October 21, 2017 - Catching Cold

You're a high school baseball coach. You have a pitcher who has thrown close to 100 pitches in the fourth inning and it's time to take him out. He tips his cap to the appreciative crowd as he strides into the dugout, his day over. Now it's time for him to ice that shoulder and elbow to facilitate healing and prevent soreness and injury.

Except, wait. There's no ice. The field is so far away from the school no one thinks to bring a cooler full of ice to the diamond. Now, your pitcher must wait another few innings, maybe more if the game goes extras, and he has to stay around after the game to help rake the mound and do other field maintenance. By the time he gets home and ices his arm, (if he even does at all), its hours since he threw his first pitch.

But if you had the Pro Ice Shoulder/Elbow Cold Wrap in the dugout, he'd have the benefit of immediate icing, with no cooler, no water, no hassle.

Pro Ice is a proven, non-toxic pain reliver for acute injuries, It also is a great preventative for people who have overused their arms – like pitchers.

Simply place this reusable cold pack around the shoulder and elbow. The windowpane format will conform to the body and the compression straps will boost the benefits of the cold therapy unit. The single ice insert will maintain a consistent temperature for an hour. Coaches can keep it and other wraps in a convenient, freezer-friendly neoprene cooler and simply store it in their freezer at home or at the school, then grab it along on the way to the field before the game. The wrap stays cold, out of the way, and easy to access and wear.

Every coach, high school and college, baseball, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey and nearly any others you can think of, needs Pro Ice. You'll use no water, no plastic wrap, you won't have to lug a cooler anywhere and, most importantly, you'll be sure to have ice available if there is an injury or any muscle stress. This is one cold, you'll want to catch.

Source: Upstart Sports


October 16, 2016 - Salty Dog

Want something stylish, durable, yet lightweight and portable to store all the essentials on your next trip on the boat? Look no further than the Water Dog boat bag by Clear Creek.

Designed to thrive in wet conditions, the Water Dog boat bag is perfect for whether you are cruising along a glassy pond, or barreling through rough seas. Crafted from highly water-resistant, high tenactiy denier fabric, it holds up even in standing water with a molded skid proof, waterproof bottom and a waterproof, pull-out rain fly. The rain fly packs neatly in side pocket when not in use

The Hi-vis interior fabric is durable and resists mildew. It comes with heavy duty YKK zippers, Duraflex hardware, and adjustable, removable, padded shoulder strap and reinforced carry handle and is abrasion-resistant. Just chuck it in an your ready to go.

Fishermen and pleasure cruisers will both be thrilled with the performance of their Water Dog. Now open it up and “fetch” a cold one.

Source: Clear Creek

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September 30, 2016 - Smart Mouth (Piece)

If your child plays a sport where there is any chance for contact, there's a good chance that you have them wear a mouth guard. However, unless the sport is one where the mouthguard can be tethered to a helmet, you know that it is always loose and ending up anywhere. That mouth piece, that's full of saliva, ends up in the dirt, on the bench, in the equipment bag...who knows where else. Your child just has to hold it in his dirty hand until he's ready to go back in the game. And we all know that ultimately that means they get in the car after practice and you ask them where it is and it turns out its lost. And some mouth guards cost a lot of money.

Now there is a solution, called The Mouthpiece Pocket. The Mouthpiece Pocket slides on your player's arm sort of like a wristband. However, it contains two slots to snugly grab and hold in place any mouth guard. It is sanitary, unobtrusive and effect. The mouth guard won't fall out even when the player's arms are to his side. 

You can order one online (only $5.00!) for your child or have them make a batch in custom colors for the whole team. Either way, if your a parent who would like to see your child's teeth protected but not at the expense of sanitation this is the smartest few bucks you can spend.

Source: The Mouthpiece Pocket

September 23, 2016 - Carbon Footprint


Most athletes who are working their way up from youth leagues to high school and college believe that sports science is stuff reserved for the people who play on television. And for the most part, they're right. But VKTRY insoles has delivered a product that brings the best of research and technology to anyone from the pros to the common player.

The majority of sports insoles are made from foam and plastic #and provide virtually no energy return. VKTRY insoles are made from aerospace grade carbon fiber which runs from heel to toe and provides true energy return to athletes as they push off. They're designed to both make you faster and help protect the foot, ankle and knee from injury.

VKs return energy back to the athlete because of the unique and patented shape, the full-length carbon fiber base, and the specially engineered construction. As you know, all athletes have different bodies and different needs. That's why, VKs are available in an unprecedented five different degrees of flexibility based on the athlete’s weight and sport. Along with athlete weight, foot size and sport, their proprietary algorithm determines optimal “Pro” level based on how much deflection force an athlete can comfortably exert on the VK. The incredible level of thought and science that has gone into the product is what makes it exceptional.

VKTRY insoles were conceived, designed and invented by Matt Arciuolo, Certified Pedorthist of the USA Olympic Bobsled Team. And what sport do you know that needs more explosive initial burst than bobsledding? And it's all well and good to hear claims of performance, but testing has borne out their theories. In trial after trial, athletes using the VKTRY soles improved speed times rather dramatically. In baseball, the difference between running a 6.8 and a 6.6 60 time might be the difference between a scholarship, between a pro contact. In football, nearly all college and pro teams begin their talent assessments with a 40 time Run a 4.6 and you're one of a million. Run a 4.4 and you're one in a million. Imagine if you could gain that slight edge by simply slipping top-of-the-line science in your shoe?

Though the initial incarnation of their product was outstanding they, just like the clientele they serve, were always striving to do better. Recently they reversed a common trend in manufacturing by moving their manufacturing from overseas to the United States where they were able to take advantage of improved processes and produce an insole that is 30% thinner and 40% more lightweight. So slip them in and lace them up. Those faster times you're running? Those will just be because of your two little secrets.

Source: VKTRY

September 16, 2016 - Name Game

We've told you before about the great dugout organizer called The Bench Coach. But what we didn't mention the first time is about the great value-add service they provide their customers, worthy of praise. 

The Bench Coach is a portable dugout organizer that a baseball or softball coach can easily carry to and from the field in its handy travel bag. Simply unfold it from the bag, (no poles or connecting needed, it's all one piece), and fasten it to the chain link fence that makes up nearly all youth league dugouts. 

If you see the typical Little League dugout, it is strewn with gloves, helmets, water bottles and other gear. The Bench coach eliminates that mess. Every player has their own compartment where they can store helmets, gloves, batting gloves, even water bottles. There's a spot on the side for a lineup card. And when the game or practice ends, it easily folds back into the carry bag in less than a minute.

But the folks who make The Bench Coach want it to be extra special, which is why they go the extra mile. For no additional charge, they will create name cards to go in each compartment, just like a real, top-of-the line helmet rack in a high school or college dugout. They want to make every player feel like a Big Leaguer, even if they're in T-ball. It's a nice feature they could easily charge extra for, but which they do because they know that happy kids make happy customers. 

We highly recommend this product and, from what we can tell, the client satisfaction rate is nearly 100%. Once you slide your players names into their own special slot, you'll see their eyes light up with pride. And your team's dugout will be the envy of the league.

Source: The Bench Coach