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March 22 - Sox Science

POWERS1.gifYou choose all your gear based on performance. Your money doesn’t go to the companies with the biggest marketing departments, rather, those with the best R & D. Everything you ride, play or wear is state-of-the art. Then why would you put your foot inside of an ordinary pair of socks from Wal-Mart if you knew there was a superior choice? To complete your top-of-the-line ensemble all the way to the bottom of your toes, check out PowerSox, www.powersox.com.

PowerSox Anatomical Performance Fit (APF) collections are engineered to serve as an essential, sophisticated piece of athletic equipment, offering a cutting edge performance environment within the shoe. The folks at PowerSox not even satisfied to let you wear either sock on either foot. Their left-right technology matches the contour of the left and right foot enhancing performance. And the new APF version pushes extreme sock science even further with a hand-linked, seamless toe and contoured pocket Y heel, which means there’s nothing to cause blisters or create painful friction. The comfort is amazing. We wore a couple pairs of these socks and our feet felt like they were tucked snug into a cozy bed under a down comforter.
 But comfort is just half the lure. APF also utilizes high-tech, state of the art Sensura and Merino Fresh yarns that provide superior moisture wicking management, odor resistance and bacteria growth.  In designing the sock, PowerSox cleverly reduced bulk by utilizing a selective cushion pattern strategy for APF that places shock absorption in key strike zones.  The remaining zones are outfitted with circulation ventilation panels to allow feet to breathe better than ever.  This all means that PowerSox stay dry and clean-feeling, no matter how hard you push it.
And you just thought socks were socks. Your feet will forgive you if you didn’t know better. But be warned. Once they experience the Joy of Sox, you may never be able to put anything else on them again.

Source: PowerSox

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