November 20, 2015 - Here and Now

How can a non-golfer get excited about a golf product? Not sure, but that's what happened here. The folks from Golf Swing Right Now asked if they could send their product to us to review. We said sure, having no idea what to expect. We still didn't really understand the principle when we unwrapped it from the package either. So we did what anyone who was handed one would naturally do. We took it into an open area in the office and swung it. And fell in love.


Again, golf isn't really our thing so we're not going to pontificate on how it improved our game, lowered our handicap, etc. But what we are going to tell you is that from our experience in various other sports, there is no doubt using this training tool will absolutely make you a better golfer.


At first glance, it is unassuming, even bland. There is a grip, a shaft and a metal tip at the bottom that looks like something we made on the lathe in middle school shop class. Then you swing it – they recommend 75% the first few times – and it feels exactly like you're swinging a real club. The shaft flexes and the weighted bottom brings the device through the zone at the identical speed and resistance of any club in your bag, (we have golfed, we're just not good at it). You can't stop. You can't put it down.


Why is this so fantastic? Well when's the last time you worked on your swing indoors? In your office or family room? This opens up a whole new dimension to practicing. Three months of winter coming on? No problem. Buried at work from sunup to sundown? Still plenty of time to take five-minutes and work out the kinks. Because of the way the Golf Swing Right Now is weighted you can easily determine if your swing was what you wanted. We could tell we'd have hooked the first ten we took. But, surprisingly, the next ten seemed a little better. And before long every swing had the proper path and timing. You can now take as many swings as you want, whenever you want, until you get it right. We usually don't mention price in our articles, but for what they are charging this is a phenomenal bargain and the best golf investment you'll ever make.


We've reviewed some fantastic products this in 2015 but we'd be surprised if this wasn't on our annual “Best of the Year” list coming out in a few weeks. We'd also be surprised if the GSRN doesn't start popping up everywhere you look. Stuck sitting in an office reading this? Take a quick break. Get up and Swing Right Now.


Source: Golf Swing Right Now

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November 10, 2015 - Skipping on Water

There's a great new way to be entertained at the beach, lake or pool. If you spend any time near the water, go to Ripper and spend a few bucks. You'll get your money's worth the first time you play with it.


What is, “it”? Water Ripper looks and feels just like a HackySack toy. But this one is amphibious. Essentially it is a fun little ball that will float, skip, hop and ski across the top of any water surface. It takes water play to a whole new and exciting level.


They sent us a few to try and we tested them in a backyard pool. It skips like a rock but you catch it like a bag. When my kids were young we always took things like tennis balls to pools or the ocean. The problem with those is that if you missed a throw and took a shot to the nose, it was no fun. And if the ball got away it would roll forever and we always worried about it conking someone innocent. Also no fun. The water ripper won't leave a mark. It's harmless. And because it is a beanbag, if it gets tossed out of the pool it stays pretty much put, which means more water time, less time running and reaching under someone's deck chair.


There are so many things you can do with it. Try water bowling or soccer. Have skip contests, keep track of consecutive catch rallies. Bury buckets in the sand and roll or kick it in like golf. Do tricks like you would with a frisbee or play keep away. See who can skip it the longest or, at the ocean, who can get the most air on a skip off a wave. Develop your catching and throwing skills in a safe and entertaining way. Surfers, paddlers, boaters, floaters, swimmers of all ages will have hours of fun The possibilities really are endless.


When you pack your beach bag, right there next to the paddle game, water football, bucket and shovel, needs to be a couple Water Rippers. Once you start skipping it around, you'll never want to put it down.


Source: Water Ripper

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October 30, 2015 - Stem the Tide

By Dovber Chaiton

The death of Phil Hughes shook the entire cricketing fraternity. He was hit in an area that would not have been protected by any helmet on the market at the time. Irish batsman John Mooney famously came out to bat in the Cricket World Cup with an about facing grille on the back of his helmet. While this may have been effective it definitely was not so sleek looking Heeding the call of the hour in keeping the players safe, top cricket helmet maker in the world Masuri scrambled and created a product that now protects the vulnerable area under the ears of the batsman, it is called the Stem Guard.


