March 5, 2016 - Spring Baseball

Have you ever seen a better-looking batting tee? But its much more than just a pretty face. Eli's Springback Tee is tough, rugged, durable and one of the most effective training tools on the market.

Most traditional tees have two issues that hinder their performance. First, they have a piece of rubber tubing protruding which holds the ball in place. When the hitter's swing is off and strikes the tube, it can damage the bat and the tube will eventually wear out and break. The other issue is that when the average tee is struck by the bat, it falls over, causing the user to bend down and repetitively pick it up and re-position it.

Eli's Springback Tee addresses all of those concerns and more. The rubberized cone that holds the ball in place is not only easier for placement, it is soft and pliable which means there is no resistance when struck with the bat. This is less abusive to those expensive bats and provides a truer feel to the hitter. This lack of resistance helps keep the tee from falling over. But what really works to keep it upright is the spring at the bottom of the tee's stand, (thus the name) and the heavy base. These combine to make the topple-free and steady swing after swing.

They sent us one to try out and it is everything we could have asked for and more. One of my college baseball-playing sons loves it so much he keeps it locked in the trunk of his car and uses it each day at the field instead of the tees that belong to the school.

You might think a batting tee is just a batting tee and there is not much difference. After all, as long as the ball is sitting there ready to be hit, that's good enough, right? Well, try it once and this tee will have you "springing" a different tune.

Source: Eli's Springback Tee


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February 26, 2016 - Goal To Go To

For everything soccer there is only one source you need online and that is Formerly, GoalNation is the recognized place to go for whatever information you crave about the beautiful game.

GoalNation is geared toward the elite levels, from youth club to college to the pros. However, they are also in the midst of branching out into the youth recreational levels ensuring they leave no stone unturned. Offering product reviews, informative interviews with soccer legends, tournament news and training tips, there will always be something for everyone. Club officials, players, coaches, parents and even referees can enjoy a seemingly endless amount of valuable, fresh and constantly-updated content.

No matter who you are, at what level or where you play, GoalNation is the first and last stop you need to make to get your soccer fix. Be careful, you might find yourself passing hours on end lost in the site. But then again, maybe that's your goal.

Source: GoalNation

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February 19, 2016 - Little League Mothers Can Be Rude

At least that's what MOAB (Mother of all Bats) by Rude American Bat Company want you to know. Because this new bat outfit we first told you about last year also makes a Little League approved bat for youth baseball.

With two models to choose from, each made from a proprietary scandium alloy blend, one has a unique moderately end-loaded weight distribution for power hitters and the other a more balanced weight for players who hit for average and contact.

We've tried their high school/college models and they are solid and have tremendous "pop" that you don't find everywhere, especially if you like American-made. The Little League versions carry the same quality but in a 2 1/4 BPF approved minus 10 that is sure to strike fear into the hearts of pitchers everywhere. (But not too much, they are just kids after all).

It must be almost baseball season across the country. Last week we told you about some youth wood bats, and now not-so-heavy metal. We think it's a good idea to carry both in your bag if you're a serious player.

Source: Rude American Bat Co.

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February 12, 2016 - Not For Lightweights

You can spend hundreds of dollars on hitting lessons for your youth league all-star and get a myriad of advice from college and pro players who may or may not know what they're talking about. They'll teach things like linear vs. rotational, swing path, staying inside the ball, all stuff that sounds good, but that the average 10 year-old can't comprehend. Then, they'll let your youngster go out and hit with a metal bat.

What's wrong with that? Well ask anyone who has been around the game and they'll tell you that hitting metal does not develop hitters. Those big barrels and tremendous sweet spots mask any errors in the swing. This means that a player could be doing everything wrong from his approach at the plate to his pitch selection to his swing, but still look great in the box score because he was able to make enough contact that the ball dropped safely into the outfield.

With a wood bat on the other hand there is no "cheating." You either hit it well or, well, you're digging down the line with your ears burning waiting to hear the ball pop into the first baseman's glove. We've always said the best hitting coach is a wood bat. Learn to hit with wood and when you pick up metal you'll feel like the ball is the size of a grapefruit.

But maybe your player isn't quite physical enough yet to swing a full-sized, fully weighted bat. If only someone had the great idea to make youth wood bats with a minus 8 or even 10 oz drop. You guessed it, someone has, and that is Viper Bats.

Their Youth Ultralight series is available in two custom models and three different wood types. They even offer a "sampler" pack that lets your youngster have one of each so he can really become an expert on which is right for him. Among the choices in their youth models are sizes starting as small as 24", various colors and customization for that special touch.

We haven't tried the youth bats, but they've sent us their pro models to use and we'll be reviewing them later. Let's just say based on what we've seen with their top-of-the-line, we can unequivicolly recommend you put a Viper in the hands of your budding superstar. This coach won't cost as much and won't say a whole lot either. But when he squares it up, your son will have truly learned how to hit.

Source: Viper Bats

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February 5, 2016 - ALL HaiL Super BowL

Each year the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the United States. There are bills that have been written to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday, (good idea considering how many people call in a little under the weather the day after). Copious amounts of chicken wings and guacamole are consumed, fields of hops and barley are razed to create the oceans of beer consumed.

Yet for most of us the Super Bowl is better known as the "I don't care who wins, I just hope its a good game," bowl. And sometimes we get our wish, sometimes we're coming up with new prop bets in the third quarter to keep our guests interested.

We don't know who will win this year's contest between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, but we do know Ceasar's Roman Numerals won't be making the trip. After generations of using the archaic but apparently exigent XXIV etc in place of a simple 24, the powers that be decided that the best way to commemorate number fifty is to label it, Number 50. It couldn't have had anything to do with not wanting teams and fans wearing hats and shirts advertising the big game to have a massive "L" on their heads and chests, could it? 

All we know if that we just hope it's a good game.

Source: Super BowL 50