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July 19, 2010 - The Doughnut that’s Good For You

The Grip Pro Trainer (www.gripprotrainer.com) is on my desk at all times. The Grip Pro comes in 3 different levels of difficulty: Green-30lb max resistance (easier)-for lighter weight people and warming up, black-40lb max resistance (medium), and red 50lb max resistance (difficult). They sent us all three versions several years ago. I’ve probably averaged ten squeezes per hand, per day of the 50 pound doughnut. And while ten quick reps may not seem like a lot, add it up over fifty-two weeks times three, and that’s a pretty firm handshake. I’ve put one on my baseball-playing sons’ desks as well, hoping they see the correlation between stronger forearms and better bat-control and power.

One of the advantage of the Grip Pro Trainer over other squeeze devices is that not only can you squeeze it the regular way in about any conceivable manner, to include single pairs of fingers or any group of fingers, to include your fingertips, but you can also stick your fingers into the center hole and develop the outward pushing strength of your hands. This is useful for rock climbers who need this “reverse” grip strength as they jam their fingers into holes for climbing. If you can move this thing that way, those are some strong fingers.

Use it as a stress-reliever or a forearm builder. One thing for sure, it’s easier to eat a doughnut than squeeze it. But three years from now which one would you rather have done a thousand times?

Source: Grip Pro Trainer

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