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March 9, 2017 - Smart Mouth

Just another mouth guard? You might think so at first glance. The PRO-TEC Series mouth guards from XCELER8 Athletics don't look much different than the average guard you might see any any store. But looks can be deceiving. And you'd be smart to look a little closer at this one.

The PRO-TEC has been carefully designed for the youth athlete 14 years and younger. It is made of the safest materials and the dual-layer absorbs impact from the initial point of contact, while the specialized soft gel lining provides a custom secure fit.

They sent us a couple to try and after easily forming it into the mouth you can just feel the sturdiness, the protection. It's not just a piece of molded plastic. This one can obviously take a hit. The air-infused outer layer absorbs and distributes impact. The inner layer soft gel offers extra protection and makes molding easy. Four integrated breathing channels allow for air passage when your mouth is closed and, maybe most importantly, the air chamber cushion pads interlock the top and bottom molars which keep the jaw secure.

Made of top compliance FDA approved materials (BPA, PVC, and Latex Free) the PRO-TEC Series mouthpiece is durable and long lasting, which means instead of being a gnarled hunk of chewed plastic at the end of the season, this one will still be in great shape and ready for the next game. Just pop it in its handy ventilated case and it will be ready when you are. 

Want further proof? Well, they put their money where your mouth is. Every mouthguard comes with a $5,000 dental warranty and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And speaking of money, after all this build-up, you're probably afraid to hear the price. Don't be. With the PRO-TEC you get the best of both worlds: Top-of-the-line quality at a price that's not much more than you'd expect to pay for an average mouthpiece. 

When it comes to protecting those teeth, you don't want to skimp. And you don't have to. The smart money is on PRO-TEC. 

Source: XCELER8 Athletics

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September 30, 2016 - Smart Mouth (Piece)

If your child plays a sport where there is any chance for contact, there's a good chance that you have them wear a mouth guard. However, unless the sport is one where the mouthguard can be tethered to a helmet, you know that it is always loose and ending up anywhere. That mouth piece, that's full of saliva, ends up in the dirt, on the bench, in the equipment bag...who knows where else. Your child just has to hold it in his dirty hand until he's ready to go back in the game. And we all know that ultimately that means they get in the car after practice and you ask them where it is and it turns out its lost. And some mouth guards cost a lot of money.

Now there is a solution, called The Mouthpiece Pocket. The Mouthpiece Pocket slides on your player's arm sort of like a wristband. However, it contains two slots to snugly grab and hold in place any mouth guard. It is sanitary, unobtrusive and effect. The mouth guard won't fall out even when the player's arms are to his side. 

You can order one online (only $5.00!) for your child or have them make a batch in custom colors for the whole team. Either way, if your a parent who would like to see your child's teeth protected but not at the expense of sanitation this is the smartest few bucks you can spend.

Source: The Mouthpiece Pocket