September 3, 2015 - Shark on Ice

BLADESHARK Performance Hockey Tape is designed to hold a puck better than ordinary tape. It looks like the non-slip surface often found on outdoor stairs which is a sandpaper-like grit surface with adhesive back. But BLADESHARK is made from a pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive film coated with crushed cork and rubber particles. Tougher and lighter than tape, BLADESHARK typically lasts 10 to 15 games, but has been used for as many as 30 games.

BLADESHARK’s gritty, abrasive, anti-slip material has tiny “teeth," (thus the "shark") offering superior catching dynamics, unmatched by traditional tape-wrapped blades. BLADESHARK's “teeth” grab that laser, cross-ice pass and keep it on your blade. When the puck hits the blade, BLADESHARK’s teeth grab the puck, reducing spin and dissipating its energy. Longer contact with the blade provides more control over your catches and passes so dominate your league and make the all-star team. Its like the old electric hockey game where the magnetic puck stuck to the metal players' sticks.

If you're the type of player who likes being in control...of the puck...then go ahead and wrap your ankles with the old-fashioned athletic tape but move your stick into the 21st century. After you split the defenders you will finally be able to tell the puck it's OK to leave your stick. For the comfort of the net.

Source: Bladeshark

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August 28, 2015 - Blow Up the Target

While these may seem more in the realm of toys than actual sports products, we like them anyway. Maybe thats because we can remember the days of active, sports-loving little boys running around the house throwing balls and looking for ways to have fun. Hedsrtom Specialty must know what its like too.

If you have a reasonbly big room, a garage, a back yard or a basement and kids under the age of ten who aspire to be pro baseball or football players, get them one of these. Reminicent of the old-fashioned inflatable punching bags many of us had as kids, this Training Camp 2-in-1 Trainer makes it fun for little guys (and gals) to practice their pitching and TD spirals. Best of all, they can do it on their own with no parents needed. It is safe, solitary fun.

And let's face it. Toy or not, when kids are throwing at a target over and over, which they will do with the Trainer, they are getting better. It will only translate to more strikes thrown on the field later in life.

So take a deep breath, blow up the 2-in-1 Trainer, lay out a couple of soft balls and watch what happens. Our guess is your future Cy Young Award winner has a sore arm tomorrow.

Source Hedstrom Speciality

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August 24, 2015 - Watch Out This Time of Year

The last two weeks of August bring a special event to those of us who love youth baseball. Of course we're talking about the one and only Little League World Series. Many folks are not intimately familar with the rules of Little League, the most prominent among them being the pitch count. 

There is a maximum number of pitches a youth player can throw in one game. If that player is age 11-12 the cap is 85 pitchers. If the player is 10, he/she may throw no more than 75. And after reaching certain plateaus, corresponding days of rest are required. If a player has thrown 20 or fewer, there is no rest needed, he is free to pitch again the next day. However for 21 to 35 pitches one day rest is mandated. If he throws 36-50, its two days, 51-65, three days and 66 or more pitches in a game requires four calendar days rest.

This is why every serious Little League coach needs the Pitch Count Watch. We love using ours. It tracks your team's pitches with the touch of a button - and even tracks the opponents. It also comes with a stopwatch, date, and oh yeah, it tells the time so your never late to a game. 

If Little League is your thing, good for you. And if you're gearing up for a new season of coaching next year, you're going to want to get your watch out.

Source: Upstart Sports

August 13, 2015 - They've Got You Covered

What do these guys at CoverSports do? What don't they do is the better question. If it has to do with baseball, football, tennis, track, soccer, golf or virtually any other sport and it needs to be covered up, look no farther.

They do personalized outfield and stadium wall covers. You know the ones with the cool illustrations, logos and ads? That's them. They do rain tarps, sideline covers, special events,  and on and on.

They are especially proud of they GymGuard gymnasium protector. They stock them in virtually any weight and color to suit your budget and application. Since they are the actual manufacturer, they have an advantage over others who subcontract or simply re-sell.

Since new gym floors cost tens of thousands of dollars it makes sense to bring in a GymGuard to protect your investment. Constructed of ultra durable and vinyl reinforced fabric. They are water-resistent, slip resistent and fire-resistent. You can also add letters or logos. They can be quickly unrolled and laid out to protect that valuable floor.

So from NFL stadiums to MLB field tarps to your local high school gym floor, there's no one better to blanket you in top of the line quality.

Source: CoverSports

August 6, 2015 - mmm, mmm, Guard!

If you've ever had a kid play football or any other sport requiring a mouthguard, you know that while they're a pain to wear, they're pretty important. You also know that they get chewed up and essentially rendered usless after just a few games. What if you could buy a mouthguard for your league that would be one kids wanted to keep in their mouths, and that would serve as a great fundraiser? Now you can with Flavored Mouthguards from Upstart Sports.

The come in a variety of colors, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green and Pink as well as terrific flavors such as Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum and more. Because the flavor is not sprayed on, but embedded into the moldable plastic is stays fresh and delicious game after game. And because your per-piece price for a 25-pack is only $3.00 your league can sell them for $5.00 or more all season long and make a sweet profit.

We've tried all the flavors and they really are outstanding. Plus the guards come with $1600.00 in dental insurance so you know they're legit protection. Now you can show your league's true colors and flavors while adding to bottom line. What could taste better than that?

Source: Upstart Sports