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June 16, 2015 - Get With the Program

So you're a high school or college coach. Or, worse for you, you're a parent of a high school or college athlete and you've been conscribed to head up the team's fundraising efforts. Your baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer (etc.) team needs to raise money for travel, equipment, coaches stipends...the list goes on and on. Unless you're one of the top 100 D1 schools in the nation, that budget from the school doesn't go very far.

So what are your choices? You can hold events, try to sell items, beg for donations, or sell expensive spirit wear. Some of these options may have worked in the past but here is an idea whose time has come. There's a way for you to raise money without going out and selling things and collecting money, without doing any of the unpleasant and/or time-consuming activities mentioned above.

Eteamprograms is a revolutionary fundraising idea you need to try. They create programs (think roster, photos, schedule and more) that are attractive souvenirs parents, players and family will treasure. What's so unique about a program book you may ask? Well, as the name implies, these program books are electronic which provides two key advantages. One, there is no risk to you to have them make a program for your team. If they were going to physically print your programs there would be minimum orders and inventory for you to try to unload, all of which means there's a chance you could actually lose money. But since eteamprograms are electronic, there is no set number to buy...in fact you don't buy anything at all...they do the program for free. The other advantage is that an eteamprogram can be accessed on a computer or mobile device which means parents in the stands who want to know who number 23 is can easily access the information any time.

How does it turn into a fundraiser, you ask? This is the best part. Eteamprograms will provide you with a forum to have your team's parents, grandparents, local businesses, anyone really, go onto to a custom page they build for you and order shout-out or business ads at a reasonable cost. Eteamprogram keeps a small portion of the funds they collect to cover their costs and sends the rest to you. You don't have to do anything except promote the progam.

When you're planning your next season, plan to make a little money the easy way. You're too busy to be trying to dig up money. Eteamprograms doesn't mind doing it for you.


January 7, 2014 - Game-Flavor

If you or your kids have ever played football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey or any other sport where there is a chance to sustain a blow to the teeth, you've had experience with the mouth guard. The old-fashioned versions were little more than U-shaped pieces of plastic you'd mold by dropping them into hot water until they softened and then pressing around your teeth to fit. In recent years, we've noticed mouth guards getting more sophisticated, promising better protection from tooth damage and concussions. What we haven't seen, until now, was anything that would get someone excited about actually wearing it. Until now.

MoGo Sports decided that if you've got to wear something in your mouth, it might as well taste good. They've developed the world's first flavored mouth guard, in choices of orange, fruit punch, mint, lemon and bubble gum. The flavor is embedded in the EVA plastic so it tastes good game after game. They sent us a few to try.

Our first concern was if they really would taste good, and like they were supposed to. We also wondered if the taste might just be a one-time thing, kind of like chewing gum that loses its flavor after a minute or two. We were pleasantly amazed on both fronts. First, the samples they sent really, really tasted good. Not only did they have bold and delicious flavor, but it never did go away even after many uses and much chomping.

Everyone will love the way they taste, but there's more. As much as MoGo's flavor, we like that they are engineered to create spacing between the jaw bone and skull for additional protection. So they protect teeth and absorb impact from blows to the jaw. They are designed for ultimate fit, comfort and protection.

MoGo's are being used from the youth level all the way up the pros. And it makes sense. Because if you are going to put a mouth guard in your mouth and you could have it taste delicious, why wouldn't you? They're guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. And keeping those smiles healthy and beautiful is what they're really all about.

Source: MoGo

April 10, 2013 - Don't Sweat It

All my boys play baseball, and their caps get grimy and dirty. But the oldest one takes the sweaty cake in that department. When he was younger, any new team hat would be streaked with white stains after a few weeks of action. And we live somewhere cool and low in humidity. Imagine if we were in a more tropical or Midwest state. So when the makers of NoSweat contacted us, I immediately thought of him and his ruined ball caps.

NoSweat is simple, but intelligent. Simply peel it off, adhere it to the forehead strip of a cap or helmet, and it keeps your hat and head from looking like you were the victim of a Gatorade celebration. NoSweat’s patented design is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of vision, while eliminating odors. The universal shape allow the product to fit inside virtually any type of headgear. This is also great for kids who have acne breakouts on their foreheads, most of which is caused by sweat and grime accumulation. It's soft, lightweight and flexible so as not to change the fit of your hat, and is made of of durable, hypoallergenic materials.

While we haven't actually tried NoSweat yet, (we'll update you when we do), it is clear by its design that it will work. And it is very reasonably priced. So if you play a sport where you wear something on your head, and you want to keep your helmet, hat and head dry and comfortable, there's a new accessory you're going to be glad you added to your mix.

Source: NoSweat

Aug 10 - Mat Monkey

gorilla.jpgSometimes you really, really want to wrestle, but there’s no one else around. Don’t despair. The folks at Gilman Gear, (www.gilmangear.com) know how you feel. That’s why they produced the Gorilla wrestling dummy.

Throw it. Bend it. Take it down hard. It doesn’t whimper or complain, (like those real sparring partners do). And no matter how long you want to go, it’s up for the match. A skin of genuine soft tanned leather and guts of ground rubber and wool give the Gorilla a lifelike feel.

You know why there’s nobody to workout with. They’re all afraid of you. That’s right, they’re no dummies. Fortunately for you, the Gorilla is.

Source Gilman Gear

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