September 12, 2014 - Is There a Doctor in the Gym?

Nothing's worse than picking up a new ball and going to bounce or kick it, only to find it's semi-flat. If we discover that a leak is the cause of the problem our spriits instantly match the state of the spheroid, that is to say, deflated.

But quicker than saying, "Take two of these and call me in the morning," you can be back at play with a carefree heart and bouncing ball, thanks to the folks at Unique Sports and the Ball Doctor. Simply pump the syringe's magic medicine inside and bounce it a few times to get it distributed. You'll be amazed to find the leak is sealed and the expense of a replacement averted.

We've used the Ball Doctor many times on flattened basketballs, soccer balls and footballs and it's never let us down. It is super affordable and effective, just like all products offered by Unique Sports. Check them out for all of your needs in tennis, baseball, basketball, fooball, golf and more. You'll probably find something there that's just what the doctor ordered.

Source: Unique Sports

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September 3, 2014 - Headed in the Right Direction

By Dovber Chaiton

As the football season gets into official swing, there is one question that is going to perturb people that follow the game avidly. Is enough being done to protect players from concussion? This is not only a question for professionals, but across the board.

Concussion Mitigation Technologies is a company that has invested much time and effort to produce a helmet that reacts with intelligence to prevent concussions. It is arguably the safest football helmet on the planet.

The Smart Helmet is essentially a helmet with mini air bags. The air bags are operated by computer technologies. The technology is patented and will revolutionize the industry in terms of preventing concussions. While the prime target market is football, this helmet is revolutionary across the board.

The research and data collection that has gone into collecting the base for which the technology this helmet is built on is extraordinary. There is no product like it.

The beauty of the product is that it is scientifically driven and provides a real time solution to a very obvious problem.

Each helmet has a micro computer that essentially distributes cushioning for impact when necessary. These helmets may be slightly higher priced but it is a tiny price to pay when you consider the problem they fix.

The Smart Helmet is a product of Concussion Mitigation Technologies and may be the standard bearer for all future helmets, whether for military combat or regular Sunday football.

Source: Concussion Mitigation Technologies

August 26, 2014 - Dribbling Arches

As we're so fond of pointing out, sometimes the most effective ideas are also the simplest. Now, reinforces this point by developing a basketball aid that has the potential to be the best dribbling skills tool since the dribbling goggles. Dribble Mac is a device that will help players master the cross-over dribble and many other dribbling and passing skills.


Most basketball coaches use cones to teach different dribbling drills such as the cross-over. They'll tell players to get low, speed dribble and do not cross-over before they get to the cone. The Dribble Mac more simulates real game situations as players must dribble under something, causing them to approach, get low, and speed dribble all in one rep. This creates a more intense, focused dribbling exercise which can be used in most camps and as a tool at home to improve skills.


The Dribble Mac is reasonably priced and there is nothing else we've seen out there quite like it. For solo or team training, don't be surprised if these arches start popping up on basketball courts everywhere. They may not be golden in color, but they have big (Mac) potential.


Dribble Mac


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August 14, 2014 - Positive Balance

By Dovber Chaiton

What is superb about the Energy Balance Shop company bracelets is that the Energy Shop is so openly honest about their product which is truly refreshing. They do no make any claims about heightened energy or better balance, it has been reported after wearing these bracelets but this company makes no such claim. There must be something to it though, as the English Premier League saw it necessary to ban these bracelets.

Many people have claimed a better feel while doing sports activities while wearing this bracelet. The bracelet releases negative ions into the body. These negative ions are almost like heightened purity. Like hiking an unpolluted mountain trail and feeling a difference in the quality of air. If one is to believe in them for the placebo effect alone, then we can all be in agreement that there is benefit to that too. 

The Energy Balance Bracelets are unique in that they do not look drab, they are made of 100% medical grade silicone and set with two negative ion holograms which are known to increase mental health, power and stamina as well as strengthen the body's immune system. Some might even find them rather funky. They are highly fashionable, if you do not believe in the positive effect, one thing is for certain, they will certainly do you no harm.

They come in an array of really great colors. These colors can match your teams colors or just be representative of you. Either way, this product would make a fine medium scale gift for any sport or fashion lover.
made of 100% medical grade silicone and set with two negative ion holograms. Negative ions are known to increase mental health, power and stamina as well as strengthen the body's immune system.
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August 6, 2014 - Smaller is Better

If you are a baseball player and have limited space, limited budget, but unlimited desire, there is a product made with you in mind that could change your life.


You've always wanted your own batting cage and pitching machine, right? But where can you put one of those huge things? And how can you afford it anyway? That's what an undersized 14 year-old player named Chris Richard was going through in 1988. He begged his dad to buy him a pitching machine. Unable to do that, his father did the next-best thing. He invented one, and the Personal Pitcher was born.


It is small, lightweight, compact and portable. It shoots out golf ball wiffles at variable speeds you control that will simulate pitching from Little League to the pros. The tiny wiffle balls offer many great advantages. They're inexpensive and can be readily purchased at any sporting goods store. They won't injure anyone or cause property damage. Because of their design, you are able to clearly see the path of the hit ball and know if you made good contact. They'll work in the backyard, garage, basement...anywhere you have about 30 feet. And, best of all, because they are so small, after hitting a few buckets of these, the real baseball will look like a grapefruit.


I know from experience the value of the product. My own sons hit these same wiffles in the garage all through high school. Now they are playing college baseball and one was recently drafted into the pros. I really believe those thousands of cuts they otherwise would never have had made a huge difference. Chris Richard took his dad's invention and made it all the way to the Major Leagues. Now he's the driving force behind the product's re-invention and improvement.


High-level business executives all have personal assistants. Top-notch pro athletes have personal trainers. If all you want to do is hit so that you can get as far as your potential will take you, you'll be glad you brought home your very own Personal Pitcher.


Source: Personal Pitcher

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