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June 28 - On a Skincare Mission

BundlePhoto.jpgMission Product (www.missionproduct.com) is not only about marketing, though if great packaging, website, athlete endorsements and tag lines count for anything, this skincare line has a bright future. Take these slogans, for instance: For Mission Lip Protector SPF 20: Conditions in All Conditions. Daily Offense sunscreen: The Sun Doesn’t Take Time Outs. Anti-Friction Cream: Don’t Get Rubbed the Wrong Way. Foot Synergy Gel: Help Your Feet Compete. And our favorite phrase, from Mission’s Revive Gel: Giving Everything You’ve Got Takes a Lot Out of You.

But once you go beyond the cool, sleek look, the world-class athletes and superior website, there had better be quality products or a lot of money spent on flash and sizzle will go down the drain. Fortunately, like a player who tells you he’s good, and then backs it up in the game, Mission’s products deliver solutions for skincare worthy of their dynamic marketing.

Teaming up with scientists and skincare industry veterans, the entire Mission Product line is designed, and has been proven, to meet the specific needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts across all sports. By providing vital nutrients and antioxidants, Mission provides the best equipment for your skin, so athletes can focus on their sport and maximize their performance.

Some of the world's most accomplished athletes, including two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash, two-time Olympic gold-medal swimmer Amanda Beard, two-time Olympic gold-medal soccer player Mia Hamm, 2008 X Games Halfpipe Gold Medalist Gretchen Bleiler and extreme endurance athletes Charlie Engle and Hunter Kemper, have joined the team at Mission Product and are intimately involved in product innovation and development.

We tried each of the Mission products, and they really perform as advertised. The sunscreen and lip balm provide powerful sunblock, and the Foot Synergy Gel softens and relieves calloused and cracked feet. The Revive Gel helps re-hydrate, re-nourish and replenish skin by replacing precious nutrients lost by sweat and prolonged exposure to the sun. All are oderless and greaseless, chock full of vitamins and antioxidants, and can turn the leather skin of the Old Man and the Sea into a chamois. And if you want to feel good, and feel good about feeling good, check out the charities Mission Product supports.

So in a world where great sizzle doesn’t necessarily mean great steak, it is nice to find something that gets it right on both fronts. Yes, the folks at Mission Product can talk the talk, but, to their credit, they can also walk the walk. And, then, after the walk, they’ll make your skin feel better.

Source: Mission Product

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    Sports Product Review - New sports products, gear and gadgets reviewed daily. - Reviews - June 28 - On a Skincare Mission
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    Sports Product Review - New sports products, gear and gadgets reviewed daily. - Reviews - June 28 - On a Skincare Mission

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