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April 15, 2016 - The Power of Balance

Here's an innovative solution that came across our desk to an ages-old problem. And while we haven't actually tried this product out, (not a lot of ice-skating in Southern California), it makes perfect sense. 

Balance Blades are an ice skating solution designed to teach beginners how to skate and do so safely. The key is the blade. The front and back edges sport sharp indentations, kind of like a serrated knife, that will create traction when in contact with the ice surface. This provides two major benefits.

The back indentations prevent rear slip falls. What we've all seen happen to people on the rink is that the skates shoot forward faster than the body and the feet fly out from under the skater. The skater ends up on the ice with a sore rear-end, or worse. But the Balance Blade indentations will grab onto the ice, impeding that out-of-control motion, and allow the skater to stay upright. 

The toe indentations allow the skater to voluntarily engage the ice surface, to assist with basic skating skills such as standing up, standing in one spot, pushing off, propelling forward and changing direction. Think of it as the difference between walking on ice in ordinary tennis shoes or with traction cleats. 

And you may be wondering how you would ever wean a beginner off the safety of the Balance Blades. Some day you have to take off the training wheels, right? Well, they have that figured out too. Because over the course of a few years as you sharpen the skate blades normally, you'll also sharpen over the indentations, causing them to be less and less prominent, until they are virtually erased. Now, viola! You're skating on normal blades and no longer a beginner!

The Balance Blades are a terrific and reasonably-priced answer for parents who want to introduce their youngsters to hockey, figure-skating or just recreational fun on the ice. Because skating can be a ton of fun. Falling? Not so much.

Source: Balance Blades

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May 13, 2015 - Sweet Stuff

Is there anyone who doesn't like the smell of cedar? And is there anyone who does like the smell of old, musty, sweaty sports gear and or shoes? We first reviewed Stuffits five years ago when they sent us out a pair to try. Since then they've grown by leaps and bounds and we couldn't be prouder of their success.

Stuffits original product, the classic, is a tightly-sewn case of anti-microbial fabric "stuffed" with delightful cedar. Cedar not only imparts its fragrance in anything it touches, but it is a natural moisture absorber. Stuffits claimed that when you placed their product inside shoes that were smelly or wet -- or both, that they would freshen and smell better, last longer.

We have been using the same pair for years and they work great. Get caught out in the rain and your shoes are soaked? In the past that meant you may as well throw them out because of how they'd smell forever after. But now, just let them sit overnight inserted with Stuffits and tomorrow they'll be dry and redolant of sweet cedar.

Stuffits now makes their product for gloves, gear bags and helmets too. Just about anything you can think of that gets wet, sweaty and stinky is a prime candidate. All you need to do is try it once to believe it.

So don't fear the wet, the sweat, the smell. Just stuff it and tomorrow you'll feel like you're walking through a cedar forest. And who cares if it starts to rain?

Source: Stuffits