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April 27 - Get a Handle on Your Game

adult_train_game_08.jpgThey may be the coolest-looking bats on the market, and sport some of the best names. V-Force. Beast. Ripped. But flash and style can only take you so far. You want a bat that delivers results. And bats from Mattingly Baseball (www.mattinglybaseball.com) do just that by delivering the barrel of the bat to the ball faster, thanks to their V-Grip technology.

For over a year my son has been using his Mattingly wood bat for training, (wiffles, tee, soft-toss) while using his Beast in the games. Now the folks at Mattingly are offering a unique Train and Game Two Bat Package so that you can do the same.
The V-Grip handle on all Mattingly bats promotes proper hand alignment for increased bat speed. Originally designed for the professional level, the V-Train Plus wood bat is made of hickory wood, which is heavy wood - ideal for weight and strength training. Its compact design promotes proper timing and the black post catalyzed finish gives it a professional look and feel.

The Ripped aluminum bat is the first and only bat to combine performance-enhancing alloy technology with the same V-Grip handle into one dynamically engineered game bat. Made of scandium alloy, the Ripped optimizes its ratio of scandium to provide a stronger and more durable material. The stiff handle maximizes energy and returns it to the ball, while the specially designed end plug maximizes trampoline effect. And maybe best of all? Compared to the price of some other high-end bats on the market, with the Train and Game package, you’re almost getting two bats for the price of one.

We’d all love to have Donnie Baseball as a personal hitting coach. Unfortunately, he’s a little busy. But maybe with enough hard work using the right equipment, someday you can call Don Mattingly “Coach,” which means you’ve taken your game to the highest level.

Source: Mattingly Baseball
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