May 13, 2014 - Head of the Class

By Dovber Chaiton


There is something very special about the albion Ultimate 98 Cricket Helmet. albion has always been masters of innovation when it comes to protective cricket headwear. They were the initial innovators of the lightweight helmets, which were adored by cricket players of all levels and abilities. The albion Ultimate 98 has that same special lightweight feeling to it but is as sturdy as any of the top notch professional cricket helmets on the market.


The albion Ultimate 98 is based on the Original 98 design and as official suppliers to some of the world’s leading batsmen, albion have produced yet another gem, for design, safety and weight reasons. There is no helmet with the same protective ability that could match the albion Ultimate 98 for its lightweight. It is safe to say that the albion Ultimate 98 protects well above its weight class.


What makes this helmet so special is the fact that Albion have focused on far more than just the protective qualities of the grill and the lid. Both the lid and the grill are aesthetically gorgeous and look great on players like AB De Villiers. The shell is made of carbon fiber which has been reinforced with polymer and super high density EVA liner, together with the slim fit titanium faceguard, the protection offered by the albion Ultimate 98 is of the highest out of any helmet on the market.

Helmets are mainly for protection but the fine attention to details paid by albion on this helmet makes it a real cricketing masterpiece.


Features like the quick release chin strap and sweat absorbent chin cup and an adjustable padding system with a super absorbent forehead pad that allows every player to get the ultimate fit.

The albion Ultimate 98 will not only keep you perfectly safe at the crease it will also keep you the most comfortable.


As a symbiosis of comfort and protection, batsmen will be hard pressed to find a product better than the albion Ultimate 98.


Source: albion

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May 8, 2014 - Hitting Discipline

I have three baseball-playing sons. My oldest, a college senior, will practice hitting off of a tee, but he prefers hitting live pitching. When he's home, I throw the BP. My second son, who is a sophomore in college, will do whatever. He prefers my BP but I know at college he does a lot of tee work too. My third son, who is a senior in high school, has always been a little different when it comes to taking batting practice.

Don't get me wrong, I've thrown him thousands of pitches, but he's been the only one of the three to sometimes say, “I'm good,” when I ask if he wants to go to the cage. After years of trying to motivate him that someday he's going to regret passing up chances to improve, he got all of the motivation he needed in the form of a Tanner Tee.

This was a big year for him. His junior year he didn't hit well and, while he never actually said this, I believe he was thinking that if his senior year was equally dismal, he might not follow the paths of his older brothers into college baseball. Before the season, the JUGS company sent us their fantastic Complete Practice Travel Screen. One of it's many, terrific features is that it is flat. This means it can be stored in our garage fully-assembled without being in the way. That was half of the equation. The other half was the Tanner Tee.

When it arrived he instantly took it to the garage and assembled it. Now, without any cajoling from me, each day before practice or games, he backs the cars out, pulls the net to the center, and hits a bucket. I'm sure the urgency of his senior year has something to do with the new discipline, along with the convenience of the JUGS net, but something about that tee seems to be the missing puzzle piece. We've had lots of other tees. This is the first one he's loved enough to hit off every day.

More college and MLB players train with Tanner Tees than any other tee. The hand rolled ball rest, composed of industry leading rubber that absorbs swing after swing, is the closest to live pitching, with the least interference at the contact point.

And the result for my son? With well over two-thirds of the season done, he's having a fantastic year at the plate. Now, he's made up his mind he is definitely going to continue playing in college and is getting offers. I don't know how much of this would have happened without the folks at JUGS and Tanner. Regardless of how far his baseball career goes, the lesson he's learned about hard work paying off, and the enjoyment he and I are having this season, are things for which I'll always be grateful.

Source: Tanner Tee

April 30, 2014 - Brazuca Heads to Brazil

By Dovber Chaiton


The biggest sporting event of the year is around the corner. The FIFA World Cup Soccer in Brazil. Fans of the game will remember the Jabulani soccer ball from the 2010 world cup.

