May 20, 2016 - American Style

This is our second review of products from Dux Sports and our mantra is the same. If you want great quality, great prices, great selection and overall terrific value, they're tough to beat.

They sent us one of these red, white and blue camo sleeves. I have a college ball playing son who is very into his sleeves. And he's patriotic. This was perfect for him. Each Sunday their team did a "military appreciation" day and wore their camoflague jersies. Even though the jersies were green camo, he claimed his sleeve didn't clash. When I chided him about it he said with mock-seriousness, "Don't tell me what looks good." Safe to say he loved his sleeve.

And besides just good looks, the sleeves are great in cold weather but also contain odor-fighting properties, wick away moisture, are extremely resistent to tearing and can keep skin cool in hot weather. After an entire season of diving back into bases, laying out for ground balls and machine washing, it still looks like it just came out of the package. And did we mention that as of this writing they're under $10.00? You might want to hurry and order yours now before everyone catches on and they realize what a bargain they're giving everyone.

Source: Dux Sports

May 13, 2016 - The Race to the Summit

This week's product is not a physical good. It is not an online service. But it is top-of-the-line. And, though we think it is priceless, it comes free to anyone with cable television. It is the NHL. Specifically the NHL playoffs, of which we're in the midst.

What makes the NHL playoffs so special? First of all, winning it all in the National Hockey League is easily the most difficult accomplishment in the sports world. The grueling toll that series after series takes on the mind and body is why it is not only rare for teams to repeat, it is not uncommon for a team that wins one year to not even make the playoffs the next.

And these players are tough. Don't think fights. They rarely do that in the post season because no one wants to hurt his team by giving up a power play. But you'll see checks into the board that would lead football players to call for smelling salts. Butts of sticks to the mouth are simply a play-on. Defenders will gladly sacrifice their rib cages as they lay out fully extended to try and stop a puck at 100 plus miles an hour.

But what makes it truly magical is the play. Who can resist the way momentum swings from minute to minute, side to side like a crazy over-oiled pendulum rocking out of control. Shot on goal, blocked with a fantastic save and now the puck is headed the other way where seconds later the shot hits the post only to ricochet out to start another fast break the other way.

Oh, and there's Doc Emrick, easily the best announcer in any sport.

If you're not a hockey fan, we understand. If you don't have a team to root for because you don't follow the NHL, we get it. But we challenge you to tune in...there's still a ways to go this season...and watch a few periods. Watch a Game 6, or a Game 7. Check out overtime. We're guessing if you give it a chance you'll be hooked. "He shoots! He scores!"

Source: NHL

May 6, 2016 - Pick It Up!

What else would you expect from the folks at Unique Sports but an innovative, exciting product that makes complete sense, is easy to use, durable and priced so that anyone can afford it? We've reviewed several of their products in the past and this one is another winner.

The Tourna Ballport 80 is the quicker picker-upper. In one incarnation, it is a perfect ball holder. Place it on its legs and up to eighty balls are at waist level so that you can practice quickly and never have to bend over to pick up a ball.

But when it's empty, turn it over, the legs snap together to form a handle, and it will gobble up and store every ball on the court...again, no bending!

It's made of tough, durable, recyclable polypropylene with no wires to rust, welding to break, or paint to peel. The handles rotate and lock up or down for easy pickup and dispensing. Rolling bars on the bottom help ease balls into the basket and hold them in. Sliding bars on the top slide open to make dispensing easy, and they lock closed to hold balls during transport and storage.

If you spend time on the court with your kids, you'll be especially glad you have the Ballport 80. Now, instead of having to "make" them pick up the balls, they'll fight over who "gets" to do it. Leave it to Unique Sports to figure out a way to turn even a chore into something fun.

Source: Unique Sports

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May 3, 2016 - Plenty of Venom

You may think that a wood bat is a wood bat. Just go to any sporting goods store and pick out the cheapest one they have and you're good to go. Well many years ago, when the boys were first playing in wood-bat tournaments, I thought that way. And I learned the hard way. The cheap bats break easily and a ball that should have been hit a country mile ends up not even going a city block. The cheap bats end up costing more because you have to replace them every game...if not more often.

We've tried composites, (great economy because they don't break, but not much power), bamboo, (sons thought they were too dense and heavy, but again, didn't break) and many other brands of ash, maple, birch and whatever woods were in favor at the time. But there have only been a select few that made the grade when it comes to my boys, and Viper Bats is one of them.

The process they use of prime #1 grade hand-split maple and ash billets makes for a strong, more durable bat every time because a split billet follows the face grain as well as the edge grain. Hand-splits are how bat billets were made in the old days and are just like they sound – raw logs split into triangle wedges and then turned into rounds.

What that means is you get the best of both worlds. A great-swinging bat that's durable and powerful. The Viper isn't the cheapest bat on the market, (and we've already covered why you don't want that) and it's also not the most expensive. But in the right hands, it's definitely one of the best.

Source: Viper Bats

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April 22, 2016 - It Has Your Back

The CGI Weightlifting Belt is a terrific value and even better product. If you lift heavy things, in the weight room or elsewhere, this is for you. While you may find weight belts of similar ilk, they'll be at least twice the price. Or, if you want to be in this price range, you'll have something made of a weak material and is nowhere near the quality this offers with heavy-duty 100% leather strap, reinforced stitching, and hardcore buckle.

They sent us one to try and, if we were inclined to get over a bar and deadlift, we'd at least know that the CGI belt was going to have our back. But even folks who stock shelves, lift tires, do other manual labor during the day need this baby.

There is no way you'll be disappointed by the quality and you'll be downright thrilled with the price. We're going to have many more sensational products from this exciting new manufacturer in coming weeks. In the meantime, strap in and lift off!

Upstart Sports