June 11, 2014 - "We Got Ice"

Eighteen months ago we did a review of Pro Ice, a product we loved so much it made our 2012 Product of the Year list. With four athletic kids who are always getting dinged up, we use it in our personal lives all the time.


What makes Pro Ice so special and unique is that there is no water melting, no mess; all of the cold comes from the dozens of small pockets nestled inside a cozy, comfortable, compression wrap that maintains a constant temperature and creates a more thorough, longer-lasting cold experience.


When my soccer-playing daughter came up hobbling from a bad ankle, I noticed that the larger wraps we had did not fit perfectly around her foot. The good folks at Pro Ice wanted us to fall in love with the product all over again so they kindly sent not only ankle wraps (pictured), but another full cooler with wraps to take care of backs, knees, elbows – you name it. She loves the ankle ice and uses it if she's having pain, but also therapeutically after practices and games, even if it doesn't hurt.


What I don't understand is why every high school and college doesn't have these cooler packs on hand for each sport. My son just finished his high school baseball season. On their team and, on nearly every high school and travel team anywhere, whenever a kid at bat jumps out of the way of a pitched ball instead of “taking one for the team," the guys in the dugout yell out with derisive humor, “We got ice.”


Well, no they didn't. There was no cooler of ice in the dugout. What this means is that if someone were to twist an ankle, get hit by a ball, anything that would call for immediate ice treatment, there was nothing available. I guess in an emergency they could try to trek to the school, find a container and an ice machine and lug it back, but that never happened. And pitchers? Shouldn't all of them ice their arms after every outing? Our pitchers didn't have access.


All a team would need is a Pro Ice Cooler, two or three of their pitchers shoulder wraps and 2-3 of the basic wraps that work on elbows, knees, backs, and even rap around those ribs that get plunked by a fastball. Simply put it in a freezer a few hours before a game and then bring it to the field each game and practice. No need to waste gallons of water, lug a huge cooler filled with heavy, wet ice. Pro Ice is the obvious solution not only for baseball but for football, soccer, lacrosse, - you name it.


We love spreading the Pro Ice gospel, because we love the product. If you're skeptical, just start with one of their wraps. Stick it in the freezer for a few hours then take it out and wrap it around what hurts. You'll be sold within minutes of feeling that cooling relief.


Source: Pro Ice


June 5, 2014 - Put Your Head Down and Go

I'm not the world's best swimmer. When doing research for this product, I read that it is well known that head position is key to developing good swimming technique. I didn't know that. Apparently swimming with the head up is known as “uphill swimming” Your hips drop and you do more work to swim slower. That's exactly how I feel every time I'm in the water. Maybe I should get myself a Headstrong Posture Trainer.


The Headstrong Posture Trainer is used to correct body position in the water. Place the headstrong trainer where the skull begins to curve, making sure the unit is centered. Test to see if it is in the proper place by nodding your head back so it hits the base of your neck in the center. Next, rotate your head side to side to be sure it doesn't hit your traps and shoulders, so you know you've got it at the proper height. By wearing it on the forehead, Headstrong can also be used in the front to detect head position and the arms crossing over upon entry.


When swimming properly, with the neck relaxed, the hips are at the surface and there is no strain in the back. The body is in the same plane, leading to an efficient stroke. This is the position in which Headstrong teaches you to swim. You can now more easily roll your hips to maximize efficiency and use as few muscles as possible.


While the Headstrong is designed to help competitive swimmers, it can even help hackers like me. It's a simple device that has a simple effect on anyone who uses it. If you're going to go for a swim, whether you want to fast or not, you might as well do it right. The Headstrong Posture Trainer is like having your own personal coach strapped on your head.


Source: Headstrong

May 31, 2014 - Skreaming Into Brazil

By Dovber Chaiton

The FIFA World Cup Soccer is around the corner. The beautiful game is at its beautiful best. It truly is a spectacle of color, flair and flavor as the world watches with excitement.

Color, flair and flavor are also on exhibit when it comes to the soccer boots that the players wear in honor of this spectacular event. When it comes to soccer boots, one of the newest brands is Warrior. Warrior Football is producing trendy and high performance football footwear.

In time for the World Cup they have released their newest soccer boot, the Warrior Second Generation Skreamer. As the name suggests, the second generation Skreamer really does attract a lot of attention and for all the right reasons.

