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February 8, 2012 - Play By Yourself

We've reviewed a ball on a string for other sports, and now it's Lacrosse's turn. The B-Lax Blast training ball lets up-and-coming players improve their skills when there is no one else to play with. It's simple. It attaches to your stick, and you can now get realistic passing and receiving practice anywhere, anytime.

The ball is bright yellow, which helps train your vision control. Want to improve hand-eye (especially on your weak side)? The B-Lax Blast training ball teaches youth lacrosse players, beginners, intermediate and advanced players to use their lacrosse stick as a lever and catch and throw the lacrosse ball on the run. The number of repetitions and the ability to practice on your own increases the probability of success through confidence and helps move away from the “push” of the lacrosse ball.

The attachment includes a "Felt Stopper" embedded in the attachment device, which guarantees it fits snug on any stick head. The cord is the best blend of elasticity, weight, and strength, made to last.

So if you want to get the edge on your competition, but don't can't get a teammate interested in tossing it around, relax. Or better yet, B-Lax. You'll be glad you're on your own.

Source: B-Lax

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