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March 18, 2016 - Compression Obsession

The folks at DUX Sports sent us a few items of theirs to try out. We already reviewed their all-purpose 3/4 sleeve shirt. But its going to be hard to beat this pair of Hexa Gray compression pants. The combination of quality, style and value can't be beat. But then again, you can probably say that about everything DUX Sports makes.

These not only look cool, but they are cool...and versatile. You can wear them in the heat and they'll breathe so as not to stifle or create any sweaty discomfort. And they're perfect for exercising when it's cold outside.

My son plays baseball in Missouri and he loves how they kept his legs warm this winter when the team worked out outside in frigid temperatures. He said they fit perfectly, not tight and constricting but still plenty of support. And, additionally, they do a great job keeping his legs from getting torn up when sliding and diving for balls.

We've yet to see anything we wouldn't recommend from DUX and, best of all, their prices are terrific. There's nothing quite as exciting as a great product at a tremendous price. Except maybe for a feeling of warmth and comfort on a cold winter day.

Source: DUX Sports

January 15, 2016 - One For the Money

More style. More variety. Social acceptance. More money in your pocket. This is what Dux Sports strives to offer in their exceptional clothing line. They boast a wide variety of sleeves, batting gloves, compression wear, hats and sunglasses for baseball players and other athletes. They sent us a sampling of their products to try out and they are all superior in quality and value.

Their compression 3/4 shirt is a fraction of the price of other similar items on the market. I gave it to one of my college baseball-playing sons, who is pretty picky about what he wears. He loves it and wears it every day to practice.

Dux Sports’ vision is to be recognized as the premier socially driven brand in the sports industry changing athletes lives for the better while making them look good. Dux Sports’ mission is to spread knowledge free of costs to those athletes in need of it by supporting these activities with a brand that offers stylish but affordable accessories to people throughout the world. We hope they succeed because you have to root for a company that puts customer satisfaction over company profits. Our hunch is that their philosophy will lead to lots of profits and even more happy athletes.

Source: Dux Sports

December 31, 2015 - 2015 Products of the Year

Another year over? A new one just beginning. 2015 saw us review a substantially greater number of products than last year, which makes the five that made this year's Products of the Year cut that much more special. We give a tip of the cap and a toast of the glass to Cordskinz, JUGS Sports Triple Play, Old Hickory Bats, The Eye Coach and Golf Swing Right Now.

Thanks to all of the great products and companies that reached out to us this year and we look forward to bringing you many more new and innovative products in 2016. Happy New Year!

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December 28, 2015 - 2015 Best Coming This Week

Get ready for our annual look back at our favorite products of 2015 next week. We've got a lot to sort through and it will be a very close competition with just the "best of the best" making the cut. You can follow us on Facebook to be sure you don't miss this or any other reviews in the future. Happy 2016!

December 11, 2015 - Earth's Way

So you're looking for a protein supplement, but you're the type of person who only shops at Whole Foods. Or you are in need of a supplement but you really would like it to taste great. Or you're searching for a protein powder and you need results fast. No matter the scenario, you're in for a treat when you try Earth's Whey.


Many protein supplements taste nasty. Earth's Whey sent us a few sample packets of their powder to try. They were far and away the best we've ever tasted. But for serious training that's not enough. Which is ironic. Because the taste of Earth's Whey is just the icing on the cake. It's the science inside that make this the one you'll want to choose. And yeah, did we mention, it tastes unbelievably good too.


Earth’s Whey has only three pure, raw ingredients: “Bio-Alive” Grass Pasture Whey Protein concentrate, raw, truly all-natural flavors and raw stevia leaf. That's it. It comes from grass pasture Amish dairy cow milk and has zero sugar added. If you're going to be putting something in your body, that sounds pretty safe. Check the label of other whey protein and you may see things such as, Protein Isolates, Ion Exchange, Isolated Whey Peptides, Protein Hydrozylates, Predigested Whey Proteins, Protein Blends, Standard Protein Concentrates, or Natural-Based Protein Concentrates. Yummy!


The “Bio-Alive” Grass Pasture whey protein used in Earth’s Whey is a specialized concentrate, completely unique to other whey proteins on the market. Its quite simply the cleanest, purest and most powerful protein in existence. Other products are harshly processed to save money, even when they may claim to be “cold-processed” or “un-denatured.” If milk is not grass pasture and non-homogenized, and is grain-fed, overheated, overcrowded and contaminated with toxic chemicals, pesticides, artificial hormones, GMO substances, etc… then regardless of processing, the whey protein powder ends up compromised. Other protein manufacturers use heat processing which damages the critically valuable antioxidants, proteins, enzymes, immunoglobulins and other vital nutrients, removing so much of the “life” of the protein.


If you feel like you just had a science lesson, good. Because hopefully you learned that Earth's Whey is the best way. If you're looking to add a supplement, you must be trying to improve your health. And if you're that type of person you'll agree that finding the healthiest option is definitely the “whey” to go.


Earth's Whey