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July 9 - Bow Trainer

bowfit.jpgWe probably all have those moments in life when we remember feeling weak. I don’t think anyone would kick sand on me at the beach, but when my brother-in-law, who is a big boy, asked me to try his crossbow, I thought, “no problem.” Only thing is, it was a problem. I couldn’t draw the bow from any angle. He pulled it back like it was spaghetti.

Before we go back to visit again, I’m going to train on the Bowfit, (www.bowfit.com). The Bowfit Archery Exerciser is a unique exercise product designed to strengthen upper body archery muscles. It can be adjusted by simply lengthening or shortening the resistance tube to between 50 and 100 pounds tension. It only weighs 5 ounces and is very portable. And the custom handle was designed for use by both release-aide and finger-style shooters.

So next time, I’m hoping my brother-in-law’s bow is going to feel like a rubber band. If not, at least when we go to the beach I know he’ll stick up for me.

Source: Bowfit

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