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October 16, 2016 - Salty Dog

Want something stylish, durable, yet lightweight and portable to store all the essentials on your next trip on the boat? Look no further than the Water Dog boat bag by Clear Creek.

Designed to thrive in wet conditions, the Water Dog boat bag is perfect for whether you are cruising along a glassy pond, or barreling through rough seas. Crafted from highly water-resistant, high tenactiy denier fabric, it holds up even in standing water with a molded skid proof, waterproof bottom and a waterproof, pull-out rain fly. The rain fly packs neatly in side pocket when not in use

The Hi-vis interior fabric is durable and resists mildew. It comes with heavy duty YKK zippers, Duraflex hardware, and adjustable, removable, padded shoulder strap and reinforced carry handle and is abrasion-resistant. Just chuck it in an your ready to go.

Fishermen and pleasure cruisers will both be thrilled with the performance of their Water Dog. Now open it up and “fetch” a cold one.

Source: Clear Creek

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July 22, 2016 - Friends For Reel

Avid fishermen take their gear seriously and have a special relationship with everything they use to land the big ones. The Smoke PT reel from Quantum might end up being you new best friend.

The Smoke PT features a PTX aluminum frame design that reduces overall weight and adds rigidity. The Speed Freak version features a screaming fast 8.1:1 gear ratio that pulls in 35 inches of line for every turn of the handle.

Are you a lefty? The Smoke is available in right and left hand retrieve. The continuous Anti-Reverse clutch Titanium-nitride coated line guide means you can bring in any size fish with no tension. It glides. It boasts a micro-tuned spool clicker and tension knob. The soft-touch EVA handle knobs are unmatched and you'll love the durability of the strong aluminum frame and gear side cover.

The best feature may be that it is super light weight and fits in your hand comfortably, allowing you to fish all day without getting tired at all. The Smoke PT handles big fish with ease. Those of you who bass fish know that speed is so good for so many techniques. Keeping that slack out of the line can be critical. This reel does it's job and does it well.

It will cast a mile, it's durable and good looking. What more could you ask for from a good friend?

Source: Quantum

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May 13, 2015 - Sweet Stuff

Is there anyone who doesn't like the smell of cedar? And is there anyone who does like the smell of old, musty, sweaty sports gear and or shoes? We first reviewed Stuffits five years ago when they sent us out a pair to try. Since then they've grown by leaps and bounds and we couldn't be prouder of their success.

Stuffits original product, the classic, is a tightly-sewn case of anti-microbial fabric "stuffed" with delightful cedar. Cedar not only imparts its fragrance in anything it touches, but it is a natural moisture absorber. Stuffits claimed that when you placed their product inside shoes that were smelly or wet -- or both, that they would freshen and smell better, last longer.

We have been using the same pair for years and they work great. Get caught out in the rain and your shoes are soaked? In the past that meant you may as well throw them out because of how they'd smell forever after. But now, just let them sit overnight inserted with Stuffits and tomorrow they'll be dry and redolant of sweet cedar.

Stuffits now makes their product for gloves, gear bags and helmets too. Just about anything you can think of that gets wet, sweaty and stinky is a prime candidate. All you need to do is try it once to believe it.

So don't fear the wet, the sweat, the smell. Just stuff it and tomorrow you'll feel like you're walking through a cedar forest. And who cares if it starts to rain?

Source: Stuffits

July 30, 2014 - No Sinking Feeling

It was the first nice pair of sunglasses I'd ever bought, and in Europe, no less. They were stylish and comfortable. I loved them and wore them everywhere. My buddy, who owned a couple of jet skis invited us out to the bay. I got on for my first ride, not of the day, of my life. It never occurred to me to take off the glasses. As I throttled up and rode around I began to get more confidence. I tested the limits, going faster and faster. I remember my friend telling me how fast he'd gone and I thought I could see if I could approach that. Next thing I know I'm hitting the water face-first, gulping down half of the bay. I scrambled to try to get back on the jet ski, finally sitting astride it, panting. I was lucky I hadn't broken my neck. It wasn't until halfway back to the shore, creeping slowly along, that I realized I was missing something: My new, Italian sunglasses were, at that moment, sinking to the bottom never to be seen again.


So though I'm not much of a boater, I can see the value in a pair of Floatz by Bangerz Sunz. As the name implies, they completely float. So if you do something stupid like I did, or if just during the normal course of boating, fishing, windsurfing, or any other activity on the water, they happen to fall off, you can simply paddle over and retrieve them.


Not only do the ones they sent us to try look great, they feel like they were made to fit your face. But maybe even more importantly, they provide top-of-the line protection. Polarized lenses eliminate sun glare and block 100% of harmful UVA & UVB sun rays. Hydrophobic coating resists moisture while dirt, water & oil slips off the lenses. Bangerz anti-microbial rubber touch points and padding inhibits or kills mold, mildew, germs and bacteria.


Bangerz sports glasses were one of our top products for 2013, and they're in the running for '14 with the Floatz line. You're sure to love them too. And when you love something this much, the last thing you want is for them to end up sleeping with the fishes.


Source: Bangerz Sunz

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Aug 2 - Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow

kestrel2500-1b.jpgGolfing, hunting, surfing, hiking...anytime you’ll be outdoors and active, you want to know if Mother Nature is going to be with you or against you. Get a sneak peek at what she has in store with a Kestrel Weather Monitor, (www.nkhome.com).

Out for a hike and want to make sure you’re not caught in a storm? Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters are ideal. Just slip one in your pack and you have a weatherman on your trip with you. Barometric pressure and dew point help to predict weather trends; wind chill and heat stress index warn of dangerous conditions for long-term exposure. The extensive memory and computer interface is ideal for keeping logs or sending information back to base camp.

Whether (or weather) you are a car camper leaving for a day hike, or a high altitude mountaineer making a push for the summit, if you’re heading out to the links or thinking of a day at the beach, make sure the conditions are favorable with an easy-to-use Kestrel Meter.

Source: Nielson Kellerman


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