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November 17, 2017 - All the Momentum

If you want a professional-quality soccer ball without the FIFA price, look no further than the new Momentum from Soccer Innovations. As with everything Soccer Innovations puts out, you get much more than your value for the money. 

The Momentum is hand-stitched and top quality polyurethane, which is what the most expensive balls use. It's modern design and excellent response and feel mean it will be loved for match play or practice. 

A FIFA level match soccer ball and it's anti water absorption make the Momentum pro a long lasting quality soccer ball at a very affordable price. 

Soccer Innovations keeps churning out winner after winner, because that's what they do. And the more of their products you use in your training, the more winning you'll do as well. 

Source: Soccer Innovations

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November 3, 2017 - Air Bud

One of the toughest things to do during sports practice sessions is to simulate real game situations. The amount of time players can workout in live game mode must be limited due to fatigue and injury concerns. That is why baseball and softball teams use pitching machines. This is why football teams have tackling dummies. 

Soccer goalies must practice blocking and saving dangerous balls on goal. However, if you want that practice to be realistic and not just a came of catch, there have to be impediments in the box just as there would be in a game. That means putting players at risk for collision as they both aggressively move toward the ball. It is a concussion waiting to happen. 

Until now. Another innovation from Soccer Innovations allows for realistic keeper training with no worry about injury. The cleverly-named BUD, (Blow-up Dummy) will be your new best friend. He stands 6' 3" and while his leaping ability is minimal, he will get in the way...safely. 

Fill BUD's base with water then use the pump that comes with him to inflate with air. BUD will stand tall in the box just like an attacker so that your goalie can work on defending set pieces and oncoming shots as he would in a real game. When BUD has done his job he quickly and easily deflates for easy storage. 

We all have those friends we know we can rely on. Who knew we'd come to love a big, yellow teammate? If you're a soccer coach, this guy will be your best BUD.

Source: Soccer Innovations

April 21, 2017 - On the Rebound

There are some people who never would think of new products and just assume that what's out and available must be the sum of all the good ideas. Then there are others who imagine things that would be useful, but never go beyond the idea stage. 

Then there are people like Soccer Innovations who have built a terrific business by envisioning new and innovative (thus the name) products, and then actually bringing them to market. 

The Handheld Soccer Rebounder is a good example. I've seen many goalie coaches working with keepers on quick reaction drills. The keeper or another player throws the ball out to the coach who then tries to quickly volley it back. The idea is that often a goalie in a real game will deflect a shot, only to have it instantly driven back to the goal. Being able to practice defending these rebounds is invaluable. 

But it is not always easy to connect foot to ball and often the rebound isn't on target, this leads to lots of wasted time and energy from both the coach, and players. The Handheld Rebounder eliminates this issue. It's wide surface and two handles make it not only easy to send the ball back towards where it came, but easily control it's direction allowing the coach to determine the degree of difficulty.

The Rebounder can be used in many different ways. Ironically, when I first saw it I had essentially the opposite application in mind. My daughter is a Division One soccer player and when she and I go down to the field I will let her shoot on me in goal. When it's coming right at me, it's scary. You might  think it would be no problem to just knock it down but with the velocity and movement her balls have, if you don't get it just right you can end up with a jammed finger or sprained wrist. This rebounder would not only be a great line of self-defense, but could also teach her to follow her shots and finish balls the goalie deflects. 

Everything you'll find at Soccer Innovations is tremendous quality and value. If you've ever wondered, "what if" about anything soccer, check them out. They've probably already dreamed it, tested, and perfected it.

Source: Soccer Innovations

October 8, 2014 - We Found It For You

"You'll Be Glad We Found It For You." That's the motto of a unique new sporting good company you should know about, Upstart Sports, (upstartsports.com). What makes them different? Take a look at their product line and see how many you've seen on television commercials or on the end-caps of major sporting goods stores. Upstart's mission is to scour the landscape so as to bring exposure, credibility and, ultimately, lots of business to a selection of hand-picked products that are big on qualty but small in name recognition. At least for now.

Their plan is to develop a network of territory distributors who will market the Upstart product line directly to schools, colleges, youth sports leagues and end consumers. The companies that have "made the grade" and had their products included in the catalogue usually do not have the marketing budgets to hire large sales forces or advertise nationally. Thus, they tend to depend more on "word-of-mouth" and organic growth, which can be effective, but also slow. By creating a "co-op" of products all housed under one roof, distrbutors will have the advantage of being able to represent a diverse mix, making them more appealing to a broader spectrum of potential buyers.

Check them out and see what you think. Their mission is to bring you products from up-and-coming companies with a passion for what they do. You'll be glad they found them for you.

Source: Upstart Sports


July 23, 2014 - Another Kick in the Wall

Training mannequins are used by the world's best teams to train. They give players better awareness and understanding and provide a more match-like simulation. And for the top-of-the line mannequins, the ones that will last, hold up to weather and blasted shots, and be easiest to use, look no farther than Soccer Innovations.

The Soccer Wall is not just a free kick and training mannequin. It converts to several other important soccer training products including a small goal, a large goal, a soccer pole set, a hurdle set, a passing gate and a soccer tennis set. Oh, and guess what else? It all fits into the trunk of your car. It's lightweight, portable and goes up and down in less than a minute.

Use the Soccer Wall to practice dribbling, free kicks, passing, almost anything you can think of. How often do you see young soccer coaches giving private lessons, just one-on-one, them, the player and a few balls on an open field somewhere? For the cost of just a few of those sessions, a coach can now add a completely new dimension to his training by including a few “opponents” for his players to work with, and or a net to shoot on. You sure can't get that with a few orange cones. The extra business they'll get as word spreads of their superior lessons will pay for the investment many times over.

So whether you're a coach or even just a parent who wants to enrich your child's backyard training, make the investment in the Soccer Wall and you'll reap the benefits. It's definitely something your players will get a (free) kick out of.

Source: Soccer Innovations

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