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July 15, 2016 - Up and Running

The first thing you notice is the bullet-shaped protective case. This thing looks and feels like it could be dropped from the top floor of a tall building and an egg inside wouldn't crack. That's just the beginning. What's inside is even more impressive.

AMO, (Advanced Multi-sport Optics) contacted us and asked if we'd like to try out a pair of their top-of-the line sports sunglasses. AMO is an up-and-coming brand but with a global following that provides high quality sports sunglasses and is fighting hard against the mega sports brands. It is niche, small but very interesting.

The pair they sent us was their Ironcatcher model, which looked very similar in style to another well-known name. However, digging in, one finds that these are not simply knock-offs, (though they do cost less), but that the AMO brand is out to beat the competition in quality and, from what we can see, they've succeeded.

The AMO frames are made from Grilamid TR90 – the best of the best. It is lightweight, resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue and stands up well against UV exposure and extreme temperatures.

The polycarbonite NXT lenses are vented for optimal performance when going fast, (think running, cycling). NXT lenses hands-down beat other lenses on the market. They're optically clearer, UV resistant, with hydrophobic and anti-scratch coatings. They are also interchangeable and easily clipped in and out of the frames.

Maybe the greatest benefit to the athlete is the way these glasses fit. With an adjustable nose piece and adjustable temple arms, you can actually contour your AMO's to fit your face, the way you like. This customization option means it is almost like ordering from the factory to meet your individual specifications. I can tell you that I've never worn a pair that fits better than these. We also liked the cool style feature of being able to switch out the black temple arms with an included set of yellow that give the glasses a hot two-tone look.

They market their products for action sports like cycling, running and triathlon. Being a baseball dad and having to wince at the cost of the most popular baseball sunglasses out there, I could totally see these for hardball players too. But whatever your sport, we'd be surprised if you didn't find them to be superior in quality to those big boys. And you'll be surprised that once you put them on, you won't want to take them off.

Source: AMO

May 13, 2015 - Sweet Stuff

Is there anyone who doesn't like the smell of cedar? And is there anyone who does like the smell of old, musty, sweaty sports gear and or shoes? We first reviewed Stuffits five years ago when they sent us out a pair to try. Since then they've grown by leaps and bounds and we couldn't be prouder of their success.

Stuffits original product, the classic, is a tightly-sewn case of anti-microbial fabric "stuffed" with delightful cedar. Cedar not only imparts its fragrance in anything it touches, but it is a natural moisture absorber. Stuffits claimed that when you placed their product inside shoes that were smelly or wet -- or both, that they would freshen and smell better, last longer.

We have been using the same pair for years and they work great. Get caught out in the rain and your shoes are soaked? In the past that meant you may as well throw them out because of how they'd smell forever after. But now, just let them sit overnight inserted with Stuffits and tomorrow they'll be dry and redolant of sweet cedar.

Stuffits now makes their product for gloves, gear bags and helmets too. Just about anything you can think of that gets wet, sweaty and stinky is a prime candidate. All you need to do is try it once to believe it.

So don't fear the wet, the sweat, the smell. Just stuff it and tomorrow you'll feel like you're walking through a cedar forest. And who cares if it starts to rain?

Source: Stuffits

May 7, 2015 - Repeat Offender

Sure, you might look at bicycle fenders as being kind of nerdy, that is until you're commuting to work after a rain and the splatter from the road is all over your legs. These fenders from Axiom keep you dry and comfortable the whole way.

What's great is that they slip on and off easily, making the perfect for the ride to work with them on, or the ride on the weekend with them off. These high-performance fenders are crafted using the highest quality materials and are designed to mount easily to just about any bicycle. Even if you bike is one of those without traditional eyelets, Axiom fits on, no problem.

You ride to work every day shouldn't be filled with splatter. Let the fender do the dirty work as you head to the daily grind.

Source: Axiom

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October 2, 2014 - Rubbeed the Ride Way

Have you ever thought about the expression, "riding a bike"? You "ride" a horse, surfers ride on a weve, but unless you're going downhill, you don't really ride a bike.  You push the petals, you drive the sproket and chain, but it's work. Even the phrase "bicycle tire," sounds exhausting. Before you think we're the laziest people on earth, we're saying this tongue-and-cheek. Yes, "riding" a bike is fun but when you're facing an uphill climb and/or not particularly in the mood for an intense workout, it can also be a chore.

For people who want to cycle but occassionally would like to take a break, we bring you Rubbee. What does this ingenious contraption do? It quickly attaches to the seat post and can be adjusted to "rub" the "rubber" of your back tire to turn the wheel and motorize your ride, (notice, no quotations). Battery-operated, it charges fully in about two hours and will propel you up to around 16 MPH.

The Rubbee is perfect for people who may wish to cycle to work but have a lot of hills or too much distance to pedal the entire way. Families may be more apt to take bicycle outings if they know that children can become motorized if they become weary. The ironic thing about the inventions is that, while it appears to be created so that someone can avoid the effort involved with getting on a bike, the reality is it may actually encourage more people to go for a spin. They know they can venture out on their own as far as they want and not have the worry. They can always get a ride home.

Source: Rubbee

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February 19, 2014 - The Bicycle Store

If you're like many people in the world, you get around much of the time on a bicycle and your living space is limited. And everyone likes things to be stylish. Now you know why the Cycloc company is doing so well.

We first reviewed them back in '07. Since then a lot of small, up-and-coming companies that developed niche products simply not able to survive the tough ecomomy and competitive marketplace. We were very pleased to revisit Cycloc and see that they were growing by leaps and bounds.

The concept - and their product - is simple, yet elegant. Its a stylish way to store your cycle up and out of the way. Cycloc makes what would be an eyesore into a work of art. Its easy to install and even easier to use. Simply put the tire into the "grabber" and you're done. When you're ready to ride, pull it out and your stylish Cycloc will wait patiently and attractively on your wall until its called upon again. They come in a rainbow of attractive colors to compliment any decor.

So yank those spoke-bending hooks out of the wall and cover the holes they left with your new Cycloc. You'll be glad after all these years that, just like your bike, they're still hanging in there.

Source: Cycloc

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