Any cricketer playing at a top level should consider the Stem Guard as imperative as going out to bat with a helmet. Masuri have put a lot of thought and time into the design of this product. It predominately fits well on their Masuri Vision Series Helmets.


The Stem Guard they sent us is ultra-lightweight. It does not hinder the vision of the batsman in any way. The batsman in fact is totally unaware that the Stem Guard is even there when he is wearing the helmet. The design is such that should the batsman turn his head when facing a bouncer and be struck by the ball. The Stem Guard will bear the brunt of the impact.


Like any other piece of protective headwear, the Stem Guard should be replaced if it sustains a serious blow. It definitely will not be long before the ICC mandates for batsmen to be wearing a helmet with a

Stem Guard, if not for professional cricket then definitely at the junior levels.


The Masuri Stem Guard is currently available in the pale yellow color and is an essential item for the safety of any cricketer.


Source: Masuri

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October 23, 2015 - Rude Awakening

Metal bat manufacturers, there's a new kid on the block and it has the potential to be a sleeping giant. Rude American Bat Company produces a product that matches or exceeds the quality of any one-piece aluminum bat on the market. They make bats for youth, travel and high school/college that will knock your, and the pitcher's, socks off. They use the acronym, MOAB (mother of all bats) for good reason.

One of their unique features is that in each bat there are two options. There is a "power" version and a "speed" version of their MOAB's. The Power version is a little more "endloaded" or top-heavy. This will contribute to devastating results when a hitter gets the head of the bat down and the barrel through the zone. Devastating to the opposing team, that is.

The Speed version is more balanced. They sent us the high school BBCOR certified Speed and Power bats to try. I have two sons who play college baseball. We tried them out in the cage and, interestingly, one son preferred the Speed and the other liked the Power better. I took a few hacks too and amused and surprised both my boys and myself with some of the shots I hit. These bats are not a gimmick. They're the real deal.

We really hope the word spreads like wildfire about Rude American Bats. There may not be a whole lot of room in the local mega sporting goods store for a new brand, yet. But there certainly is plenty of room in the dugout of every youth league, travel, high school and college team that wants to win.

Source: Rude American Bat Company

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October 16, 2015 - Change for the Better

They say the changeup is the most effective pitch in baseball. That's even more true for softball. A pitcher's job is to keep hitters off balance. However when throwing batting practice with a pitching machine, every pitch is coming at the same velocity. This is great for developing good mechanics and developing an eye for the ball, but doesn't help hitters learn to time different speeds.


Hitting off the JUGS new Changeup Super Softball Machine is the next best thing to live batting practice. It provides a realistic underhand delivery so the ball approaches the batter at the same angle as when thrown by a pitcher. By changing the speeds at the press of a button, hitters have to adjust their swings instantaneously. In addition to the manual control on the base of the unit, it also comes with a remote control on a keychain. Why? The whole point of this machine is to force hitters to see different speeds without knowing what's coming. Now crafty coaches can change from fastball to changeup from inside the dugout so their hitters are facing variation similar to what they'll see in games.


This machine is not only great for working with your hitters, but it's also perfect for advanced outfield drills. The swivel-design base provides 360 degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups and ground balls.


It comes standard with a transport cart, making it portable and easy to move and set up. Simply insert the handle, tilt and roll. It weighs just 75 lbs, which means one person can load the JUGS in the trunk of a car.


JUGs is the world leader in pitching machines. If you've ever used one, you know they're top-of-the-line. If you're a high school or college coach, have a travel team, or even just are a parent with a daughter aiming high in her career, you need to have this in your arsenal. If your players can learn to master the Changeup Machine, your opponents won't know what hit them.


Source: JUGS Sports

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