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March 30 - Chip In at Work

floppy.bmpOK, so, just like everyone else, you’ve got the office practice putting system. Maybe it’s nothing more than a coffee cup on that flat commercial carpet that so accurately simulates a real golf green. Maybe you’ve got the full, electric ball retrieval Astroturf green with the little plastic flag above the hole. But be honest, aren’t you just a little tired of simply putting every day? What about working your short game? Sure, you say, “I’m not going to practice my chip, pitch and flop shots with a wiffle ball,” right? “That’s about the same as practicing my basketball shot with a foam ball.” And obviously you can’t get out your irons and launch real balls around the conference room.

The folks at The Floppy, (www.thefloppy.com), must have been frustrated floppers too. They designed the world’s first indoor golf ball that feels, spins and reacts like a real ball, without the bothersome drywall damage and concussions to Jan in the mailroom. The Floppy combines a specially engineered liner and proprietary fill, (sort of beanbag-esque), with a woven cover to give the ball real feedback and bounce, only on a smaller, safer scale.

Hitting The Floppy is fun. Now there’s no excuse not to work on your short game, even while you’re working. Chip into trash cans. See if you put one up over the coffee machine and onto the break table. And best of all, enjoy the looks you get from your co-workers tomorrow when you walk into the office carrying your wedges.

Source: The Floppy

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