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February 25, 2012 - It's Better This Way

You're a baseball coach? You're a baseball parent? You need to get ahold of the Quick Hitter.


Those of us who've coached baseball have all knelt down and tossed soft-toss to our batters. When I was in my twenties, no problem. As I got older and the joints stiffened and the back ached, it became more and more of pain – literally. So we started teaching the kids to soft-toss to each other, the justification being that this was a skill they should have. The problem was, the quality of the tosses was inconsistent at best, and the quality of the drill suffered. And there was really no reason from the standpoint of playing baseball that they needed to be proficient at soft-toss. But if we'd had a Quick Hitter, the issue would have been solved.


The Quick Hitter delivers a short, accurate toss directly in the strike zone, which eliminates the slow arching toss from the side. It promotes good swing habits and simulates the perfect pitch because of how the ball is delivered. It trains and conditions hitters to read and react to the ball more like an actual pitch so they develop the quick-react skills necessary in the batters box. It is easy to use and targets every corner of the strike zone. The Quick Hitter allows a batter to have sight of the ball at all times, which is crucial for timing and depth perception.


Not only is the product super-easy to use, it is safe. Those days when I was kneeling beside a 12 year-old kid swinging a metal bat, many times the thought crossed my mind how I might want to consider wearing a helmet. But with the Quick Hitter you are far out of the line of fire, eliminating the possibility of being accidentally hit by a bat or foul ball. If you're coaching a team this spring, one of the best things you can do to ensure all of your players are busy and active is to set up multiple hitting stations for them to rotate through. Now you have another option, another tool you can implement. Once you see it in action your knees, your back – and your players – will thank you.


Source: Quick Hitter

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