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June 26, 2014 - Space Shuttle

All the years I coached Little League, softball and travel ball, I was looking for things my players could do to improve their hitting during practice. No one likes to see a team with a coach on the mound, throwing pitch after to pitch to one hitter at the plate, while the other eleven kids lounge around in the outfield picking clovers, waiting for an occasional ball to roll up to them.


I wanted to create hitting stations which would allow multiple players to be swinging a bat simultaneously so that every kid got in a ton of cuts. But here was the key – and the challenge. These stations had to insure safety not only for the hitters, but for the other players in the field. Little League parks are small and kids that age are not the most aware or careful. We couldn't have hard balls flying around from various locations.


I wish Shuttle Baseball had been invented then. This is the perfect compliment to any youth baseball or softball practice. Shuttle Baseball is a foam ball; not squishy like a Nerf, but not hard enough that it would seriously hurt anyone. By itself this ball would travel great distances and could leave a good welt if it hit a youngster point-blank. But what makes this different is the addition of the badminton shuttle-cock. This brilliant combination means the product is safe and multi-dimensional.


The wind-drag caused by the shuttle, or tail, slows the hit ball and virtually eliminates roll. This means that if a coach sets up a station where kids hit these off the tee, they are not having to chase them for miles and there's nobody who is going to get tagged by a hard line drive. But the design also makes this a great training tool. Since the tail causes the ball to fly according to how it is hit, serious players can use it to work on their swings, getting instant feedback from the ball's flight.


This is a rare product that can be used to teach beginners to catch, hit and throw. It is perfect for school playgrounds. Want your aspiring star to be able to hit off the tee at home but don't have a lot of space or a big net? He can hit Shuttles all day long in the back yard or even the garage, no other equipment required. There are so many ways it can be used, you'll surprise yourself at your inventiveness. Which is what the folks at Shuttle Baseball had in mind when they invented it in the first place.


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