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May 16, 2018 - Forward Thinking

What does Nietorp, the company that makes a great, disposable protein drink pouch stand for? Well, if you haven't figured it out, we'll tell you. It's "protein" spelled backwards. But that's the only thing backwards about Nietorp, or, NTRP. 

Their patent pending "GO Mix Technology", developed the first  On-The-Go Performance Protein for athletes. Nietorp makes it effortless to travel with, and consume high quality protein whenever, and wherever you need it most. 

Just add water to the handy, light-weight pouch, shake, and you have 20 grams of clean, 100% American Whey protein blend and 4g Branch Chain Amino Acids delivered organic and GMO-Free with only 100 calories in a delicious drink.

My son, who is a professional baseball player, always has his shaker bottle around the house during the offseason. He says that the portability of NTRP, combined with the premeasured protein, makes it extremely convenient. No need to look for the fill line like you do on the shaker bottle, just fill the pouch without any measurement. He liked that you don't have to worry about losing a shaker ball, because there's one built in. It tasted great and you feel full once you finish unlike other proteins he's tried. He said he could feel it feeding his muscles. This is perfect for the athlete on the go because it isn't bulky like a traditional bottle. 

If you're a serious athlete in training and you want to evolve to the next level of nutrition supplement, NTRP is worth taking a look at. There is little queston they're poised to shake up the market.


December 11, 2015 - Earth's Way

So you're looking for a protein supplement, but you're the type of person who only shops at Whole Foods. Or you are in need of a supplement but you really would like it to taste great. Or you're searching for a protein powder and you need results fast. No matter the scenario, you're in for a treat when you try Earth's Whey.


Many protein supplements taste nasty. Earth's Whey sent us a few sample packets of their powder to try. They were far and away the best we've ever tasted. But for serious training that's not enough. Which is ironic. Because the taste of Earth's Whey is just the icing on the cake. It's the science inside that make this the one you'll want to choose. And yeah, did we mention, it tastes unbelievably good too.


Earth’s Whey has only three pure, raw ingredients: “Bio-Alive” Grass Pasture Whey Protein concentrate, raw, truly all-natural flavors and raw stevia leaf. That's it. It comes from grass pasture Amish dairy cow milk and has zero sugar added. If you're going to be putting something in your body, that sounds pretty safe. Check the label of other whey protein and you may see things such as, Protein Isolates, Ion Exchange, Isolated Whey Peptides, Protein Hydrozylates, Predigested Whey Proteins, Protein Blends, Standard Protein Concentrates, or Natural-Based Protein Concentrates. Yummy!


The “Bio-Alive” Grass Pasture whey protein used in Earth’s Whey is a specialized concentrate, completely unique to other whey proteins on the market. Its quite simply the cleanest, purest and most powerful protein in existence. Other products are harshly processed to save money, even when they may claim to be “cold-processed” or “un-denatured.” If milk is not grass pasture and non-homogenized, and is grain-fed, overheated, overcrowded and contaminated with toxic chemicals, pesticides, artificial hormones, GMO substances, etc… then regardless of processing, the whey protein powder ends up compromised. Other protein manufacturers use heat processing which damages the critically valuable antioxidants, proteins, enzymes, immunoglobulins and other vital nutrients, removing so much of the “life” of the protein.


If you feel like you just had a science lesson, good. Because hopefully you learned that Earth's Whey is the best way. If you're looking to add a supplement, you must be trying to improve your health. And if you're that type of person you'll agree that finding the healthiest option is definitely the “whey” to go.


Earth's Whey