The second generation Skreamer is reduced in weight. They are not to be taken lightly though.  The Skreamer has a unique Arrowhead Vamp, this gives soccer players maximum power and precision. The Vamp along with the S-Lite upper means that you have a soccer boot that has power and precision without compromising on delicate and deft touch play.

The Warrior second generation Skreamer delivers when it comes to comfort too. The DeepLace configuration means that the boot always has a snug fit around the player’s foot. Warrior have gone all out on comfort with a Skreamfree stitchless internal make-up on their boot, this means no stitches cutting into player’s feet. There is also an Arrowbed insole, this promotes circulation for additional comfort during the game and quicker recovery after it.

The good soccer boots are separated from the mediocre ones when it comes to grip. The studs or blades are an essential part of the boot. Warrior has developed a technology called ClawTek. It is a technology that has introduced unique studs on Warrior boots, and it is winning rave reviews from players sporting the Warrior boots. The Skreamers are no different.

With bright neon colors and even better performance, it is no wonder that players like Vincent Kompany will be sporting Warrior Skreamer boots.

Source: Warrior Football

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May 20, 2014 - Low Maintenance, High Performance

So the news came recently that the most storied college football program in history, The University of Notre Dame, was switching its playing surface from natural grass to synthetic turf. Purists were and are outraged at the seeming loss of tradition. But times change. And listening to Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick explain the reasoning, it makes some sense:

“The reality is that in two of the last three seasons since we moved Commencement to the Stadium, we have been unable to produce an acceptable playing surface," Swarbrick said. “That, combined with the likely impacts of future construction at the Stadium, led me to conclude that we would continue to struggle to maintain a grass field that meets the expectations of our student-athletes and fans as it relates to appearance, performance and safety.

"Synthetic turf will assist our game preparation because our team will be able to play and practice on the same surface. We will also be able to utilize the Notre Dame Stadium field for practices on home football Fridays and other occasions, whereas that is currently unrealistic.”

We don't know who will be putting this new turf in, but the folks at On Deck Sports seem to have it wired. The offer Carpet-Like Colored Turf (did you know Boise State has a trademark on the color blue?), grass-like colored turf, strength and conditioning grass-like turf, agility training turf, soccer turf, and turf for baseball, golf, indoor facilities, Park & Rec/Phys Ed departments, softball and more. But they don't stop there, also providing full indoor facility design including rubber flooring, sports netting as well as goals, barrier nets, training aids, cages.

On Deck Sports works with organizations at all levels from professional teams to youth leagues. When you decide to put away the mower, fertilizer and sprinklers they'll be ready for you, once you've weeded everybody else out.

Source: On Deck Sports

May 13, 2014 - Head of the Class

By Dovber Chaiton


There is something very special about the albion Ultimate 98 Cricket Helmet. albion has always been masters of innovation when it comes to protective cricket headwear. They were the initial innovators of the lightweight helmets, which were adored by cricket players of all levels and abilities. The albion Ultimate 98 has that same special lightweight feeling to it but is as sturdy as any of the top notch professional cricket helmets on the market.


The albion Ultimate 98 is based on the Original 98 design and as official suppliers to some of the world’s leading batsmen, albion have produced yet another gem, for design, safety and weight reasons. There is no helmet with the same protective ability that could match the albion Ultimate 98 for its lightweight. It is safe to say that the albion Ultimate 98 protects well above its weight class.


What makes this helmet so special is the fact that Albion have focused on far more than just the protective qualities of the grill and the lid. Both the lid and the grill are aesthetically gorgeous and look great on players like AB De Villiers. The shell is made of carbon fiber which has been reinforced with polymer and super high density EVA liner, together with the slim fit titanium faceguard, the protection offered by the albion Ultimate 98 is of the highest out of any helmet on the market.

Helmets are mainly for protection but the fine attention to details paid by albion on this helmet makes it a real cricketing masterpiece.


Features like the quick release chin strap and sweat absorbent chin cup and an adjustable padding system with a super absorbent forehead pad that allows every player to get the ultimate fit.

The albion Ultimate 98 will not only keep you perfectly safe at the crease it will also keep you the most comfortable.


As a symbiosis of comfort and protection, batsmen will be hard pressed to find a product better than the albion Ultimate 98.


Source: albion

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