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September 30, 2016 - Smart Mouth (Piece)

If your child plays a sport where there is any chance for contact, there's a good chance that you have them wear a mouth guard. However, unless the sport is one where the mouthguard can be tethered to a helmet, you know that it is always loose and ending up anywhere. That mouth piece, that's full of saliva, ends up in the dirt, on the bench, in the equipment bag...who knows where else. Your child just has to hold it in his dirty hand until he's ready to go back in the game. And we all know that ultimately that means they get in the car after practice and you ask them where it is and it turns out its lost. And some mouth guards cost a lot of money.

Now there is a solution, called The Mouthpiece Pocket. The Mouthpiece Pocket slides on your player's arm sort of like a wristband. However, it contains two slots to snugly grab and hold in place any mouth guard. It is sanitary, unobtrusive and effect. The mouth guard won't fall out even when the player's arms are to his side. 

You can order one online (only $5.00!) for your child or have them make a batch in custom colors for the whole team. Either way, if your a parent who would like to see your child's teeth protected but not at the expense of sanitation this is the smartest few bucks you can spend.

Source: The Mouthpiece Pocket

July 26 - Rapid Repetition

Speedbag.jpgIf you want to set up your home gym with one of the best speed bags on the market, but don’t want to take out a second mortgage, the folks at Balazs (www.boxingsource.com) have hit upon an economical solution.

The i-Box SBP features updated styling and reduced maintenance without sacrificing Balazs’ trademark durability.  Designed with the same superior quality as Balazs’ professional products, the i-Box Speed Bag Platform sports a super-stiff V-frame bracket for solid rebounding action and a high-performance workout.

Once you hit the bag, you’ll be hooked. The i-Box improves your reflexes, conditioning and strength all in a manner of minutes. The faster you hit it, the better it likes it. Now, thanks to Balazs, you can train like the main event, on an undercard’s budget.

Source: Balazs

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