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December 29, 2017 - Best of the Best From 2017

The judges have spoken! Of the dozens of great products we reviewed over the course of 2017, these five are the ones that stood the tallest! Congratulations to, in no particular order: TeamBattingGloves.com, TeamFootballGloves.com, PowerOE, Bison and The Pitcher's Mate. All of these companies provide superior products and tremendous customer service which is one of the reasons we stand behind them 100%

More exciting products and services are in the queue for 2018, which will mark our tenth year bringing you the latest and greatest in the sporting goods world. So keep checking back! In the meantime, have a safe and extremely Happy New Year from us at Sports Product Review!

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September 8, 2017 - Sweet by Design

If your baseball or softball team is looking for that extra edge this season look no farther than TeamBattingGloves.com. They can custom-make gloves with your logo, colors, even to match your uniform jerseys. They are the added touch that will have other teams wondering what else you have up your compression sleeves.

Made with the finest quality leather these gloves are superior to almost any we've ever seen in a retail store. Yet when you order in bulk (minimum orders start at just a dozen), you'll get them for half the price or better than other pro style gloves. Oh, and did we mention, this includes full customization for your team? Many organzations use them as a fundraiser or spirit pack item.

Ask them to send you a digital mock-up so you can see how your gloves will look. Show them to your players and see if they don't start drooling. These are exactly the motiviational item you need to make the next season a hit. And isn't that what great batting gloves are for after all?

Source: Upstart Sports

June 2, 2017- These Will Catch On

The folks at Upstart Sports know their gloves. Their Team Batting Gloves are top-of-the-line in quality and budget priced. School, leagues, travel teams and more are clamoring to get their custom gloves with their own embroidered logo in their baseball and softball team colors. 

But football season is coming up and there are thousands of schools and leagues that are planning for the new season. If you're one of them, make your plans to include the custom gloves from TeamFootballGloves.com. These gloves are unlike any on the market with their extremely durable, breathable stretch fabric in back and their silicone palm that can be emblazoned with a cross-finger logo.

They sent us some to try out and the silicone is just the perfect amount of tackiness to make those one-handed highlight grabs. The backs are so comfortable and form fitting that your players will feel like they are not wearing a glove at all. Most over gloves we've seen are cumbersome and don't have the same flexibility the gloves from Upstart provide. 

But coolest of all is the wide array of designs available. You can get your team logo embossed within a camo pattern or anything else you can imagine. Let your creativity run wild, like your players. Oh, and when the ball goes up in the air rest assured it's going to come down firmly tucked away in these gloves...and looking spectacular in the process.

Source: TeamFootballGloves.com


December 12, 2016 - Custom Team Batting Gloves

We did a review of this company a few months ago, but we've got more information now that makes it worth another. If you're a high school baseball or softball coach, if you run a travel organization, if you run a youth league, you know its all about the team. You want your players to wear the same uniforms, and the same helmets. If you could you'd give them all the same number and the only name on the uniform would be the name of the team. But, of course, there are some items that don't match like cleats, fileding gloves, batting gloves. Wait. Strike that last one. Now, everyone on the team can wear the same batting gloves and show their team pride. 

We're not just talking about making them in team colors like some other manufacturers do. These gloves are done up to your specifications with your logo, team nickname -- anything you want. The gloves are unquestionably the top quality. Two of my son's play pro baseball. They've worn pretty much every other brand known to mankind, and these are far and away the must comfortable and durable they've had.

But here's the kicker. We all know most top-of-the-line batting gloves cost forty or fifty bucks a pair. At TeamBattingGloves.com they can make them for your program for around $15.00. Even less if you have lots of players. You can't get cheap department store gloves for that. At those prices many organizations use them as a fundraiser that players love.

So if your school, team or organization wants to look and feel its best, while getting top-of-the-line quality and value, try TeamBattingGloves on for size. They're sure to be a hit with everyone.

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August 9, 2016 - Take Two for the Team

So you're a high school baseball or softball coach looking for a cool new way to spiff up your team's look. Or, perhaps you run a travel-ball organization. Maybe you're also wanting something that will raise much-needed funds for the program. You might be seeking unique items to include in your team's spirit packs.

The folks at TeamBattingGloves.com can check off all the boxes. They are a batting glove manufacturer who specialize in custom gloves containing your organization logo and nickname, in your team colors. These gloves are pro-quality, and they fit and feel like a million bucks. But that's the best part. You won't pay a million bucks to have a set made for your team. in fact the price is so low that most teams resell them, still at a cost lower than buying from the store) for a profit to help raise money. Everyone wants to wear their team gloves. It's a no-brainer.

With a breathable mesh back and full, highest-quality leather your players will love how they perform. But maybe more importantly, they'll love how they look and make them feel even more a part of the team. And we all know that if we can get everyone to look like a team, there's a better chance they'll play as one.

Source: TeamBattingGloves.com