May 13, 2015 - Sweet Stuff

Is there anyone who doesn't like the smell of cedar? And is there anyone who does like the smell of old, musty, sweaty sports gear and or shoes? We first reviewed Stuffits five years ago when they sent us out a pair to try. Since then they've grown by leaps and bounds and we couldn't be prouder of their success.

Stuffits original product, the classic, is a tightly-sewn case of anti-microbial fabric "stuffed" with delightful cedar. Cedar not only imparts its fragrance in anything it touches, but it is a natural moisture absorber. Stuffits claimed that when you placed their product inside shoes that were smelly or wet -- or both, that they would freshen and smell better, last longer.

We have been using the same pair for years and they work great. Get caught out in the rain and your shoes are soaked? In the past that meant you may as well throw them out because of how they'd smell forever after. But now, just let them sit overnight inserted with Stuffits and tomorrow they'll be dry and redolant of sweet cedar.

Stuffits now makes their product for gloves, gear bags and helmets too. Just about anything you can think of that gets wet, sweaty and stinky is a prime candidate. All you need to do is try it once to believe it.

So don't fear the wet, the sweat, the smell. Just stuff it and tomorrow you'll feel like you're walking through a cedar forest. And who cares if it starts to rain?

Source: Stuffits

May 7, 2015 - Repeat Offender

Sure, you might look at bicycle fenders as being kind of nerdy, that is until you're commuting to work after a rain and the splatter from the road is all over your legs. These fenders from Axiom keep you dry and comfortable the whole way.

What's great is that they slip on and off easily, making the perfect for the ride to work with them on, or the ride on the weekend with them off. These high-performance fenders are crafted using the highest quality materials and are designed to mount easily to just about any bicycle. Even if you bike is one of those without traditional eyelets, Axiom fits on, no problem.

You ride to work every day shouldn't be filled with splatter. Let the fender do the dirty work as you head to the daily grind.

Source: Axiom

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May 5, 2015 - Hammer It

I don't know who invented it first but I'm not claiming patent infringement...especially since I don't have a patent. But one day, after getting a new glove, my son who is baseball player, musician, mechanic and inventor showed me a device he created. He'd drilled a hole into an old plastic-coated baseball and insterted a dowel rod with glue. He used the device to pound his glove into submission and make it ready to go more quickly. I told him it was a great idea and he should try to sell those to people he knew. He never pursued it.

I happened to be at a sporting good store a couple years later and, of course, there is already such a thing and it is made by the clever folks at Unique Sports. Maybe my son got the idea from them and just wanted to make his own, I don't know, but I do know this. The mallet idea works. Baseball is filled with downtime. So even if you're at home watching TV or just in between at-bats during the game, you can be breaking in your glove the old-fashioned way. By (simulating) using it.

We've done many reviews of the great products at Unique Sports because of two things: Quality and value. Their products are within anyone's budget, but they're often outliers -- products either no one else has thought of or brought to market, which is what makes them Unique. So our advice: Next time you have an idea and decide to invent a cool new sports product, check their website first. There's a pretty good chance Unique Sports can send you one to try out.

Source Unique Sports

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April 29, 2015 - Corner Kick

Go and watch a high school soccer game. Or a club soccer game where the players are of high school age. My daughter plays for a very elite U17 team that has finished in the top five nationally. All of the girls on the team are committed to Division 1 schools. Yet you'll see something astounding at many of these games.

These girls, who are among the top in their age group in the nation, will work to get a good look at the goal, sometimes you could describe it as a wide-open shot, and they'll blast it...right at the keeper waiting in the middle of the goal. My theory, and I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to find others who agree, is that this is caused by muscle memory from a very young age. In other words when these players were tiny, they were taught to shoot the ball into the goal -- that's it. If it went in, great! You scored!

A similarity I can compare it to is pitching in baseball. When players are very young and first starting live pitching, coaches just hope they can throw a strike. Anywhere. Please just get it close. Therefore strikes that are on the high side, low side, inside or outside are all the same...they're strikes! But as pitchers get older, coaches start teaching them to find parts of the strike zone to aim for, (low and away, high and in). Pitchers try to "paint the black" by throw a ball perfectly on the corner of the plate, (which is painted black).

So why doesn't this happen in soccer? Here's the difference. If a soccer player wasn't being defended, she could "paint the black" of the goal. Watch the same girls on my daughter's team shoot PK's in a game. Every shot is in a far corner, almost hitting the post. When all they must do is focus on a particular spot in the goal, they can do it. A baseball pitcher doesn't have several defenders rushing at him about to strip the ball. If he did, I'd maintain that he'd also instinctively throw the pitch right down the middle where it is easy to hit.

Where is all of this leading? When she was little, just starting out, I wish I'd set up a net in the backyard for my daughter with a Soccer Wall from Soccer Innovations in front of it. If I had, her muscle memory would be trained to shoot away from the middle of the goal. Think what would happen if your son or daughter took every shot of their young lives with this mindset? In a pressure situation they wouldn't even consider blasting it right at the goalie.

The Soccer Wall is lightweight, stands just under five feet tall, and perfect for the backyard or for youth coaches in their training sessions. It easily sets up, breaks down, stores and transports. It is essential for anyone trying to help young players improve.

So make it a little harder for your kids to score goals when they're young. All you'll be doing is making it easier for them to put it in the net when they're older.

Source: Upstart Sports

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April 27, 2015 - Something You Kneed

We've touted the benefits of Pro Ice many times, and we were reminded why this weekend. My daughter's soccer team had a tough game Saturday and were supposed to play another even more challenging opponent Sunday, but it was postponed, (we never did find out why). In any event she and I decided to get in a little practice at the local school field but immediately she mentioned knee and ankle pain.

It wasn't bad enough that she wouldn't have been able to play through it, but I took the game postponement as a sign, that this was a day to rest those knees and ankles and ice them. Next time I saw here, she was wrapped in blue, with ice compression wraps everywhere it hurt.

The Pro Ice is so convenient because it doesn't require water. There is no mess, use it and then put it back in the freezer until the next time. The compression makes sure that the cold is applied where it is needed and, unlike a plastic bag of ice, users can be mobile.

We've said it before, and we're saying it again. If you have young athletes in the house, or if you're an "old" athlete yourself, this should definitely be something you find in your home's freezer section.

Source Pro Ice

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