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September 30, 2015 - Shelter from the Storm

Back in March we reviewed the Sideline Shelter offered by Upstart Sports. Its a must-have for all high school, club and college soccer, lacrosse and field hockey programs. But since then there have been two dramatic and exciting changes to mention.

The Sideline Shelter now comes with a panel of wind screens that stretch the entirety of the back side. The windows also sport vinyl straps that can be tethered up and out of the way, down tight to cover, or can be allowed to flap unsecured so that they protect from rain but still allow wind in.

What is the benefit to these new windows? Well, aside from the aesthetics, (they look great), there are the advantages of safety and comfort. Without the windows, a strong gust of wind can potentially pick up and move the shelter if not properly staked or weighted down. This could mean it flips over and damages the frame. The windows substantially reduce the risk of this happening. From a comfort standpoint the windows mean there is airflow and ventilation so that heat isn't trapped inside the concave shape.

But we said there were two exciting developments. Aside from the new windows, the best thing we've found in a long time, is that Upstart Sports has a program where organizations can own one of these great shelters for little or no cost. They've built an online platform that allows parents and businesses to purchase "shout-outs" on the back of the unit. Or, if you prefer, they'll even simply sell large backside ads to a local sponsor or sponsors to cover the cost. Since the average shelter will last ten years, this is a tremendous advertising opportunity for a minor investment. Who wouldn't want to do that?

In some parts of the country the predictions for extreme weather mean the potential for players and coaches to be exposed to harsh elements these next several months. If you want to keep everyone warm and dry and give your teams a graet homefield advantage, now you can do it and let someone else write the check!

Source: Upstart Sports

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