The Jabulani was the official soccer ball made by Adidas and was cause for much irritation on the part of many goalkeepers. The goalkeepers complained that the Jabulani soccer ball had injudicious amounts of swerve on the ball without reason. This is akin to a “knuckle ball” in baseball. Upon aerodynamic testing it was proven that the Jabulani was particularly erratic at speeds of between 30 and 55 miles per hour, this problem has been ironed out by Adidas and the Brazuca has been tested and provento be more stable at these speeds.

The Brazuca is an aesthetically pleasing soccer ball and was mastered by Adidas over a three year period. Six propeller-shaped interlocking panels, provide the ball with an immaculate roundness and highly comfortable play.

The Brazuca is being lauded by pundits and players as soccer ball engineering at its pinnacle. Its weight falls within the FIFA guidelines but yet it feels very light to players. The grip for both dribbling and goalkeeping handling is superb. The design allows the ball to travel at a great even pace, perfect for free flowing football. All this along with the rectification of the Jabulani’s knuckling effect; make the Brazuca an incredible soccer ball.

The FIFA World Cup is the beautiful game at it’s beautiful best and it seems as if Adidas have produced a soccer ball to live up to that. The Brazuca is brilliant.

Source: Adidas

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April 25, 2014 - New Kid for Your Block

By Dovber Chaiton


There is a new cricket helmet around to protect your head when that menacing fast bowler is trying to “knock your block off”.

Shrey Helmets are named after the youngest member of the TK Sports India company, Shrey Kohli, who tragically died in a car accident. The story goes that Shrey was on his way to deliver a batch of cricket equipment to Indian batsman Suresh Raina when he was killed.

It has been quite remarkable as to how many international players have taken to the Shrey Helmets. The Shrey Helmet ranks highly and is equal to the Masuri helmet in terms of protective durability.

In fact the Shrey Helmets have caused much confusion as the actual lid (the hat part of the helmet) looks very similar to the traditional Masuri lid. Notwithstanding this, it is with good reason that 60% of the international cricketing fraternity have switched to Shrey Helmets.

Aside from being aesthetically very pleasing the helmets are super light-weight and offer great protection. They offer additional ear protection and extended chin coverage. The helmet boasts the latest technology in terms of even head heat distribution and channel ventilation. This ensures the batsman can stay as cool as possible under his lid. Many batsmen have purported to be seeing the ball better since using the Shrey Helmet as the position of the peak and the grill provide for optimum vision. It is not much different to the Masuri Test in terms of peak and grill placement, yet this is the sentiment of many good batsmen.

All in all, the Shrey MasterClass Helmet is a very impressive piece of equipment. One feels that Masuri and Albion will have to up their game to gather back some of the market territory garnered by Shrey


Source: Shrey MasterClass

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April 18, 2014 - Cricket Cloud Catcher

Reviewed by Dovber Chaiton

The Gray Nicolls Cloud Catcher is in all likelihood the oddest cricket bat you have ever seen. It however serves a great purpose, namely hyper training fielders for match like situations. The diminutive bat is comprised of the traditional willow, albeit coated in black and a high density foam slab on top of the willow for extra velocity on in-field catches and fielding.

The Cloud Catcher is a luminous green, while this has no effect on the performance of the bat, it does provide the bat with a spark of verve to this already funky cricket product. The Cloud Catcher is designed to be used with one hand.  Such a design in a bat is ideal, as it allows coaches to wear a baseball mitt on one hand and accurately hit fielding and catches with the other.

The high-density foam is essentially the novelty of this product. Aside from the added velocity, the high-density foam gives coaches precision and accuracy with their fielding drills. This means that fielding practices are maximized and weaknesses could be ironed out in a very precise manner.

While the Cloud Catcher is brilliant for in-field and close catching drills, it may not provide the same power when it comes to the outfield and spiraling catches. In this regard it is obviously inferior to the higher priced cricket product in the same category, the Fusion Skyer.

An additional perk, perhaps unintended by Gray Nicolls upon manufacturing the Cloud Catcher, is that it is a very good batting practice bat for young beginners to the game. The size of the bat does not lend itself to all beginners, but the wider hitting surface and extended sweet spot mean that it is a highly enjoyable bat for junior beginners to the game.

The Cloud Catcher is an all-round great product that truly does what it purports to do, increases the efficacy of fielding drills immensely.

Source: Gray Nicolls