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September 15, 2011 - Be Ready to Duck

The Hela Disc company contacted us and said that they'd like to have us try out what they termed the "world's most advanced throwing disc." Since I used to enjoy tossing the frisbee around on the beach with my wife, (before we had kids and actually had time to go to the beach), we said sure.

Last Sunday, my wife and I went down to watch two of our sons surf and see if we could take a few photos. My wife suggested I take the Hela since I'd been meaning to try it out for over a week. She might regret that decision now. I'll elaborate in a bit.

First, there are a ton of things that make the Hela unique, starting with its appearance. You've seen other flying rings before, but the Hela is in the shape of an elipse. Look at it from the side view and notice the curve. When placed on a table, it rests on the two ends with a raised arch in the middle. Press down evenly on the arches and the Hela flattens.

Why is this important? When thrown, the two heavier ends act as weights, pulling the disc flatter from the extreme ends (centrifugal force) as the disc spins. This will actually cause the Hela to speed up during flight, (more on that later). Unlike any other throwing disc, this increase in speed is directly attributed to the Hela's FlexFoil mechanics. The Hela FlexFoil also makes minor adjustments to wind speed during flight, making it more playable in windier conditions.

The ergonomic grip makes it easy to throw and the heavier ends flatten the disc as it rotates, providing faster performance mid-flight. When throwing long straight bombs, the Hela looks like it's balancing from one side to the next, but its actually stabilizing itself inflight. It has a full, round, rubber outer edge for grippy throwing and softer catching.

So Sunday, I stepped  out of the car and picked up the Hela. I have to admit I've thrown other rings before and they often bent and fluttered to the ground like an injured duck. I didn't have high expectations. I saw a wide-open stretch of beach below me, (thank goodness) and gave it a hurl.

Like a spaceship, the disc went from a cocked 60 degree angle to flat horizontal and it took off. I didn't think it was going to land. My first throw must have gone sixty yards. I ran down to retrieve it and my wife walked down from the car and stood a long ways away from me.

I fired it back and it came at her, head high. The first part of the flight seemed routine, but then I saw her eyes get large and at the last moment she stuck her hand in front of her face and knocked it down. I thought she was just rusty from not playing for so many years. She said ouch and shook her hand. Then she threw it back and I quickly understood what had happened. As the disc came closer it was actually picking up speed. I have pretty good eye-hand coordination but I didn't expect the velocity, and it was all I could do to catch it myself. Here's the part on the website I didn't read until today:

Newbies: You should be practicing at 50 foot lengths with a partner. Don't over throw, get the Hela feeling. Learn the disc.

Good advice. Recreational or avid players will be hooked after their first throw. Now I've got the bug to play again for the first time in 20 years. The Hela Disc outperforms any other we've tried - by a long (and fast) shot.

Source: Hela Disc

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