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April 20, 2018 - SAFE Baseball and Softball

No pithy headline for this one, simply because this is a product we feel so strongly about. The SAFE Baseball - Softball online safety course is a must for all baseball and softball youth leagues and travel teams. 

Most youth leagues do some sort of safety clinic. In many cases there is cursory discussion about helmets and bats, then first-aid kids are handed out and they're done. Some may do some concussion training with the recent, heightened awareness.

The SAFE Baseball course is better than any clinic a league can put on for three major reasons. One, because they combed through countless hours of video, the course contains numerous actual examples of dangerous situations, close calls, and actual occurence of injury which paint the most vivid picture possible for the average coach.

Two, unlike a clinic, usually held on aluminum bleachers in baking sun or freezing cold, students will actually enjoy this learning environment. They can take the course at their leisure, a few minutes here a few minutes there, watching interesting videos and gaining a new perspective from the course instructor. And, finally, because each section culminates with a brief quiz, students will have to grasp the material and not be able to tune it out while waiting for it to end.

Each year, thousands of young boys and girls wake up excited to put on their uniform and go to the park and play ball with their friends, only to experience painful and sometimes serious injuries. And while some of these injuries cannot be avoided, many could be if coaches and other adults were properly trained. The SAFE Baseball course ensures that everyone who takes it will be thinking safety first from the moment they arrive on the field. When it comes to keeping baseball and softball players safe, SAFE Baseball- Softball has all the bases covered. 

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