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November 27, 2016 - Odor De-Feeters

We love spotlighting the entrepreneurial spirit here on Sports Product Review. While some of the products we showcase are from big companies with hundreds of employees, most are from companies started by people just like you and me. People who had an idea for a great product they thought would help solve a problem, a product that might just become popular and sell a little bit...maybe a lot. 

The shin guard deodorizing bag made by XerosGear is such a product. It isn't as well-known in the soccer world today as it will be in the future, but we're here to say that it's here to stay.

For those who do not play soccer, understand that shin guards get nasty. They go directly on the shin and are covered by socks. So after a long, hot game or practice you can imagine how pleasant they are when peeled off of sweaty legs. That was the problem. This is the solution. 

It is simple, yet it works. The deodorizing bag owes it's effectiveness to the moso bamboo charcoal. insert. Moso bamboo charcoal is well knows for it's odor eliminating and drying properties. Just slip the bag containing the charcoal into the center pouch of the bag, and place both the musty shin guards on either side. Forget about them until the next time you need them and realize that they're no longer damp and stinky, but dry and fresh. This isn't only aesthetic purposes either. It means no bacteria on the skin, longer life for the guards and a host of other benefits. And when the bamboo charcoal is finally used up it can be simply recycled as a garden supplement making this one of the most eco-friendlly products we've reviewed. 

My daughter is a college soccer player and when XersoGear sent a pair for us to try, I figured we'd pass them to her for the ultimate test. She couldn't have given it a higher rating and plans on using the bag the rest of her career. She said it did exactly what it was meant to do -- made her shin guards dry and smell good.

Designing and taking a product like this to market takes a ton of innovation, and just as much courage. But it mostly takes conviction. Knowing that this is something needed by millions. Now, all we can do is hope that those millions find out about XerosGear. The soccer world will be a much better-smelling place for it. 

Source: XerosGear


July 1, 2016 - Viva Italia!

Imagine you are a young, North American soccer player, age 11-18, and you live and die with "The Beautiful Game". You watch all of the European teams play and love to pretend you're Messi, or Marta. Now, imagine you could go to Italy for a soccer camp coached by professionals. Wouldn't that be a dream come true?

That's exactly what you can do, with the help of Soccerkix. They offer full-immersion camps which provide a unique Italian language-soccer experience that combines international travel, daily Italian language instruction, high-level professional soccer training, and cultural excursions. What a tremendous opportunity for youngsters.

Campers enjoy full room and board in a top-quality hotel in Umbria, Italy. A private, air-conditioned bus is theirs for all travels. They receive daily Italian language instruction from a native speaking, certified Italian teacher and chaperoned excursions to places of cultural interest in and around the Umbria region. Each day their game will improve as they benefit from  technical soccer training at SCUOLA CALCIO training facilities. They'll also receive a complete SCUOLA CALCIO practice training Kit which will make them the envy of all their teammates when they get back home. Students are supervised by an experienced and qualified bilingual Soccerkix Director and social and ultural activities are shared with Italian kids. 

Surprisingly, all of this is available at an affordable price. We don't know if our youngsters are going to ever be good enough to play on the international level. In fact, the odds are pretty heavily stacked against it. But, thanks to Soccerkix, at least for a week, you can make this dream come true.

Source: Soccerkix

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June 29, 2016 - Zipped Up Tights

When the folks from bZipt Clothing, Inc contacted us and asked if we'd like to try out their new, innovative zippered leggings, we instantly recognized a good idea.

My wife is an avid hiker who is always wearing leggings and my daughter is a soccer player who is going to play in college at a place that has dramatic temperature swings. Having leggings that can zip up the leg to give relief from the heat, or that allow easy removal to strip down to shorts is something that will definitely come in handy.

They are stylish and functional. The original concept was developed by a busy mom with active kids who struggled with getting conventional leggings on and off when in a hurry. She realized that by simply adding a zipper along the legs the tights became more like the warmups you've seen basketball players wear who get called into the game at a moment's notice. The product caught on and was expanded for teens and adults. These are perfect for quick changes before or after dance, gymnastics, ice-skating or other sport activities like soccer.

Like conventional leggings, they can add an extra layer of warmth under skirts or dresses. Anything you can do with ordinary leggings you can do with these, but much more. Taking them off over shoes or skates is no longer a tug-of-war.

The bZipt line is new and, one of those up-and-coming companies we love to spotlight. They may be small now but just like their product offerings, we know they'll by growing by zips and bounds.

Source: bZipt

November 28, 2013 - Soccer Buffet

The toughest thing about doing a review of Soccer Innovations is deciding which terrific product to highlight. If you're a coach or parent, player or club, if you can't find it at Soccer Innovations, it probably doesn't exist.

Take for instance, their Large Equipment Bag with Wheels. Its a high quality soccer equipment bag that has several wheels on the bottom to make it easy for every soccer coach to haul his soccer training equipment to and from the field. It has a hard bottom to stop the sagging when hauling, and makes it less susceptible to wearing out and tearing from scraping on the ground. But even when it comes to bags, they've got thirteen others – some for coaches, some for players – to choose from!

Soccer Innovations should be your source for soccer balls, Soccer Wall Mannequins, soccer cones, soccer bibs and vests, team uniforms, hurdle poles, Jimmy Balls and much more. So here's a word of advice: When you go online, make sure you already know exactly what you want or see to it that you've set aside a little extra time. Because with a plethora of choices, you may end up finding yourself  browsing through their nearly endless selection of goodies for hours.

Source: Soccer Innovations

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