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April 6, 2012 - This Works

Baseball is back! We'd all love to watch all 162 of our favorite team's games, but there are a couple of problems. Buying the cable package to bring the entire season to our living room means we have to get a job and work. But ironically, having that job means there's not enough time to watch all of the games.

The perfect solution would be to be able to follow your team's progress pitch-by-pitch, while at work. If it was free – all the better. That's where MLB.com comes in. All you need is access to a computer. Their ever-improving Gameday Live let's you feel like you're at the ballpark, even from your cubicle. There's even a Gameday Mini you can tuck in the corner of your screen while you fly through spread sheets and power points. Get all of the trends, stats, and up-to-the-minute action live, while still making sure the boss is happy. And speaking of happy, that's what the price will make you - it's free.

We always feel fortunate to get to go to the ballpark. But these days most people feel lucky to have a job. Now, thanks to MLB.com, you can do both at the same time. Just don't get any mustard on your keyboard.

Source: MLB.com

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