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April 8, 2016 - Water Volume

Here's a can't-miss, no-brainer of a product we're proud to bring you. It's the Action Audio waterproof action sport audio system. If you surf, paddle board, jet ski, swim or just about anything else in the water, you can do it to a soundtrack of your choosing from now on.

The action audio system includes a stylish, comfortable and functional rash guard that contains a secret compartment for an IPX8 waterproof Action Audio player with 4GB of memory. The rash guard is 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane, It's cut long on the bottom to keep from riding up over stomach and has a loose fit for plenty of range-of-motion. The audio player slides into a slot in the collar and the headphones thread through the collar and out the front for easy access. Because of the snug fit, there is no way your device ever gets lost, not matter how hard you get tossed. The front of the shirt also offers a smart, velcro fastener to keep the headphones in place when not in use.

Threading the headphones into the collar was no problem, and we aren't even good at lacing our own shoes. Getting the hang of the three buttons on the audio player when inserted into the small pouch took a minute, but there were no issue after that.

What else can we say? The rash guard feels good and the positioning of the audio player is convenient, the headphones are comfortable and the sound is terrific. It is easy to load songs onto the device and it holds enough to form a playlist for any session you have in mind. And with all this going for it, it's much more affordable than most waterproof MP3 players on the market that simply clip onto a shirt and can easily get jettisoned with a hard crash into the surf.

So if you plan to go into the water tomorrow, don't go in silence. Load your best tracks, slip on your stealthy, secret shirt and make everyone else wonder what you're listening to. We just recommend at least one Beach Boys tune.

Source: Action Audio