May 5, 2015 - Want to Have Some Fun?

Then you (and your kids) and going to dig Diggin Active. Their mission is to  create awesome products that get kids active and having fun! All of their products are safe, enjoyable and guaranteed to put a smile on any kid's face. 

Check out DodgeTag, a two to ? player dodge ball game. Each player dons an air vest with a velcro bullseye on the chest. It comes with six soft balls that will stick to the bullseye on contact, letting everyone know when there has been a direct it. Every kid loves playing dodgeball, but not everyone loves being pelted by the hard, rubber balls most well known in the sport. This allows kids to play the game indoors or outdoors with no worry about injury.

Our suggestion would be to buy several sets because the playing the more fun it would be. We'd like to see Diggin make it a two-sided vest so that back shots could be added to the mix. But with multiple vests, one could just set them up on front and back for the same effect. 

What are the rules of the game? That's probably what's best of all. There are no rules. The kids make them up. They can be creative and invent whatever structure they want and have a blast while learning. 

There are so many cool products they offer that we predict your kids will want them all. What we want for all kids is that they get active. You'll be "Diggin" it when they do.

Source: Diggin Active

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April 28, 2017 - Zone In

Do you play a sport? Do you work? Do you ride a bike or walk? Do you ever get aches and pains? The folks who answer "yes" to any of these questions comprise, well, just about everybody. That's the size of the market that MedZone aims to capture.

Medzone is a creater of terrific formulas called BlisterZone, ChafeZone, PainZone and BurnZone, which address arthritis symptoms and sore muscles, blisters, chafed skin and much more. They sent us a few individual use packets to try out. 

I have a son playing baseball in college and he's a catcher. That means his knees are always sore. He said he rubbed some of the PainZone on them before practice and they felt almost instantly better. The concentrated no-water formula boasts three anti-inflammatory agents plus two additional anti-inflammatory ingredients, so it's no wonder it worked like a charm. The topical analgesic relieves tired muscles, joint pain, aches and stiffness. You can get them in a handy applicator or small portable packets.

MedZone products were initially developed by a Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer who is also a Licensed Physical Therapist with over 40 years’ experience working with high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic-level athletes. They are so confident in everything they do, they offer an unconditional, money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied. They know what works. And now we do too.

Source: MedZone

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April 21, 2017 - On the Rebound

There are some people who never would think of new products and just assume that what's out and available must be the sum of all the good ideas. Then there are others who imagine things that would be useful, but never go beyond the idea stage. 

Then there are people like Soccer Innovations who have built a terrific business by envisioning new and innovative (thus the name) products, and then actually bringing them to market. 

The Handheld Soccer Rebounder is a good example. I've seen many goalie coaches working with keepers on quick reaction drills. The keeper or another player throws the ball out to the coach who then tries to quickly volley it back. The idea is that often a goalie in a real game will deflect a shot, only to have it instantly driven back to the goal. Being able to practice defending these rebounds is invaluable. 

But it is not always easy to connect foot to ball and often the rebound isn't on target, this leads to lots of wasted time and energy from both the coach, and players. The Handheld Rebounder eliminates this issue. It's wide surface and two handles make it not only easy to send the ball back towards where it came, but easily control it's direction allowing the coach to determine the degree of difficulty.

The Rebounder can be used in many different ways. Ironically, when I first saw it I had essentially the opposite application in mind. My daughter is a Division One soccer player and when she and I go down to the field I will let her shoot on me in goal. When it's coming right at me, it's scary. You might  think it would be no problem to just knock it down but with the velocity and movement her balls have, if you don't get it just right you can end up with a jammed finger or sprained wrist. This rebounder would not only be a great line of self-defense, but could also teach her to follow her shots and finish balls the goalie deflects. 

Everything you'll find at Soccer Innovations is tremendous quality and value. If you've ever wondered, "what if" about anything soccer, check them out. They've probably already dreamed it, tested, and perfected it.

Source: Soccer Innovations

April 7, 2017 - Swaggy Sleeve

We already told you about Lefty Swag's terrific training bats, but did you know that they make a heck of a sleeve that not only looks great but feels like a million bucks? Or does it feel great and look like a million? 

Either way, they sent us a few to try out and my baseball-playing sons loved them and argued over who got which one. They are not super-thin like some sleeves that essentially give no warmth or support and make you question their reason for existence, and they're not so thick as to be cumbersome. 

These are perfect for protecting your arms and elbows when sliding, while providing warmth on a cool day yet without being too hot on a warm one. The Dri-Fit fabric is moisture wicking so you won't get sweaty wearing it.

If you're looking for a great sleeve that's going to last a long time and stand up to the elements, this is a terrific choice. Hey, and if it makes you look like a winner too, you know you'll take that.

Source: Lefty Swag Bats

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March 31, 2017 - TCU Going to the Big Dance

We wish. Not because we're TCU basketball fans necessarily. But here's why: We've saying this for years and years around this time....wait. Before we get to that...

Did you know what happened in TCU basketball last night? We'd be surprised if you did. You'd either be a hard-core TCU basketball fan, a incredibly well-informed sports fan, or just happened to read the sport page from front to back, including the fine print. Last night, TCU won the National Invitation Tournament, (NIT). This used to be the most prestigious tournament in college basketball. Now it's an afterthought. In fact that's a generous description. 

And we have an idea for making it more interesting, making it relevant. The winner of the NIT automatically qualifies for a berth in next year's NCAA Tournament. If that was the case, many more people would have watched last night's game. The drama, (well, it was a blowout, but regardless) would be much more significant, or...existent. Teams snubbed by the tournament selection committee would have a reason to compete in the NIT with a vengeance. It all makes sense...unless to those who matter apparently. 

So, congratulations, TCU. We don't want to take anything away and hope you are proud of your accomplishment. You should be. We just wish there was a little bigger reward for your achievement.

Souce: NIT