March 26, 2017 - Slide and Shoot

Short on space but would like to add a basket for the kids to shoot on? Maybe you're a shool that has limited resources and a permanent goal wouldn't fit the budget or would be in the way of other activites. The folks at Bison have a terrific solution. 

You'll love their Removable Practice Basketball Goal Package. The bracket mounts easily on any flat surface. Then simply slid in the rim and, viola! instant hoops! This and many other great sporting goods ideas can be found on their website

Bison is committed to creating great products and developing the best facilities money can buy. Whether you have limited funds or an NCAA D1 powerhouse budget, they have what you need to get the games going.

Source: Bison

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March 9, 2017 - Smart Mouth

Just another mouth guard? You might think so at first glance. The PRO-TEC Series mouth guards from XCELER8 Athletics don't look much different than the average guard you might see any any store. But looks can be deceiving. And you'd be smart to look a little closer at this one.

The PRO-TEC has been carefully designed for the youth athlete 14 years and younger. It is made of the safest materials and the dual-layer absorbs impact from the initial point of contact, while the specialized soft gel lining provides a custom secure fit.

They sent us a couple to try and after easily forming it into the mouth you can just feel the sturdiness, the protection. It's not just a piece of molded plastic. This one can obviously take a hit. The air-infused outer layer absorbs and distributes impact. The inner layer soft gel offers extra protection and makes molding easy. Four integrated breathing channels allow for air passage when your mouth is closed and, maybe most importantly, the air chamber cushion pads interlock the top and bottom molars which keep the jaw secure.

Made of top compliance FDA approved materials (BPA, PVC, and Latex Free) the PRO-TEC Series mouthpiece is durable and long lasting, which means instead of being a gnarled hunk of chewed plastic at the end of the season, this one will still be in great shape and ready for the next game. Just pop it in its handy ventilated case and it will be ready when you are. 

Want further proof? Well, they put their money where your mouth is. Every mouthguard comes with a $5,000 dental warranty and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And speaking of money, after all this build-up, you're probably afraid to hear the price. Don't be. With the PRO-TEC you get the best of both worlds: Top-of-the-line quality at a price that's not much more than you'd expect to pay for an average mouthpiece. 

When it comes to protecting those teeth, you don't want to skimp. And you don't have to. The smart money is on PRO-TEC. 

Source: XCELER8 Athletics

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March 3, 2017 - That's a Wrap

So you spent hundreds of dollars on that new glove and meticulously broke it in the way you like it. But then you just throw it in your bag along with your bats and cleats and other junk that can crush it, lay on top of it and bend it out of shape? Shame on you. 

"What am I supposed to do", you ask, "Keep my glove on my hand at all times?" Well what if there was an easy solution, an insurance policy of sorts, that would maintain your glove's perfect shape forever? And what if that insurance policy cost less than six bucks? 

We've been telling you for years that the folks at Unique Sports specialize in innovative products that provide every day sports solutions at incredibly affordable prices. Their Hot Glove Glove Wrap fits the mold. While protecting the shape you've molded your glove into to. Simply place a ball in the glove's pocket, wrap with the elastic Glove Wrap and tighten the velcro strap just right. Your glove will maintain its shape no matter what else besides balls you throw at it. 

Everyone loves simplicity. And everyone wants a bargain. Treat your glove with the respect it deserves. And it will repay you every time you take the field. 

Source: Unique Sports

February 20, 2017 - Get Shelter

If you want an inexpensive and portalbe shelter solution for your kids soccer, field hockey or lacrosse teams you need to check out the Club Shelter from Upstart Sports. It's an amazing product for the price and can be customized in your team's colors and logo. 

Because it is lightweight and compact it can easily be set up and broken down before and after games. It is designed to cover a "six-seater" bench and keep players out of the elements. This is a great investment for any club travel team. 

There are four “webbing loops” on each corner of the shelter where you can stake down or place weight bags to secure the shelter to the ground. It comes in a carrying bag with instructions and four 9” steel spikes. You can easily fit it in the trunk of the car along with the kids' soccer gear. It's also great for excursions to the beach or lake.

Even if the weather won't cooperate, your kids don't have to be drenched by the rain or baked in the sun while they wait for their chance to play. Pop up the Club Shelter and in no time at all they'll be cool and dry. The other team will wonder why your team is always fresh and energetic.

Source: Upstart Sports

. There are four “Webbing Loops” on each corner of the shelter were you can stake down or place weight bags to secure the shelter to the ground.

February 10, 2017 - Swag For the Fences

Want to increase your bat speed? Who doesn't? The trick is finding the right tool to do the job. Training bats from LeftySwag might just be the answer you were looking for. They sent some to us to try out and we love them.

LeftySwag Bats are guaranteed to increase your bat speed using the mechanics of building muscles with underload and overload weighted bats. Underload training focuses on fast twitch muscles, which will increase hand speed. This means you will be quicker to the ball. Overload training is designed to improve your strength and bat control. Their bat speed training program is guaranteed to increase batting average and power, and it only takes 10 minutes a day!

You can customize their training bats by simply choosing the colors, and adding your name and number to the knob. You can even customize the weight of your training bat. And, they are compact and easy to store, taking up very little room in a bat bag or duffle.

They offer a free training regimen on their website that gives the player a step-by-step guide to using the bats and improving that speed. We also liked that the lightweight, aluminum bats can be swung virtually anywhere? Stuck indoors because it's February and snowing? Get in front of a mirror or even just the TV and still get your hacks in safely, turning your family room into a winter training facility. Because spring is just around the corner and you know that when you're not training, somebody else is. 

Source: LeftySwag