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Aug 16 - Popeye's Secret

AltusWristForearm2520copy.jpgIf you find a slew of typos in this review, it’s because my arms are shaking. That’s because I just tried out the Wrist and Forearm Developer from Altus Athletic, (www.altusathletic.com). As with most great training aids, it is simple, yet as my jumpy fingers can attest—effective.

After connecting basic plate weights, the rope hangs down about four feet. Extending your arms outward and using your wrists, roll the cord up. Then slowly roll it back down. Repeat. It only takes a few pounds, and a few rolls, and you’ll feel it.

I’m not going for the Popeye look but I will tell you that this is going to be a regular part of my baseball-playing sons’ regimens from now on. Ten reps a day on the Developer between now and baseball season might be the difference between a base hit and a weak pop-out to short on a tough inside pitch. I don’t suppose super-strong forearms would be bad to have in any other sports they play either. 

I think they’re going to like the Altus Wrist and Forearm Developer. It’s just too bad it doesn’t come with a few cans of spinach.

Source: Altus Athletic

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