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October 11, 2013 - Support Group

We were contacted by the folks at Comfytopia and asked if we'd be willing to try out some of their products. I asked one of my sons if he'd try out their back brace when he's in the weight room for college baseball. He was eager to see what it was like.

The sent us one and we went to their website to see that this product utilizes ultra-breathable/lightweight fabric and 2-section design to allow comfortable usage and avoid skin irritation. It is specially designed and engineered steel springs to provide stable back support while allowing maximum comfort for long-term usage. It provides medical/therapeutic-level support to the back area to relieve pressure and pain including back strains and arthritic conditions. The Bracoo is adjustable in the front with user-friendly adjusting mechanisms for different level of compression and support during daily activities. Convenient to adjust the compression level without having to take off the back brace. Now I wish I'd kept it for myself and my always sore, aching back.

My son likes that it is adjustable and says the Velcro is much better than on other compression-type products he's tried. He says it can easily be adjusted to different sizes and offers top-notch support while lifting. It fits well, supports the entire lower and middle back, and can be stored easily.

The folks at Comfytopia make a whole line of great support devices. They also sent us a knee brace, which an other son snagged to use while catching behind the plate. We'll review that separately. In the meantime, now that I understand the value of the back brace, I guess I'll be going to Comfytopia.com to order one for myself.

Souce: Comfytopia

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August 21, 2013 - A Star is Born

Fun, affordable and cool. That's the trifecta when it comes to creating a new product offering that will be loved by all. Our guess is that Peelstar is one of those products that will become a craze in the youth sports marketplace given a bit more time and exposure.


The website can't be much better. There's nothing to read, no complicated instructions to follow. One click and you're designing a removable sticker or magnet that can be adhered to any smooth surface. Put your Peelstar on your locker or laptop, bedroom wall or car window. It won't come off unless you want it to, and then it peels off easily with no residue left behind.


The designing tool is easy-to-use and powerful. In just a few minutes you can create a custom jersey for virtually any sport, including patterns, colors and trims of your choice. Is there something you don't see in there you'd like to use? They'll let you email a photo and will have it up and ready to include in your design in no time. And their team roster feature will let you make a Peelstar for the entire squad in a jiffy. Perfect novelty gift for the end of the season.


Peelstar has everything in place to make it big-time. And when they do, we'll be able to say, “we told you so.”


Source: Peelstar

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August 15, 2013 - Award Winners

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be in a business where you know that every product you manufacture is going to be prized by it's recipient, will serve as a recognition and testimonial of his or her accomplishment and spur a cherished memory? Well, we may be overstating just a bit, but not much. And that is what makes coming to work at Quick Trophy such a pleasure.

Whether you only need a handful of trophies or hundreds, you'll get them at a great price and in a timely manner, with free engraving. Your order will be perfect every time.

Their website isn't overly-fancy, but it's clear, concise and has all the information you need to find the right award. And they have everything under the sun. (Need a Broomball trophy? No problem!).

Now, go in and see how easy it is to place an order. You can buy trophies for your entire team or even league, in only a few minutes. You'll see a virtual representation of the finished product on your screen and know what you're getting is exactly what you want.

At their state of the art manufacturing facility, they engrave the plaques, awards and name plates and assemble the trophies in minutes. Fully 99% of orders placed on the QuickTrophy web site are shipped out the day they receive the order or by the next business day. If there was a trophy for fastest, best quality and service, they'd have to make it for themselves.

So whether you're in a hurry and need trophies “quick” or if you're a discerning consumer who is more concerned about value and service, there's only one place you need to look. And know when you hand that trophy over to the youngster on your team to be displayed proudly on his bookshelf for years to come, that it meant as much to the people who made it as it does to him.

Souce: Quick Trophy

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August 7, 2013 - Three to Get Ready

What has Gatorade always done better than anyone? They've given athletes the fuel they need to compete at the highest level, and made it taste so good that everyone wants more. Their three-step process for pre, during and post-workout is no exception.

They sent us Strawberry Gatorade Prime Energy Chews, Glacier Cherry Gatorade Frost and a bottle of Chocolate Gatorade Recover Protein Shake to tryout. My high school son happened to be in the midst of his summer weights program for baseball when they arrived so it was perfect timing. He already made protein shakes with his own supplement powder after each work out, but he'd never tried the Gatorade Recover. He loved it. Not only did it taste much better than his powder mix, but he enjoyed the convenient bottle and the fact that it was ready to drink immediately.  The product delivers an effective amount of protein with essential amino acids to help athletes rebuild muscle after training or competition and come back strong.

Everyone knows while you're working out it is hard to beat a cold bottle of Gatorade to help you with hydration. Well the new flavor, Glacier Cherry, may be their most refreshing yet.

The big surprise was the Energy Chews. They taste fruity and nutritious. You can instantly tell they're working, giving you more energy to hit the gym. Their blend of carbs and B vitamins without caffeine help you go harder, longer. And there is no crash after. They provide fuel in a convenient and functional form for athletes to take on-the-go.

Pre-workout, during and post-workout, here's a one-two-three punch that is hard to beat. It tastes great, it's convenient and effective. If you're struggling with your motivation, performance or results, Gatorade is doing everything they can think of to get you where you need to be.

Source: Gatorade

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April 30, 2013 - More Fun Than a Photo

I look at it every day on my bookcase in my office. The world's greatest Team Mom, Cari, had it made for me after my Little League team, on which her son played with my two boys, won the City Championship. I had never seen anything like it before, nor have I since. But it's what the folks at Fun Fotos have been doing for years.

Send them your favorite photo of a sporting event, (or anything else, such as weddings, for that matter), and they'll bring it to three dimensional life. Created with 1/4” durable acrylic, they transform a photograph into a award that will be a souvenir forever. I've accumulated tons of keepsakes over my years of coaching my sons and daughter, but this is the one that has been displayed in the most prominent of spots in my office for ten years now. Every time I look at it I remember that game, that night, and the fun it was coaching that team.

Ordinary trophies are great. But for memorable, lasting awards you'll treasure the rest of your life, nothing stands out like a photo sculpture from Fun Fotos. Literally.

Source: Fun Fotos

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