a small portion of the funds they collect to cover their costs and sends the rest to you. You don't have to do anything except promote the progam.

When you're planning your next season, plan to make a little money the easy way. You're too busy to be trying to dig up money. Eteamprograms doesn't mind doing it for you.


May 13, 2015 - Sweet Stuff

Is there anyone who doesn't like the smell of cedar? And is there anyone who does like the smell of old, musty, sweaty sports gear and or shoes? We first reviewed Stuffits five years ago when they sent us out a pair to try. Since then they've grown by leaps and bounds and we couldn't be prouder of their success.

Stuffits original product, the classic, is a tightly-sewn case of anti-microbial fabric "stuffed" with delightful cedar. Cedar not only imparts its fragrance in anything it touches, but it is a natural moisture absorber. Stuffits claimed that when you placed their product inside shoes that were smelly or wet -- or both, that they would freshen and smell better, last longer.

We have been using the same pair for years and they work great. Get caught out in the rain and your shoes are soaked? In the past that meant you may as well throw them out because of how they'd smell forever after. But now, just let them sit overnight inserted with Stuffits and tomorrow they'll be dry and redolant of sweet cedar.

Stuffits now makes their product for gloves, gear bags and helmets too. Just about anything you can think of that gets wet, sweaty and stinky is a prime candidate. All you need to do is try it once to believe it.

So don't fear the wet, the sweat, the smell. Just stuff it and tomorrow you'll feel like you're walking through a cedar forest. And who cares if it starts to rain?

Source: Stuffits

April 27, 2015 - Something You Kneed

We've touted the benefits of Pro Ice many times, and we were reminded why this weekend. My daughter's soccer team had a tough game Saturday and were supposed to play another even more challenging opponent Sunday, but it was postponed, (we never did find out why). In any event she and I decided to get in a little practice at the local school field but immediately she mentioned knee and ankle pain.

It wasn't bad enough that she wouldn't have been able to play through it, but I took the game postponement as a sign, that this was a day to rest those knees and ankles and ice them. Next time I saw here, she was wrapped in blue, with ice compression wraps everywhere it hurt.

The Pro Ice is so convenient because it doesn't require water. There is no mess, use it and then put it back in the freezer until the next time. The compression makes sure that the cold is applied where it is needed and, unlike a plastic bag of ice, users can be mobile.

We've said it before, and we're saying it again. If you have young athletes in the house, or if you're an "old" athlete yourself, this should definitely be something you find in your home's freezer section.

Source Pro Ice

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April 20, 2015 - Un De Feet-ed

Great ideas come across our inbox all the time. This is one of the coolest we've seen in a while. Sock Junkie has decided that there was room for one more player in the sports uniform market. Where did they see their opportunity? On players' feet.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before. Sure, there are colored socks to match team uniforms, but why not customize those socks and have them really stand out? Sock Junkie not only matches your team colors, but ads logos, numbers, cool designs and does it in a well-fitting and comfortable sock. Their socks are custom-knit, odor resistant with advanced cooling features and are heel and toe reinforced.

Imagine your team stolling out on the field and sporting the ultimate uniform accompanyment. Whether it be for football, baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball or any sport where you where socks that show and want to look good, you'll have the sharpest-looking team in town.

Source: Sock Junkie

April 7, 2015 - Required Taste

If you're involved with a youth football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse or other sports league where there can be contact to a player's mouth there are two things you know are requirements for the coming season. A) Every player will need a mouthguard, probably multiple mouthguards during the season and, B) The league will need to do some fundraising. How about combining them both in a tasty way with Mogo Flavored Mouthguards.

The delicious, long-lasting flavors, (Bubble Gum, Orange, Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry) are truly amazing. Kids will be eager to pop their protection into their mouths, making it less likely they'll try to play without it, risking dental damage. And they come in great colors: red, black, blue, green, orange, pink and yellow, so that any team or club can match up. You can choose to order with or without a tether. Most importantly, $1600.00 in dental insurance means you know your kids will be injury-free.

So where does the fundraising angle come in? Leagues buy these in bulk and sell throughout the year at the snack bar or concession stand, or just have them available for purchase at the fields. We all know how frequently kids chew up mouthguard and need new ones, so why not make it convenient for parents to buy another one while raising money for the organization?

The Mogo Mouthguard can serve two important purposes: Preventing dental injury and helping your league raise money. Sounds like something to chew on.

Source: Upstart Sports