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August 10, 2017 - Simply Fill It and Drill It

We've said for years that sometimes the most simple tools are the best. And we've also been lauding the products from Unique Sports and their Tourna line for their quality and simplicity. The Fill-N-Drill in another example of a terrific invention that doesn't over-complicate. 

It is a tennis ball on an elastic string, fixed to an anchor, or, base. Sounds pretty basic. But then you dive into the details. The anchor is built with a handle for easy carrying. The string is stored by wrapping about the base and the ball locks into a pocket. It's compact, it's portable. 

How does the anchor keep from moving? Simple. Just fill it with water and you've got the weight required to allow beginning and intermediate players to hit shot after shot virtually anywhere, with no need for a net or a partner. When you're done you can drain the water on some nearby plants, wrap it and snap it and the device will be out of your way and ready for the next use. 

Did we mention that you get all this for the price of a few cans of balls? That's what Unique does. They figure out a better way, they make it, and then they price it so everyone can enjoy their great ideas. When it comes to training tools, there's nothing better than value and utility. Except maybe that killer backhand.

Source: Unique Sports

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May 6, 2016 - Pick It Up!

What else would you expect from the folks at Unique Sports but an innovative, exciting product that makes complete sense, is easy to use, durable and priced so that anyone can afford it? We've reviewed several of their products in the past and this one is another winner.

The Tourna Ballport 80 is the quicker picker-upper. In one incarnation, it is a perfect ball holder. Place it on its legs and up to eighty balls are at waist level so that you can practice quickly and never have to bend over to pick up a ball.

But when it's empty, turn it over, the legs snap together to form a handle, and it will gobble up and store every ball on the court...again, no bending!

It's made of tough, durable, recyclable polypropylene with no wires to rust, welding to break, or paint to peel. The handles rotate and lock up or down for easy pickup and dispensing. Rolling bars on the bottom help ease balls into the basket and hold them in. Sliding bars on the top slide open to make dispensing easy, and they lock closed to hold balls during transport and storage.

If you spend time on the court with your kids, you'll be especially glad you have the Ballport 80. Now, instead of having to "make" them pick up the balls, they'll fight over who "gets" to do it. Leave it to Unique Sports to figure out a way to turn even a chore into something fun.

Source: Unique Sports