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July 3, 2014 - Back at it Again

Tomorrow is Independence Day which, of course, makes us think of our National Pastime, baseball. And if we're thinking about baseball, of course we're thinking about JUGS Sports. In a lot of ways JUGS is baseball, from their iconic pitching machines used from the pros on down to youth league, to their pop-up nets that allow players to hit any time, anywhere.

If two of my sons weren't thousands of miles away playing right now, I can tell you what a good part of my Fouth of July would consist of - heading down to the batting cage and throwing bucket after bucket of BP...followed by a heavy ice session for my back. The throwing of a couple hundred pitches is tough enough, but bending down over and over again to pick up another handful of balls is brutal. That's why there is the JUGS Bucket Plus. It simply holds your bucket up within reach so there's no more stooping. And because it folds up compactly, it's easy to carry from the car to the field and back, just like all of JUGS' portable products.

So tomorrow, whether you're watching baseball, playing baseball or pitching baseballs, enjoy our nation's birthday. Take a moment to cherish that time at the park and to appreciate the freedom that JUGS and the other great companies we've reviewed over the years have to be able innovate and create these outstanding sports products for us to enjoy.

Source JUGS Sports

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