June 9, 2017 - Shoulder to the Wheel

They look like giant doughnuts, but if you're a football player, they're really, really good for you. The Tackle Wheels from Franklin Athletic teach proper tackling technique in a safe manner.

The wheels are made of foam covered in heavy-duty vinyl. The can be rolled laterally across the field so that tacklers hit a moving target. The player drives his shoulder into the side while hooking his arm through the hole to simulate a perfect tackle with a minimum of stress and impact to the player. The wheels can also be rolled straight on to a player to help him work on shedding oncoming blockers. 

Tackle Wheels teach players to tackle without using their bodies. If they put their helmets to the side of their targets there is less chance for injury. For that reason alone every youth, high school and college program should have a few of these ready to roll.

Source: Franklin Athletic

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June 2, 2017- These Will Catch On

The folks at Upstart Sports know their gloves. Their Team Batting Gloves are top-of-the-line in quality and budget priced. School, leagues, travel teams and more are clamoring to get their custom gloves with their own embroidered logo in their baseball and softball team colors. 

But football season is coming up and there are thousands of schools and leagues that are planning for the new season. If you're one of them, make your plans to include the custom gloves from TeamFootballGloves.com. These gloves are unlike any on the market with their extremely durable, breathable stretch fabric in back and their silicone palm that can be emblazoned with a cross-finger logo.

They sent us some to try out and the silicone is just the perfect amount of tackiness to make those one-handed highlight grabs. The backs are so comfortable and form fitting that your players will feel like they are not wearing a glove at all. Most over gloves we've seen are cumbersome and don't have the same flexibility the gloves from Upstart provide. 

But coolest of all is the wide array of designs available. You can get your team logo embossed within a camo pattern or anything else you can imagine. Let your creativity run wild, like your players. Oh, and when the ball goes up in the air rest assured it's going to come down firmly tucked away in these gloves...and looking spectacular in the process.

Source: TeamFootballGloves.com


May 26, 2017 - Power Up

The Power Up Wedge is a personalized training device for baseball and softball that allows the individual player to understand his or her lower half and introduces them to the responsibility of the lower half and the importance it plays in the success of each and every hitter, pitcher, athlete.

The Power Up Wedge is a direct link to better balance, stability, core awareness and strength, presenting today's player with unmatched feel and a keen synchronization of mind and body, allowing the muscle memory to come quick.

Once you fasten the Wedge to either front foot, back foot or both, your lower half is ready to drive you to untapped levels of success by training you to be an athlete and giving you an opportunity to make an immediate impact.

While we haven't tried the product it definitely looks like it has promise. As we've written many times before, balance is a key component to everything, in sports and in life. Anything that promises to provide your athlete more stability, direction, leverage, torque and power while creating muscle memory, strength, bat speed, velocity and consistency gets our vote. 

Source: Power Up Wedge

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May 12, 2017 - No Palm Ball

The folks at Unique Sports love to find solutions for common, everyday sports problems. The Ball Control training device is a simple, yet excitingly easy-to-use device that will quickly transform your little hoops player into a ball-handling and scoring machine. 

If you've watched novice youngsters play basketball they all have one thing in common: When they try to dribble or shoot the ball, they tend to use their palms. They think they that need to slap at the ball to make it bounce and there is no shooting touch, it is more like a shooting hoist. 

The Ball Control is a soft leather strap that fits on any hand which, via the knob built into the palm, helps create the good habits of dribbling and shooting with the fingers, not the hand. The knob forces the ball out away from the palm and onto the fingertips where it belongs. 

This is just one of many products we've written about from Unique Sports and there will likely be many more to come. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Or, in the case of a little one's mechanics, if it is broken, now you can fix it.

Source: Unique Sports

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May 5, 2015 - Want to Have Some Fun?

Then you (and your kids) and going to dig Diggin Active. Their mission is to  create awesome products that get kids active and having fun! All of their products are safe, enjoyable and guaranteed to put a smile on any kid's face. 

Check out DodgeTag, a two to ? player dodge ball game. Each player dons an air vest with a velcro bullseye on the chest. It comes with six soft balls that will stick to the bullseye on contact, letting everyone know when there has been a direct it. Every kid loves playing dodgeball, but not everyone loves being pelted by the hard, rubber balls most well known in the sport. This allows kids to play the game indoors or outdoors with no worry about injury.

Our suggestion would be to buy several sets because the playing the more fun it would be. We'd like to see Diggin make it a two-sided vest so that back shots could be added to the mix. But with multiple vests, one could just set them up on front and back for the same effect. 

What are the rules of the game? That's probably what's best of all. There are no rules. The kids make them up. They can be creative and invent whatever structure they want and have a blast while learning. 

There are so many cool products they offer that we predict your kids will want them all. What we want for all kids is that they get active. You'll be "Diggin" it when they do.

Source: Diggin Active

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