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April 28, 2017 - Zone In

Do you play a sport? Do you work? Do you ride a bike or walk? Do you ever get aches and pains? The folks who answer "yes" to any of these questions comprise, well, just about everybody. That's the size of the market that MedZone aims to capture.

Medzone is a creater of terrific formulas called BlisterZone, ChafeZone, PainZone and BurnZone, which address arthritis symptoms and sore muscles, blisters, chafed skin and much more. They sent us a few individual use packets to try out. 

I have a son playing baseball in college and he's a catcher. That means his knees are always sore. He said he rubbed some of the PainZone on them before practice and they felt almost instantly better. The concentrated no-water formula boasts three anti-inflammatory agents plus two additional anti-inflammatory ingredients, so it's no wonder it worked like a charm. The topical analgesic relieves tired muscles, joint pain, aches and stiffness. You can get them in a handy applicator or small portable packets.

MedZone products were initially developed by a Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer who is also a Licensed Physical Therapist with over 40 years’ experience working with high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic-level athletes. They are so confident in everything they do, they offer an unconditional, money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied. They know what works. And now we do too.

Source: MedZone

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March 9, 2017 - Smart Mouth

Just another mouth guard? You might think so at first glance. The PRO-TEC Series mouth guards from XCELER8 Athletics don't look much different than the average guard you might see any any store. But looks can be deceiving. And you'd be smart to look a little closer at this one.

The PRO-TEC has been carefully designed for the youth athlete 14 years and younger. It is made of the safest materials and the dual-layer absorbs impact from the initial point of contact, while the specialized soft gel lining provides a custom secure fit.

They sent us a couple to try and after easily forming it into the mouth you can just feel the sturdiness, the protection. It's not just a piece of molded plastic. This one can obviously take a hit. The air-infused outer layer absorbs and distributes impact. The inner layer soft gel offers extra protection and makes molding easy. Four integrated breathing channels allow for air passage when your mouth is closed and, maybe most importantly, the air chamber cushion pads interlock the top and bottom molars which keep the jaw secure.

Made of top compliance FDA approved materials (BPA, PVC, and Latex Free) the PRO-TEC Series mouthpiece is durable and long lasting, which means instead of being a gnarled hunk of chewed plastic at the end of the season, this one will still be in great shape and ready for the next game. Just pop it in its handy ventilated case and it will be ready when you are. 

Want further proof? Well, they put their money where your mouth is. Every mouthguard comes with a $5,000 dental warranty and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And speaking of money, after all this build-up, you're probably afraid to hear the price. Don't be. With the PRO-TEC you get the best of both worlds: Top-of-the-line quality at a price that's not much more than you'd expect to pay for an average mouthpiece. 

When it comes to protecting those teeth, you don't want to skimp. And you don't have to. The smart money is on PRO-TEC. 

Source: XCELER8 Athletics

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January 8, 2017 - Ten Years Down

Its an age-old question: "Where does the time go?" And its one we're asking ourselves as we look back and realize we're beginning our eleventh year writing reviews of new and exciting sports products from around the globe. We've made a lot of friends and had a ton of fun along they way, discovering items we'd have never known existed and, hopefully, bringing attention to some terrific up-and-coming enterprises. Many companies we reviewed were newly-launched, with only one employee, and are now on their way to becoming million dollar businesses. 

We're excited to go into 2017 ready to uncover more "hidden gems" in the sports world. As we look ahead with optimism, we take a moment to reflect, maybe a little wisfully, about our humble beginnings and those innocent first few months when we began. Thank you for all your support. We hope you've enjoyed our write-ups and will continue to do as we forge ahead.

Source: Sports Product Review

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December 30, 2016 - 2016 Sports Products of the Year

We're excited to bring you another year...in review! Pun intended. This year we went around the world to find more new and innovative products that solved needs and made athletes better. And while all the products we reviewed were top-notch, these five stood out enough to be included in our 2016 Sports Product Review Products of the Year. In no particular order, congratulaltions to AMO, (Advanced Multi-sport Optics) Sunglasses (Read our review here), JUGS Sports newest tee, (Read the review), The Bench Coach (Read the review), Xeros Gear, (Review), and The Strike Plate (Review).

Each of these products "wowwed" us with their innovation, creativity and quality. And all of them have bright futures. 

As we approach our tenth year of doing reviews, we look back and realize we've come a long way. And so has the sporting goods industry. The way products are made, the way they are marketed and the way they are purchased is radically different from back when we did our first review. But one thing will never change, and that is the spirit of the sports-minded entrepreneur who sees solutions to problems, ways to improve old processes, and exhibits the creativity and drive to bring ideas to life. We're proud of the decade we've spent showcases these up-and-coming companies and hope you've enjoyed reading about them. 

Now...to 2017 and the next decade. Happy New Year!

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December 16, 2016 - Who Will it Be This Year?

It is that time of year! You know, sleighbells, presents, snow, mistletoe, fruitcakes, friends, family carols....and the Sports Product Review Top Ten Products of the Year will be revealed! We will be taking next week off to tirelessly pore over all of the 2016 reviews, argue over who is in and who is out, and drink some egg nog. But after that, check back for the big reveal! Have a joyus holiday season and Happy New Year from Sports Product Review!

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