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September 29, 2011 - Heroic Hurler

As far back as I can remember, (and that's an ever-frighteningly long time), pitching machines were not  known by their generic name but rather, by the iconic name of the manufacturer everyone used: Jugs. As in, "Its raining out but we can go hit off the Jugs Machine." The only pitching machines I knew were the big blue insects with spinning white tires that pumped fastballs, curves and whatever else towards willing hitters.

As I became a dad and had baseball-playing kids, during the season it was a weekly ritual to head over to our local warehouse/batting cage and give our Little Leaguers some extra BP. I can't tell you how many balls I've fed between the two spinning tires but I can tell you every one was a consistent strike. The machines were dependable, easy to operate and effective.

Today, Jugs has spread into football, tennis, soccer field hockey and even cricket. They also make a whole line of accessories including nets, screens and radar equipment. Now, my kids are in high school and college and the old warehouse we used to frequent has closed down - run out of town by new, fancier batting facilities. I wonder where those old Jugs machines are. Still running somewhere, I'm sure. I miss those nights at the cage and yelling, "Pick 'em up!" after emptying a bucket of balls. Who knows, maybe someday when I'm back into coaching, this time with my grandkids, we'll take them somewhere for BP and be reunited with the old, blue hurlers from the past. There's no doubt they'll work as well then as they always have.

Source: Jugs Sports

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