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September 24, 2015 - Put the Brakes On

Here's something we wouldn't have thought of, even if we were inline skaters. Some creative inventors decided that there was no reason a skater shouldn't be able to regulate the speed of their inline skates. in other words, they wondered, why can't we put a set of brakes on them?

So now we can. The Flex Brake is a lightweight simple braking solution that can be installed on most inline speed skates or fitness skates and can be operated simply with a retractable leash? Why is this important? Well how about confidence and safety?

Skaters must plan their routes to avoid unexpected steep hills. Imagine you're having a leisurely float down the river and suddenly your heading uncontrollably towards Niagra Falls. That's probably what a skater feels like cresting a huge hill and knowing he's either going to start going really fast or will have to veer off and crash-land. Even on a planned course, who knows what might jump or roll or drive out in front.

Now, skaters can simply do what bikers can, which is apply the brakes. This gives skaters a shot in the arm of confidence as they know they, not those things they strapped on their feet a few minutes ago, are in control. The Flex Brake will completely change the way you skate.

You can use the leash in any position, even tucked, and braking in this manner is much better for your wheels. No more flat spots caused by skidding which make your skates unsafe and tougher to stop the next time.

We haven't actually tried these, but judging by the videos on the website, it seems like something anyone who commutes to work in, or just recreationally rides on, inline skates ought to explore. Everyone will agree it is better to have brakes than to go down at a high speed and feel something break.

Source: Flex Brake

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July 2 - Tracked from Space

X300_1_zoom.jpgIf you’d like to bring a little Star Trek to your outdoor activities, Navman (www.navman.com) is extending its line-up of satellite-based personal trainers with Sport.Tool X300. The sleek, attractive and futuristic device tells you at a glance how fast you’re moving and how far you’ve come, with global positioning systems (GPS) accuracy. It is made for those who enjoy a wide variety of sports, such as skiing, running, rollerblading or cycling.

The X300 is a math whiz. It pings satellites thousands of miles away, and calculates how far it is from each. It does this by multiplying the time it took for each signal to reach the receiver by the speed of light. Once it has done this for each of the satellites it has found, it typically establishes your position to an accuracy of within just fifteen yards.

The X300 will provide you with distance traveled, cumulative altitude, speed, lap distance, lap time and much more. It boasts a fabric strap for fitting comfortably on to the upper arm, while an easy-to-read personal display gives the user performance statistics at a glance. It even comes in optional colored covers, including black, blue, green and white. Captain Kirk would be jealous.

Source: Navman

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Mar 30 - The Future of Skating Now

landroller.jpgWow. Cool. Awesome.

OK, so 7th and 8th graders don’t have the largest vocabularies, but their emotions are sincere. When my son strapped on his pair of LandRollers, (www.landroller.com), everything on the cul-de-sac came to a complete halt. Jaws dropped open and heads turned. These things are cool. (OK so maybe my vocabulary could use a little tune-up too.)

Winner of the Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association Product of the Year Award in 2005, LandRoller has taken roller-blades to the next level. By angling the wheels of its skates, LandRoller is able to use larger wheels without raising the center of gravity. The skate's toe wheel is 145 mm; its heel wheel is a 177-mm monster that reaches ankle-level. The larger wheels provide for a smoother ride and added maneuverability on all surfaces. I watched my boy hop over curbs, cruise over grass, take straight-aways faster and negotiate turns smoother than ever before. And you don’t have to be a kid or live in Santa Monica to own a pair. My wife even took them for a spin and said she felt much more stable and confident than on in-line skates, while getting a fun workout. These are the skates George Jetson would have worn to the roller-rink.

Whether you want to be a trendsetter, or would just like to have the most innovative, state-of-the-art skates on the market, you’ll love your LandRollers. And if you can think of any adjectives besides “wow,” “cool,” and “awesome,” just let us know.

Source: LandRoller

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