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Aug 17 - Sepak Takraw Anyone?

ball300-T.jpgSurely you’ve heard of Sepak Takraw. OK, we hadn’t either. Maybe this will help. That’s the official name for kick volleyball. Oops. We hadn’t heard of that either. It turns out there’s a growing sport we didn’t know existed. The folks at NetPro Sports (www.netprosports.com), want to bring you up to speed.

It’s a cross between soccer and volleyball played on a doubles badminton court, as 3 players on each side of a 5-foot high net get three chances to kick, knee, shoulder, or head a hand-woven ball back to the opposing team. The strategy, like volleyball, is to make the best use of your three hits to pass, set and spike the ball as the opposing team blocks – but all without the use of hands or arms. The ultra-cool hand-woven ball is necessary in a game played on these dimensions using only feet, as an air-filled ball would be too bouncy and difficult to control. The special ball is also a great training tool for soccer players who would like to work on juggling. My daughter’s team warmed up with it, hacky sack style, and had a blast.

Sepak Takraw is super-fun, can be played indoor or outdoor; develops excellent eye-foot co-ordination, leg strength, and flexibility. The game enhances soccer-playing skills and techniques and it is very inexpensive to play.

So next time you and five of your buddies are sitting around wondering what to do, suggest a game of Sepak Takraw. But if they ask you if you’d rather use your gear or theirs, you know you’re in trouble.

Source: NetPro Sports

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