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December 1, 2017 - Brain Cramp

We've all heard of electrolytes and most of us vaguely know that they are meant to replace things the body loses during strenuous excercise. But instead of just trusting the latest product you've seen on television to take care of you, maybe you'd rather rely on real science. 

The Pickle Juice Company has a funny name but a serious solution to the cramping athletes often endure when active. Since we didn't do the research, we'll tell you the story in their words:

The Pckle Juice Company is a leading sports beverage company that has transformed the way muscle cramping is treated by creating the first natural, purpose-built isotonic sports beverage on the market, which features revolutionary neural inhibitor qualities in the formula. The beverage is called Pickle Juice® which is original and made with all natural ingredients. While it is widely believed that muscle cramps result from an electrolyte imbalance, the phenomenon is proven to be neurological, not physical. TPJC’s 100% natural formula engages the same neurological receptors in the brain that causes cramps, prevents those neurons from firing and combats muscle cramps faster than anything else currently available. This scientific and multi-factor approach prevents muscle cramps in as fast as 60 seconds, quicker than anything else on the market today.

Translation? It works better than other sports drinks. Any then why not just drink the leftover liquid from your Vlasic Pickle jar? Because this  differs significantly from pickle brine (the stuff in the jar) in that it’s designed specifically to combat muscle cramps at the neurological source and contains added electrolytes and vitamins. Each product formula contains dual filtered water, vinegar, salt, natural dill flavor, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E – without any sugar, gluten, caffeine, or artificial color or flavor.

They sent us some to try and while it doesn't taste like those sugary sports drinks you think of, what good to you think all that sugar does? That's right, none...for you anyway. But it's great for the companies that use it to hook consumers on their sugary beverage. My son had a tight hamstring and drank a bottle of Pickle Juice before going to take batting practice. By the time he got to the cage the leg felt 100%.

There's a reason many MLB, NBA and other pro teams use the stuff. It works. Even if you're not a fan of pickles, we know you like muscle cramps even less. 

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